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Quote: Originally Posted by Ahaz shorts from pants Those look nice, and that's a good idea thank you.
Thank you that's very helpful. I have a journey's here close, I'll go check that out.
Energie Straight Morris TAGGED 32Wx34L -- MEASURES TRUE 33WX33L I picked these up from a guy on a fashion forum. They're very nice jeans, very soft. Sadly, I've gotten a little too big for them. I got many good comments on them having worn them, the distressing looks good in my opinion, and there's so random paint splotches here and there that came on them. They don't distract from the look. Here are some more measurements. Midthigh : 10" Leg opening :...
Repeat question? Where can I find these things? I think I might be confused about their nature. They're still made right? Besides that, are they all hightops? I guess I'm looking for high top dunks, I can't seem to find them. Any help?
SOLD Thanks again.
Quote: Originally Posted by nmulax I actually just found a store nearby that has the APC New Standards in dry denim. What's the better place to start my raw denim experience? APC New Standards or Levi's Capital E NS are amazing. Sadly i can't compare to levi denim but you surely cannot go wrong with apc. justr make sure to size right
Quote: Originally Posted by seen Erm....my inseam size is 31 and a bit. Would 32 be an ok fit? Your inseam is 31"? If you're buying APC, they all come in standard 36" inseam. If you happen to be talking about waist, then I would go down a size (two, or three: check the first post) because they stretch.
Well, my jeans weren't shipped when I had expected, so I got a chance to change the size up to a 31". Hope these will be a good fit after stretching.
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