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Quote: Originally Posted by Will I am surprised he has any web site at all. He's been dead since 1377. He was very successful in his younger days but not so well in his dotage. A classic case of hanging on past your prime.
Quote: Originally Posted by Threadbearer I own 2 pairs of high(ish)-waisted slacks. (NOT above my navel, though, as I think that looks ridiculous.) I almost always wear these slacks with suspenders because they quickly fall down to my hip bones when worn with a belt. I like them a lot, not only because they look great but because they feel comfortable and stay where I put them. Both pairs came from Jos. A. Bank, which -- someone correct me if I'm...
Bel y Cia http://www.belbarcelona.com/
As is the case for most of these SF discussions - it depends, and treat the advice as generally very good guidelines but not necessarily as fixed rules. My wife is fantastic in many areas but choosing my clothes would not be one of them. I suspect that if you spend a decent amount of time in SF that you should trust your own ideas over any WAGs. But some women have great style and could be a great source for ideas.
Sale fabric prices are hard to beat. My first experience was pretty bad, but i gave them a second chance as the particular price point was too hard to pass up. I've had two good experiences since then and will find out about the third in about 2-3 days (depends upon USPS).
I have two pairs (one a branded Herring) and I like both a great deal. They have held up well. Not the most elegant lasts but they fit me particularly well and are very comfortable. I would definitely recommend at a good price point.
Terrific shoe. I just picked this up in Walnut on impulse as well & I couldn't be more pleased. And I had no love for AE beforehand (this is my first AE). I wouldn't consider it blobby - I think the proportions work really well for my size at least.
Rider Hoboboots in Chromexcel: http://riderboot.files.wordpress.com...mar-10-003.jpg
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff I used to go look for things that GQ would say 'every man needs' and only later realized you only need what you need. I believe this can't be emphasized enough. The only black shoe I own is a double monk. I'm heavily weighted towards brownish & burgandy cap toes because I really like them and they work well for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRINI And +1 on Ron - an absolute pleasure to work with. Yep
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