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could a wrinkly shirt? and by wrinkly, i mean it was air dried and tossed in the dryer on that no heat tossing setting. im thinking more patterned since the wrinkles would be less prominent but then would it really be sprezz if i tried to hide the fact that there are wrinkles? maybe moreso sprezz???? please halpQ
^thats 500 each including travel. but i guess and? either way, ive balled over the summer. and i work during school. also, thanks to everyone. great recs. i think for sure im gonna check out hot dougs. and pizzeria via stato, so lunch is picked out, though a cemita may win out. dinner is up in the air, though fri night we will be going for pequods and then ice skating (yeah i know its what she wants). sat and sunday is still up in the air. costa rican food...
^shes too angelfaced; she wouldnt agree to it lolz
thanks for all your recommendations guys. as my gf loves italian, we'd probably be doing that if it were up to her, esp on byob sunday. i was looking at their dinner menu and the famous italian dinner menu seems like a great deal. but avec looks to be more to my personal liking. a saturday lunch at the pizzeria via statto sounds perfect though. dhc905, im really interested in renting out apartment on stan properties, but their website no information on nightly...
im in a long distance relationship and we decided that it may be interesting if we just met up in some random city every few weeks for a weekend getaway. about 4 days. our first city is chicago in the 3rd week of jan. id appreciate any rec's on where to stay, where to eat, what to do/see. itll be our first time there and i think we prefer to stay downtown close to the magnificent mile, though im open to anything. we're both on student budgets, but its not that...
10 teams, 7th pick qb- brees, alex smith wr- jennings, sims-walker, malcolm floyd, massaquoi, jacoby jones rb- ryan matthews, pierre thomas, felix jones, jerome harrison, portis te- finley k- crosby def- sd 8 teams, 7th pick qb- schaub, mcnabb wr- roddy white, colston, sims-walker, crabtree, edleman, housh rb- gore, stephen jackson, spiller, ronnie brown te- gonzalez, cooley k- nedney def- tenn
final drops.
price drops. please check out my other sales.
price drops: $60 for the shirts $75 for the loafers $70 for the watch
price drops
New Posts  All Forums: