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damn i didnt realize uva was so expensive for grad school. it was super cheap for undergrad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter boom - what do I win? incidently, i didn't remember the poster either. So here's what i did. Advanced search, keywords daughter and dress, posts with at least 150 responses and show threads... thanks a lot man. you win the internets. this is prob why i dont have a job yet after graduating law school. cant even find a thread.
im looking for a thread of a member who did a pictorial DIY of turning his old clothes into clothes for his young daughter. thanks for the help!
go to lawl school
as for pizza, in terms of taste to price ratio, id have to go with little ceasar's $5 premade large pepperoni. its pretty , but i know... the new dominos isnt half bad either
i saw them at the constitutional hall in dc (2006?) and at the shoreline in mountain view (2007). both were great shows, but the one in dc was far superior with the sound and ambiance. while i can see the contrived feel of their performances, it comes off as rather natural, plus its only one or two of the ancillary musicians that goes really crazy. win is pretty stoic throughout the performances and always seems a little nervous. regine always seems so genuine on stage.
lush bath products. she loves that shit. .....and a card but i did already get her that for her birthday last month, so i dunno. should i have gotten her something else? im so bad at buying gifts. thinking about writing her a letter too.
while i appreciate your inputs, im not concerned with hotels as i will be staying with friends and family. im just concerned with actually getting my dog there.
melon a.m defeats all.
thanks for the input so far. it has been very frustrating looking through the options. my dog is too big to fit underneath the seat in front of me. i have my reservations putting him in cargo because, well im just worried about that. plus paying $200 each way is outrageous to me considering my r/t ticket is less than $300. i wish i could just buy him a seat next to me on the plane. oh yea, and fuck that no-show policy most airlines have. christ almighty.
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