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I made Chang's version. Nothing was at any point boiled, except for rice.
Made bo ssam yesterday for SuperBowl. I wasn't feeling as quixotic tonight, so I had a bowl of white rice, leftover pork, ginger scallion sauce, kim chi and a fried egg. Quite satisfying.
Ottawa? Oy... Feel free to PM for tips. There's still some pretty decent restaurants here, but don't bother going shopping.
Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately, my trip ended up being shorter than originally anticipated and thus all work, all the time. All of the meals ended up being provided to me. #fail
Thanks guys. I'm flying out tonight, I'll let you know if I'm able to get away from work and do some of the things you mentioned!
Thanks guys. I had seen these threads, but I wanted a bit more in terms of restaurants / drink places -- your first post is helpful. Thanks again!
Hi guys, I'll be in Switzerland for work later this month. I have never been to Zurich before and I was wondering what were the nice things to see and the good places to go for a drink or eat. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by MasterOfReality My high satisfaction job has just been downgraded after sampling tim hortons at vancouver int airport. Don't know why my canadian work collegue back in Bris was raving about it. I guess Tim Horton's is more of a Canadian symbol than anything. I don't go there very much. As far as job satisfaction is concerned, well, I really like what I do. I deal with very diverse files. Can't complain.
So I went in today to get measurements taken. I decided to go with a flannel navy suit with a faint stripe. I wanted a winter suit. 2-buttons, notch lapel, flap pockets, reinforced interior pocket for BlackBerry. Full canvas. Just a touch under 800 dollars. With Dormeuil fabrics, it's 850 and this is as expensive as it gets with Gamache. I should be going for a fitting in three weeks if I can manage to come back that weekend. I will keep you posted...
In the Mile-End, I am a fan of the Baldwin Barmacie. It's on Laurier, near St-Joseph if I recall properly. It's loungy, but people start dancing later on. I haven't been in years though. Some good restaurants around there too. If you want a fun wine bar, try La buvette chez Simone on Parc or Bouchonné (on Laurier I think).
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