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Shea Hembrey: How I became 100 artists Nathan Myhrvold on archeology, animal photography, BBQ ... Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music Jill Bolte Taylor's stroke of...
Anyone know what watch Romney was wearing last night at the RNC? Check here for a bad view
Anyone have any recommendations for the wedding aisle walk for the groom? Thanks, Cordovan
I appreciate everyone's input. I am trying to decide between two frames. The pair I liked most was buffalo horn and unfortunately a bit out of my price at the moment. Both pair are classic. The first is larger and more sublte while the second is two tone and has a little more character. Your thoughts please.... Regards, Cordovan
Ran the Philadelphia Marathon on Nov 21st. Next up: Miami on January 30th. Cordovan
Find myself more often in NY these days - likely won't be able to make it. Cordovan
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus Gotta feel bad for Hossa though. Feel bad for Hossa!? He turned down a great offer from a great, promising team. I won't say that Detroit wasn't and isn't a better team - but the Penguins were justifiably a legitimate contender! Cordovan
Better than the others.
I went. Was personally more impressed by some others in the cast. Cordovan
I think there is also Drucker's tailoring on Murray Ave in Sq. Hill perhaps half a block up from Bartlett St. I think the owner/ tailor used to be Harry Drucker. They do custom tailoring although I have no idea what sort of job they do. Cordovan
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