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Hey gang, I'm looking to greatly improve my flexibility as one of my New Years fitness goals. Does anyone here have advice about any exercises and or disciplines that might aid in my quest for an overall more flexible body? If it helps, my height is 5'7 and my weight is 134....I'd be greatly interested if there were any particular programs that might be good for my h / w class. Thanks!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Taxler They cast you for a roll without knowing what you looked liked sans clothes? You accepted before reading the script? I didn't read the complete script, no, just the abridged version without the blocking and directons...the lack of clothing isn't crucial to the plot at all (but he's keeping it in there anyways!)
Hello I was cast in a film recently and upon reading the script, realize that my character---who's supposed to be very thin (as I am)---spends 80% of his screen time in a towel with no shirt on Not that I'm out of shape or anything, but definitely not where I want to be when it comes to a film in which my torso is exposed just about the whole time! Any advice on ways to get a bit more toned in the next two months? Mostly I'm just concerned with upper body, all...
Quote: Originally Posted by badsha Anyone know of any optometrists that actually carry Mykita in their shops and use VSP insurance? Cheapest i found was $450 for the frames. my eye doctor in Philly takes VSP. My Mykitas were about 300.
I was disappointed to learn that the cacao polo from Trovata was all but sold out from the only online source that seems to carry it. This is the product i'm talking about ( Does anyone know any other places to search for this item? If not, any ideas of a polo with a similar design? Thanks.
OK, I have just come to realize the amount of online boutiques. While most I feel have the same to offer product-wise, there are some that just simply are not up to par. So, in terms of merchandise, which ecommerce boutiques do you feel are substandard? My vote is for
Hello In my thrift store travels I've found a nice linen short sleeve button down. It resembles the ones from J. Crew almost to a t. My question---would that be cool to wear with a black blazer for something a little more relaxed, casual friday-esque? Of course, no ties allowed! Thanks so much.
Small, American Apparel shirt---black with white J.C. logo (crossbone and cupcake) worn once, several months ago 22.
I have a pair of Mykitas (Hans, retro style) and absolutely love them. No one else in Philly has a pair quite like these. If your ever in the area i suggest a store called Eye Site on 19th Street for frames that are practically works of fine art.
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