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Wow I do this all the time. I then proceed to mumble to myself about how shitty they are and how my jeans are a million times better.
A cut like the APC New Standard I feel really works for a "straight-taper" asthetic. I feel you can wear slimmer shoes with them and they look great. I do think though that my APCs fit a little looser than most who buy them.
Hmmm... why isn't the first link working? I'd love to check them out.
I just fold them in half and store on a coat hanger. It hangs from about midthigh, so neither the honeycombs or whiskers are affected.
Ehhh... that seems a little too "trendy" or whatever. Seems like a pair of True Religions would come with that done already...
Quote: Originally Posted by gza The problem with finding long-sleeved ones is that unless your arms are fairly short, a shirt with long-enough sleeves will fit blousy in the torso. With the short-sleeved versions, you can at least size down until you get a slimmer fit in the chest and waist. Furthermore, it seems that a lot of the standard brands for these (e.g. Wrangler and Levi's) cut their shirts short and boxy. Designer/premium brand western...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang The long-sleeve ones are definitely harder to find than short-sleeve. Either way, if you want slim you're definitely going to have to get them altered. argh. I was afraid of that. I've realized that the long sleeves are much harder to find. I try ebay again, though, thanks.
I'm having such a hard time finding some long sleeve cowboy/western vintage style shirts. Sometimes I can find them in local shops, but they're either huge and/or stupid patterns. Anyone know where I can find some good, size small shirts like these? Another problem is the fact that it's summer and shops around here don't stock these long sleeve shirts anymore. So other than eBay, which really hasn't given me that many good results, is there anywhere online I can find...
I kinda get pissed when people are like "Hurrr hurr wuts with da cuffs?" My friends that I've explained selvedge too actually get it now, so thats good.
They are ridiculously cool. I got the Rising Sun. The printing is amazing, it's honestly the best shirt I own.
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