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i didnt like bangkok at all, but the mandarin oriental was a great hotel.
damn, when i first saw that tongue i went o_0, but then remembered how it is.
nha trang, vietnam. it was great 10 years ago, but i just went back last sept, and it is gross.
Quote: Originally Posted by willpower 1 order of In n Out French Fries ur doin it wrong
fruit ninja
im really interested in how a tip like that is split. srsly.
gonna be driving from kokomo, in to santa clara, ca this summer. at least the trip will be with my gf, but we will also be transporting a dog, so def more stops.... it'll be the first time ive driven for more than 5hrs straight.
hes an intern to be a car dealer now?
big mac steamed rice with fish sauce and deep fried tofu with scallions sauteed in pork fat something, maybe goi cuon, i can dip in some spicy hoisin peanut sauce
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 But of course !! Here's a ghetto chocolate turnover I love to enjoy with morning coffee: - cut out edges of a slice of fresh and moist white or wheat bread - deposit a nice spoonful of Nutella in center - fold over like a big dumpling, press edges with fingers to seal - in toaster until golden brown quite possibly the greatest post ive ever read in this subforum. amazing.
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