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more than pissed http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn...011802607.html
PX in old town alexandria, va sorta fits. at least it did a few years ago. havent been to it in a while though.
fml. gf says no to the hip hugger. well whats cool to do in indy? btw, thanks for the offer kwilk...ill see. i dont want you stealing my gf with your stunning good looks and well-cultured tastes.
ill be there from the 7th-17th. any ideas will be appreciated. some kind of date night with my gf would be nice, especially if i dont have to go out to indy, which i guess is doable...
$200 is a lot of skrilla.
thanks for the input so far guys. i kinda like the restoration hardware ones. but what about the ones for sale on gilt right now? anyone have experiences with Armand Diradourian or johnston's cashmere?
ive got issues with my wireless router and would like to get some digestible information on how to fix it. are there any good tech forums that could help me? if it helps i also have a mac book, and the router is a netgear wgt624 v3. my problem is as follows: if individual laptops or my ps3 is connected to the modem through an ethernet cable, i get connectivity. if the modem is connected to the router, the first laptop or whatever to connect wirelessly will get...
in my points per reception/completion league with yardage bonuses (which are pretty whack): 307 pts with gore to go tomorrow qb- orton (106) wr- bowe (58) wr- lloyd (23) rb- hillis (53) rb- gore (-) te- gonzalez (17) wr/rb/te flex- colston (26) k- carpenter (15) d- browns (9) benched- roddy white, stephen jackson, mike tolbert* (though i might start him in the next 5 mins) *nope too late
im thinking about getting my gf a cashmere blanket or throw for christmas/her birthday. itll most likely be an online purchase since i really dont live in an area where i could find such a thing...easily. my budget is ~$200, but im hoping for more in the $150 range as ive seen a few on gilt for that price. i just want to know some info on what brands to look out for, where, and how i can judge quality (from online descriptions, or if i do go out, touch), such as...
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