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i never really ran into pits until i moved to norcal. now im really looking forward to having a pit in the future as they are the happiest-looking dog ever.
i need a tux for my friends wedding in about a month and would like some advice on where to look/what to look for. im a groomsman and my friend did not give any specifications on what the tux should be. i think he is ok with four people showing up with four different tuxes. my budget is somewhere around $100. less is best, closer to $100 is better. hopefully that is reasonable. the only thing ive looked at is mens warehouse online and if thats any indication of whats...
went to a t14 school without any scholarships. i actually turned down scholarships to 3 schools in the 40-50 range. graduated probably lower half of my class because i just honestly didnt work as hard as i should have. almost dropped out after my first year because i barely got a 3.0 and didnt enjoy law school itself (my classmates, the environment, etc.). but to me it made no sense for me to drop out halfway through- i had paid for the first semester of my second year...
law school. worst idea ever. smh.
Just wanted to give this a shot... I'm looking to buy one of those Southwest anytime any one-way flight voucher for $120. I need a ticket going from Las Vegas to San Jose, CA on March 25th. Thanks.
i saw vegan dog food at the pet store today and it made me very angry for some reason.
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