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Are the ends for friends orders placed the day we make payment, or will it be done at the end of the two weeks? I was hoping to make a change to the shirts I ordered, but I'm not sure if it's too late
Really hoping I don't miss that Guatemalan shirt while at work tomorrow As a Guatemalan, It's most definitely a must have
@ FYCUS Just saw this image on Instagram, and it looks like the all black 7-holes are making a reappearance along with some other styles. Would you happen to have any info on these?
@Fycus, Thank you for the reply! I guess either way, I can't go wrong with the Kangaroos anyway. In all honesty, I've always wanted a pair of dark brown kangaroos, but they always managed to sell out in my size. Additionally, I've liked a lot of the looks I've seen with black virgils, so It might be tough not getting both colors this time around despite being in the same leather.
@Fycus Do you know by chance if there will be any special leather makeups for the virgils this season? Like previous seasons with the bison leather. I'm planning on getting the kangaroos in the picture, but don't want to go all in if there's a chance for something unique later on this season
Can anyone recommend a proxy to preorder those virgils? It looks like my usual guy won't be able to, sadly
Hi Everyone, I have a size XL Fisherman fullzip sweater by SNS Herning. This is brand new with all tags and bag. $230 + $5 flat shipping I only accept paypal. Let me know if you have any questions! I tried my best to capture the color of this piece, but since I'm not the best photographer, I also included a picture by Context Clothing of this very sweater (where I bought it from).
I know I'm 100% late on this, but figured I'd ask: Was that Golden Bear Short Hunter Jacket in green/navy only available at Haven Shop? Can't believe I was living under a rock this whole time and only noticed it now when XS is the only size I can find. Can't even seem to find any other pictures of it in Google. Would do anything for a size M/L
Does anyone know if the 2084 7 wale corduroy color has been sold out for the MTO trousers?
Would anyone know what jacket Wooster is wearing in this picture? It looks familiar but I can't place it...
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