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Does anyone know if the 2084 7 wale corduroy color has been sold out for the MTO trousers?
Would anyone know what jacket Wooster is wearing in this picture? It looks familiar but I can't place it...
Any idea when the grey super 120s and grey english canvas driggs trousers will come back in stock? Need a 31 in both! (unless the super 120s fit smaller)
I managed to find the Matt pant I was looking for, but I'm feeling a little less confident with sizing given how slim it looks on some of the models. Would anyone know where I can find some reliable thigh and waist measurements for a size 32 and 34 Matt pant? it seems to jump quite a bit in all the Japanese sites I've checked. Or anyone here with these sizes care to chime in? Also, were there 2 types of Olive in the heavy twill, or is it just the different pictures that...
anyone know where I can find the Matt pant in Olive heavy twill size 32? Can't believe I missed out
does anyone know if any shops stock a color 8 captoe boot on the grant last with a commando sole?
are those Carmina bal boots going to be in calf? Can't wait to place a preorder on those if so!
I've got a brand new Nigel Cabourn Mallory for sale in navy, size 52, that I bought last fall. Unfortunatly, like the tweed waistcoat I just sold on here, I haven't been able to wear these pieces at all, especially given some fluctuating weight issues that make getting my size down a hassle. This has never been worn, comes with the tags and packet with extra buttons and small square piece of cloth. Price: $600 Shipping is $10 within the United States, paypal only to...
someone buy my Ashland Summer Oxford so that I can pick up that bright buffalo shirt!!!
price lowered
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