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lately ive been constantly thinking about food making me hungry regardless of whether i just ate. for the past 2-3 months ive been exercising more and dieting because im trying to lose roughly 20lbs (only 10 more to go...im 180 right now and 5ft8). i feel like i eat a lot more, though healthier, than i did when i was overweight and not exercising. i eat filling foods too, like oatmeal and peanut butter for breakfast, potatoes, rice, pasta, etc... the only thing ive...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pilot YES! I prefer velveeta with a couple cans of albacore tuna. then cover it in Louisiana hot sauce. i usually throw in some frozen peas and carrots. if i dont have tuna, then spam.
what are some good co-op (story mode) games for the ps3?
i just pulled out some spring pants that have been in storage and they all need some cleaning. they are all dry-clean only, but ive had some bad experiences in the past where stains werent removed, etc., and ive been to many different cleaners in my area. the one im most concerned about is my white linen pants that have developed some brown-ish stains all over them that are pretty light, but visible when held up to light (Lol! i know). other pants have stains from...
she looks like a younger, darker sandra bullock there.
i may be wrong, but i heard if you just put them in the fridge for like 2 hrs or so before boiling them, they just sorta fall asleep...forever.
just watched paul mccartney is dead. it brought teh lolz.
damn i didnt realize uva was so expensive for grad school. it was super cheap for undergrad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter boom - http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=150540 what do I win? incidently, i didn't remember the poster either. So here's what i did. Advanced search, keywords daughter and dress, posts with at least 150 responses and show threads... thanks a lot man. you win the internets. this is prob why i dont have a job yet after graduating law school. cant even find a thread.
im looking for a thread of a member who did a pictorial DIY of turning his old clothes into clothes for his young daughter. thanks for the help!
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