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Quote: Originally Posted by Hot Pockets Gee thanks. I have actually liked a lot of your fits, and disliked others, but I have chosen not to lash out at you or any other posters with childish and pseudo-clever negative commentary. Way to welcome a guy to the forum. your first post in the WAYWT was not good at all. that is how you will be welcomed in a style forum. you recieved great advice from tiecollector about what was clearly wrong...
Quote: Originally Posted by lance konami Nice ass. +1
[quote=chronoaug;934573]^ Every thing fits fine. I don't really like the shoes or belt at all, especially with that outfit with all the earthtones (olive henley?). I don't really like the adidas branding on the side of sambas much and the white belt with what looks to be gold buckle looks kind of out of place. Some cordovan colored boots like red wings or something would be nice if you're just trying to keep it basic. You're just wearing a plain tee and jeans though. Not...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sauwan My first WAYW...Let me know AA APC Adidas id try it with some different shoes and different belt.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon Talent agencies? I'm pretty sure William Morris and ICM have internship programs. thanks! a talent agency would be a unique work environment...
summer is coming and i am looking to work in the city as in unpaid intern for work experience... i am a Communication major and would enjoy working at a company in this department in the field of entertainment or fashion. i applied to work with mtv, facebook, polo lauren, and hbo but have not heard back from any of them. does any SF members know of any opportunities i could look into?? thanks!
the past 3 days , going to philly for the weekend! wore flip flops with the last pic, bright and sunny day in DC
Quote: Originally Posted by Maharlika Pants- John Galliano Jacket - Levi's Type I Tshirt- AA Bracelet- RV for American Rag et Cie RRL Creative Officine Fragrance: Dzing! L'Artisan Parfumeur really liked your last two fits. awesome
Quote: Originally Posted by bant 2nd i'll save my breath. lol
singular impeccable taste! looks great.
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