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These ties are new with tags. Sorry for the terrible pics. If you have any questions, let me know. The prices include shipping (USPS Priority Mail - the $6 box) CONUS. Payment through Paypal. Thanks for looking! 1) Charvet ($100) - Really dark green 2) Brioni ($100) - Black 3) RLPL ($95) - Black 4) Cucinelli ($125) - the first one is wool
ive got a wedding to go to in 3.5 weeks and need some recommendations on where to rent/buy a classic tux (midnight blue(?)/black). before id just rent from mens wearhouse, but at 150/rental it is pretty ridiculous. but i really dont have much more to purchase a tux (~300-400max). i can see myself getting some use out of this tux in the near future as all of my good friends are starting to get married, etc... any ideas on where i should look? thanks.
oh btw. do not go to wing lei. that place was shit.
hey guys thanks for the response. so to update you guys.... i told him that i was just going to eat my plane ticket and not go. and then he said 1k. and then he told me to just come out and not worry about anything. so i did. i blacked out the first night we were there and played some $100 min blackjack with $400 lol. made a little over $6k on the hottest 45min streak of my life. gave him $1k and now i dont have to stress over saving up for a new apt next month. funny...
no, he is in finance. i told him about it. his offer to me is 1k for everything, and i wont owe him anything. that leaves me w/ 200 for 3 days of spending money. the first cabana does not include food/drinks. im thinking of saying no because there are things i want to do there such as play poker, gamble, see some stuff...am i being selfish and unreasonable? i might counter with 500 upfront, whatever i have left ill give him when i leave, and he can add whatever to my...
got a little bit of a dilemma and would like some advice on how to proceed: my friends bachelor party is next week in vegas. he planned everything with little input and paid for (most) everything ahead of time. we are expected to, rightly so i believe, to reimburse him when we get there. price for only 2 dinners + 2 day cabana rental is ~$2000+ pp (outside of airfare/rooms), and this is excluding anything else we might want to do. he gave us the final expenses earlier...
yerfdog and novaguy- thanks so much for those suggestions! never heard of that site before and law enforcement?....interesting. ill definitely do some more research on that. actually getting to discuss this with other people has reinvigorated me. thanks again to everyone.
check out this diddy "People are so quick to jump all over the shooting and say we need to take guns away from everybody, but on the other hand it's ok that 3,500 babies are aborted everyday. Hmm....What's wrong with this?"
the work i do with the solo practionner does not help me at all prepare for the bar, and ive done work in a wide variety of areas. the bar is really all about memorizing crap i wont "need" in practice. so you could say its a waste of time in that regard. im really only doing it to keep my foot in the door to meet new people in the legal field who may be able to help me. iirc, my mbes were pretty close maybe in the 130s, but i failed the essays because they werent in...
it looks like its in a high school locker room
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