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My feet are a wreck from decades of marathon running. I wear orthotics in all my shoes with no problems (Alden, Santoni, Martegani, RM Williams, Lucchese). Ask for running or cycling shoe orthotics. They will be low profile, and you can actually wear them in your running or cycling shoes. Bonus!
Whoa. Looks like a robe.
I am also in West TX and have had the same experience as you. I pretty much only buy suits & jackets when I travel nowadays.
Rain suit or some kind of downhill pants from a mountain bike shop are a good option. They are sized to fit over other clothing, and have adjustable ankle closures, etc. Just because it ain't rainin when you leave home doesn't mean it won't be when you leave work . . . .
If you like the Zero at all, has amazing prices on them now. eg:
Many excellent replies! The job will indeed entail meeting with the faculty, community leaders, the occasional legislative delegation, president, regents etc., as well as students, postdocs and so on. I will also need to be ready to meet with the press on short notice - significant publications or new developments always generate interest in a mid-size town. Thanks, all, very much!
Or perhaps, as a snooty academic, I should say "Dress me as a Dean would dress". I'm about to take a job as a research dean at a medical school in the southwestern US. It's a pretty casual place (high desert, lots of folks in cowboy boots, etc). It will be my first obligate full-time suit-wearing gig. I currently own a solid navy bespoke suit, a navy windowpane (Hickey-Freeman), a gray glen plaid (Hickey-Freeman) and a gray sharkskin (BB). Four suits are...
Quote: Originally Posted by FIHTies Easily answered with this thread LOL!
Requirement to wear an ID badge is ubiquitous in my field (healthcare). For you other badge slaves out there, how do you wear it day after day without ruining your coat? On your lapel? Pocket? Around your neck on a lanyard? Belt loop? Any slick tailor tips (like maybe a loop behind the lapel specifically for badge-hanging)?
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