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Go with the APC. Get yourself a nice pair of quality jeans. I mean most designer jeans far exceed the price tag of the new standard, and on top of that, it may impress girls when you mention APC since GQ seems to be on APC's jock these days.
If you hem, don't take much off, but I would say don't hem and embrace the CUFF! EMBRACE THE BEAUTIFUL CUFF!
Quote: Originally Posted by Coldsnap I've got about 1/2 to an inch between my toe and the end of the toe cap, is this usual with chucks because they are more long and pointy compared to vans? Size down on those chucks. I always go smaller and don't wear a sock. They will loosen up to even if they fit tight around the sides, but I bet you can go a half size down still. If you leave them to big sometimes they will make that farting noise when...
I like the over all fit. However, I think I would like it without the cargos too. It makes it look to much like a outfit you should be wearing out in the woods fishing, I think without the pockets it would bring it more to a city outfit, and not so "Orvis". I dig it over all the though. Quote: Originally Posted by AlanC Royal Stetson 'Playboy', vintage refurbished by Optimo EG chambray workshirt EG knit Bedford fish belt Orvis tweed...
I have a pair of Nudie Slim Jim 36 x 34 in black. I lost some weight and they are rather big for me now. Would anyone want to trade for a smaller pair? I know there has to be people out there who have gained some weight and can't fit their jeans anymore! haha
Untuck those jeans, not looking good at all! I think the three pieces are great, but the tucking just takes the outfit over the top. Quote: Originally Posted by gawkrodger one day i'll take a good photograph Boots: Bally Jeans: APC Peacoat: Jaeger
Untuck those jeans, not looking good at all!
I prefer it with chinos, but I have seen people pull it off with matching jean colors. It all depends how fitted your outfit is, and what you wear under the jacket, but it can be rocked with pair of jeans. I have never been able to pull it off myself, so I stick with chinos.
Those look way to big for you. I had the same thing happen with my Spurrs, I just bought them to big.
Yo, nudie is the jean whos crotch blows out the most. I know people will argue that point, but they definitely get the most complaints, though i still love all my nudies!
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