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Standard button down
It doesn't pull but I could probably only take it down a quarter inch. No shoulder slope adjustment needed?
Hello all,   Looking for some advice on the fit of my shirt.  This is after multiple wears so shrinkage should be accounted for already.  Also, ignore the wrinkles, this was at the end of a particularly bad day.  I think I may have a shoulder slope issue and/or yoke length problem.  Also, the shirt is already darted but is there any way to clean up the lower back?          
I recently got a BB Fitzgerald blazer and a buddy of mine was nice enough to give me a SuitSupply jacket he doesn't wear anymore.  Both are 40L and I am 6'3 about 180 lbs. Both of them have some issues but I would like to hear what some of the resident tailors suggestions are regarding what could be done.    First up is the blazer               Here's the jacket               I would really like to have these looking perfect so any...
I currently have a navy blazer; figured I would go with the staple first. I'm not limited to the SS price point. I could go up a bit if need be but not too much. I'm going to be working in Alabama but I will rarely be outside during the day due to work hours. I'm really just looking for something that I can wear year round. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I'm pretty green shopping for this stuff.
I'm looking to buy my second blazer and I think I have it narrowed down to these three from SuitSupply.  I would like to get something that is pretty versatile as I won't be able to afford another one until I get my bar results and collect my first paycheck.  Also, is the grey herringbone acceptable to wear with denim as shown in the photo? And what trouser/shirt combinations would work for the grey and...
Agreed on the texture, that was my main turn off with the 1818.  It just looked to sheeny for jeans in my opinion.  Unfortunately it's usually a challenge to find stuff that fits without a lot of tailoring off the rack.  I'm 6'3 185 with about a 42 inch chest and a 31 inch waist.
Thanks, I'll look into those.  Haven't heard of any of them.  Tells you how much I know about this stuff haha
Hi all,   I'm looking to get a navy blazer that I can wear with dark denim and slacks for work.  I checked out the BB 1818 but I think it's a little too suit-y looking to wear with jeans.  Does anyone have any suggestions for a brand/make that would pair well with dark denim and slacks?   Budget is $600-700 Thank you!
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