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so guys, whats the drinking game tonight?
i can sympathize with him. was sorta in the same boat, but with a law(l) degree in cali. ended up moving back home in dc. i too was essentially just scared to call up people out of the blue. for a while, i never even made it to the "what should i ask/talk about" stage. got a job now, but its not what i want. however, i am paying my bills on time and am somewhat optimistic about moving towards the career i desire. once hes desperate enough, he will get over that...
someone shared this story: http://dailycurrant.com/2012/08/30/bill-nye-blasts-todd-akin-challenges-debate/
i never had a gas stove living in norcal (4 different apts)
thanks for the advice! the hbs pitch thing was pretty cool and was actually really helpful. overall i think it went ok. i got a lot of business cards, and gave away a lot of my name cards out there. however, there is definitely big room for improvement. i need to work on just getting over myself and going up to people and making the initial contact, as im not the most gregarious person. im just bad at introducing myself "out of the blue" because i feel awkward which...
im working as a legal intern (graduated law school) right now doing work ip/copyright work with particular interest in video games/gaming industry. my only background in this area is that i just play a shit ton of video games (or used to) and keep pretty current with its news. i have no schooling background in ip law nor do i have any engineering/science background, but i do have a genuine interest and passion for this particular area. im heading to a conference...
after moving from norcal, the place i miss the most is pleasure point. it is seriously one of my favorite places in the world.
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