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my credit is pretty bad (~600) due to me being a dumbass in undergrad and living way above my means. ive closed 2 cards after paying them off roughly 4yrs ago, but had 2 other accounts taken to collections which i am currently in the process of paying off (should be done within 6mos). so currently i have no credit card and was wondering, what are some "good" cards that will help me rebuild my credit? bofa has one for people in my situation but the terms are pretty...
impolyt, what was the name of the documentary about the french school cafeterias?
i am not going to live in my apartment as if im walking on eggshells as that diminishes my quiet enjoyment. i will walk where i want when i want in my own home. furthermore, i am more conscious of walking around lightly as it is. while i may sympathize if i were in their situation, i honestly believe that as tenants of a downstairs apartment, they have implicitly agreed to deal with the extra noises caused by the building. if they cant handle that, then maybe apartment...
i just moved into a new apartment and am having problems with the neighbors downstairs. the building is somewhat old (1970s) so there are definitely problems with creaky floorboards, but my unit has brand new carpeting. i knew i was in for a possible neighbor-from-hell-type scenario when i got a noise complaint my move-in day. they constantly banged on the ceiling as i was moving in around from noon to 6, and actually came up at around 6pm to complain that i was being...
i love walking around barefoot.
after reading this thread, im generally inclined to tip more unless the service is absolutely abhorrent (mistakes + no sincere apology). however, i'll stick to my routine of tipping in cash in neat round numbers. if what i read is true, i hope those servers just pocket that cash and not report it to the managers lol.
im moving and am looking for a new tv for around $400 or less. with all these weird brands from walmart, best buy, etc. out there, which ones are worth looking at? ideally id like 40in. my place is sort of dark, with little natural light. lcd or plasma? thanks guys.
I never understood tipping for takeout or counter service.
Cole Haan Leather Belt- Size A6 (good for someone with a 34-36 waist) Crafted in India Worn fewer than 5 times, excellent condition Paypal only. Please send as a gift or add 3%. Price includes shipping CONUS. Thanks for looking.
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