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I got the hopsack in Cotton for about 200 on a deep sale from Kitson, and I live in mine. Though the sizing is a bit off, had to wear a much bigger size to fit my shoulders.
What Gant Rugger pants go best with the Hopsack blazer?
Olivers Apparel. Love mine. 8 inch inseam. Navy or Black. Slim fit. Versatile. Got them from the original kickstarter campaign. But I think their site is selling them.   Or if you're looking more put-together look try Outlier. Really slim fit but good attention to detail.
What do you guys think about newer brands tailoring to stylish gym clothing - Outlier, Tracksmith, Olivers Apparel, Isaora. They're usually a bit more expensive than Champion, but they look better. I like Isaora shorts and Olivers shorts. Great fit combo.
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