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I'm tired of the bulk in my pocket! My old Fossil wallet isn't cutting it anymore. I'm looking for a slim but functional wallet, that's stylish, and isn't expensive... too much to ask?
Quote: Originally Posted by mis 31 probably? This is where I'm going....
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD What size were your Bootcut Ola? If they were size 31, you should be fine. If they were size 32, the NS might be a bit tight on you. Quote: Originally Posted by Hawkeye stuff Yeah my Ola's were 32's and they're pretty darn tight through the leg still. I'd like the APC's a little looser than that. I think I'll sell these NS and buy a 31 or...
Wow I'm going crazy worrying about this sizing. I just ordered size 30 NS and I'm a true 33". I don't want a really skinny fit after they stretch, I want them kinda looser around the hips and thighs, but not baggy, you know? I don't have very slim thighs. Will they stretch out like that for me if I wear them long enough? I already have some tight Nudie Olas, and I want these a little looser, more like how the straight sven fits.
Anyone interested in a new pair of New Standards, 30W? I ordered them a few days ago and have changed my mind about them. They'll probably be too small for me. I'm asking $110 shipped. Any takers?
Quote: Originally Posted by Flame Order a sz 32 then. In my case, I'm also a true size 33, but with fairly slim legs, but I always go with a 31 due to my experiences with Nudie. Yeah my thighs aren't exactly slim, but not quite fat either.
Speaking of Svens, say I have a 33" true waist, what size should I order? I know with my Olas they had really slim thighs so i ordered a 32, and they fit pretty snug but overall the waist is pretty good (stretched out a bit now though). The svens have a higher rise, so what would be the best size? I'm looking for a fit close to the one on Nudie's fit guide. (not tight or loose)
Stairstepper! Actually I have no clue, but(t) as much as men would not want to admit, how your ass looks in jeans can be pretty important. Ladies like a cute butt just as much as men do.
Yeah so I need to brush up on APC's again, I think I'm going to buy a pair. I know the APC denim is suuuuppperrrrr stretchy, so how far down should I size? I have a true 33" waist. By the time the APC's stretch I would still like them fitting well but not super tight and not too loose either...
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