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I'll buy the jeans, pm with info.
Sherman90 is an awesome seller. Shipped next day and was easy to contact.
I was wondering what the measurements are on that w+h pulllover?
What is the general concensus on Maiden Noir denim? Is the quality worth the price? I like thier cuts, and was thinking about grabbing a pair. Just wanted to know what everyone else thinks of them.
Thanks for the help! I would still like to find out about the wesc ones.
So I'am new to "denimology" and I was looking to buy a pair of nice jeans. It is hard to find anyone who knows what raw denim is where I live and even harder to find someone who sells it. So I need to resort to shopping online I have found a few pairs of jeans I am interested in and I am 6'1", 180lbs., a size 32-33 waist with 34 inseam. Will these 32w/34ins....
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