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im in a long distance relationship and we decided that it may be interesting if we just met up in some random city every few weeks for a weekend getaway. about 4 days. our first city is chicago in the 3rd week of jan. id appreciate any rec's on where to stay, where to eat, what to do/see. itll be our first time there and i think we prefer to stay downtown close to the magnificent mile, though im open to anything. we're both on student budgets, but its not that...
10 teams, 7th pick qb- brees, alex smith wr- jennings, sims-walker, malcolm floyd, massaquoi, jacoby jones rb- ryan matthews, pierre thomas, felix jones, jerome harrison, portis te- finley k- crosby def- sd 8 teams, 7th pick qb- schaub, mcnabb wr- roddy white, colston, sims-walker, crabtree, edleman, housh rb- gore, stephen jackson, spiller, ronnie brown te- gonzalez, cooley k- nedney def- tenn
final drops.
price drops. please check out my other sales.
price drops: $60 for the shirts $75 for the loafers $70 for the watch
price drops
price drops. im leaving for vacation next thurs, so i hope to get this stuff sold by sunday, so i can ship everything out before i leave. make offers!
bump for price drops. open to reasonable offers. check out my other stuff i have for sale in my sig.
i only saw two shows this summer local h- they played the entire as good as dead album. so badass. warren g- kinda lolzy
drop on brady bag. open to offers.
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