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ohyehhh, is it safe to assume the frayed flannel has the same sizing as the bleached ones? Interestingly, I tried the bleach at Barneys and noticed a size M fit me fine, but I wear a 52 in my L01 from 2014. Size 50 was more cropped in the sleeves and tighter around my shoulders. Was surprised to see how well the 50 for you but how small the medium flannel looked.
The one thing I was hoping to find on sale to have as beaters congrats on catching it
Whaa?? Didn't see any wyatts when the sale hit or this morning... What leather?
Curious, is there some guide out there for deciphering SLP tags? I wanted to know whether my L01 was from SS14 or FW14, and the only section I can see that might indicate this from the external tags is 2014 3
Anyone ever get hit by customs from Mientus shipping to the US? (California specifically)
curious, did anyone preordered the new tobacco suede wyatts? I'm wondering if the color in the image on the site would be a pretty good representation of the actual color, or if it's a case of it being off again. Haven't had much luck finding a decent pair of the older versions in 41/ 41.5, and I'm thinking I might have to settle for these
Any chance someone is looking for a pair of biker jeans size 30 or 31? Bought both sizes to try, but I think it would be easier for me to sell than pay for return shipping back overseas (Harrods). Both brand new, willing to ship free in CONUS as long as I can get rid of both today. Let me know
Question for you guys: Just purchased this pair of denim from Rodeo, told they were new for this season but haven't managed to find them anywhere else online. When I got home I wore them for a bit but noticed an odd "boxy" outline around the knee when I sat down. I turned the jeans inside out and found these large patches of denim in the knees. Is this sort of thing normal for this style of jean by SLP? Seems a little sloppy to me... Kind of wish I could return them...
anyone know if Mr P may progressively add more items as days go on? What I was hoping would go on sale didn't
This would happen after I placed my order yesterday...and they don't modify prices
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