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@echau then I'm bummed the 30 is sold out thank you sir
@echau regarding fit, do you think a size 29 would be too small for someone who wears a 30 in ss16 knee patch denim?
anyone familiar with current d10 sizing? Am I fine going with my size 30 fw2014 d02 size, or should I size down to a 29?
I could really use a matches code like that, please PM me if you want to give one away!
Anyone know if they remove VAT?
Those look like the d02 version of the one knee slit from ss16. Been looking for those but can't seem to find anyone that stocks the d02 version.
These look great! nice man! Question for everyone:So from what I gather, this season we have the tobacco wyatts posted above, Cigaro, and tan? I have the darker Cigaro Jodhpurs from this season, as well as the tan 40mm chelseas, and both look different from the tobacco gustavobradley posted above. Other than nut, are those pretty much our color options? I get the impression there is yet another shade of cigaro out there this season..
Prudy, would you say the l17 in calf is still leagues ahead of the newer l17 in lamb with that slightly sturdier and textured looking finish?
Damn if I didn't already have the high jods in this exact color... *in reference to cyc wid its post
These look great! Any chance you could confirm the product code for me? Noticed there were two different styles on the Slp site.
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