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thanks for the input so far. it has been very frustrating looking through the options. my dog is too big to fit underneath the seat in front of me. i have my reservations putting him in cargo because, well im just worried about that. plus paying $200 each way is outrageous to me considering my r/t ticket is less than $300. i wish i could just buy him a seat next to me on the plane. oh yea, and fuck that no-show policy most airlines have. christ almighty.
im looking to travel with my dog that is about 35lbs, ~2.5ft long, ~2ft tall, ~ 1 ft wide. the research ive done shows that it is unreasonably expensive for me to bring him, but i hold a little hope that there is a pet-friendly airline somewhere. for those of you with experiences with airline travel with pets, could you help point me in the right direction? thanks.
drop to $50 shipped conus
gently worn light sweater, perfect for bay area weather. size EU 50, which is a medium, or slightly smaller. 50% cotton 30% cashmere 20% silk made in italy
more than pissed http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...011802607.html
PX in old town alexandria, va sorta fits. at least it did a few years ago. havent been to it in a while though.
fml. gf says no to the hip hugger. well whats cool to do in indy? btw, thanks for the offer kwilk...ill see. i dont want you stealing my gf with your stunning good looks and well-cultured tastes.
ill be there from the 7th-17th. any ideas will be appreciated. some kind of date night with my gf would be nice, especially if i dont have to go out to indy, which i guess is doable...
$200 is a lot of skrilla.
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