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Thanks & Pricedrops!
The right tie is a pure black with gold made by Brioni
RLBL tie is sold.
I'll try to get it. Didn't know if there was any interest in this size so I didn't bought it.
RLBL: 3,15 inch widest, 57.5 inch long. Borrelli: 3,5 inch widest, 60.5 inch long
Updated with more sportcoats and ties!
Measurements are up!
Its updated, thanks!
Brioni (MTM order, was never picked up) 42R more 44s, see measurements NWOT $ 5900,- retail finished hem Super 180s Wool Spare buttons included Chest: 23.25 Waist: 22.5 Shoulder: 18.5 Length: 30.25 Sleeve: 22.75 (can be let out) Waist: 19.25 Front Rise: 11 Inseam: 30 (can be 3.5 inch let out) Leg opening: 8.65 Looking for 1100 USD - 1000 USD - 950 USD - 900 USD - 850 USD - 800 USD - 750 USD Beautifull quality, working buttons and nice stitching. Sartorio (by...
I just got one more extra 42R NWT, with the red check. Price is 800 USD.
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