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thanks for the input so far guys. i kinda like the restoration hardware ones. but what about the ones for sale on gilt right now? anyone have experiences with Armand Diradourian or johnston's cashmere?
ive got issues with my wireless router and would like to get some digestible information on how to fix it. are there any good tech forums that could help me? if it helps i also have a mac book, and the router is a netgear wgt624 v3. my problem is as follows: if individual laptops or my ps3 is connected to the modem through an ethernet cable, i get connectivity. if the modem is connected to the router, the first laptop or whatever to connect wirelessly will get...
in my points per reception/completion league with yardage bonuses (which are pretty whack): 307 pts with gore to go tomorrow qb- orton (106) wr- bowe (58) wr- lloyd (23) rb- hillis (53) rb- gore (-) te- gonzalez (17) wr/rb/te flex- colston (26) k- carpenter (15) d- browns (9) benched- roddy white, stephen jackson, mike tolbert* (though i might start him in the next 5 mins) *nope too late
im thinking about getting my gf a cashmere blanket or throw for christmas/her birthday. itll most likely be an online purchase since i really dont live in an area where i could find such a thing...easily. my budget is ~$200, but im hoping for more in the $150 range as ive seen a few on gilt for that price. i just want to know some info on what brands to look out for, where, and how i can judge quality (from online descriptions, or if i do go out, touch), such as...
this is the most baller picture ive ever seen on sf.
prices include shipping CONUS. paypal as gift only. please check out my other sales thread in the MC which has some things that may interest sw&d people, particularly the mainline marc jacobs peacoat. (http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=209678) thanks! nwt nom de guerre cardigan size L. made in japan. 55% cotton, 45% silk. collection no. 8. slim fit, good for a normal or slim M. arms are long, but i think it is meant to be rolled up. $80 erik...
im trying to clear out some clothes. im gonna save you the trouble and just list the absolute lowest price ill take so no haggling. these are pretty good deals and im looking to move them quickly. buy multiple items and get a discount. paypal as a gift only. marc jacobs mainline plaid peacoat. size 52. made in italy, from the mainline from what i understand (gibo spa). 100% wool, double-breasted, in excellent condition. a little slim cut around the shoulders for the...
i seriously fucking hate mcnabb. the skins are out-raider-ing the raiders the past 2-3 seasons. wtf. give some has been choke artist 40mil guaranteed (hopefully they cut him at the end of this season) and then the first three plays they have planned are RUN UP THE FUCKING MIDDLE?!?!?! im already subjected to that idiocy every week in sf.
i just watched sleepless in seattle against my will and found that it was the creepiest movie ever. my gf said she loved it but after watching it with me, she said that yea it was pretty creepy, especially meg ryan. discuss.
i just had to post my starting lineup this week. i think this is the most points ive ever scored. qb-k.orton wr- r. white wr- d. bowe rb- s. jackson rb- f. gore flex- p. hillis te- m. lewis k- d. carpenter d- atl points per reception league with ridiculous bonuses. had orton threw for 4 more yards, i wouldve gotten 10 more pts. oh yeah, i left brandon lloyd on the bench. fml.
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