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Thanks & pricedrop again
Borrelli sportcoat available again & pricedrops. I think the prices are very reasonable and the stuff is top notch; whats the problem guys?
Thanks & pricedrop!
Borrelli sportcoat sold pending payment.
I measured the chest again and its more like 19" / 19.5". Looking for 800 USD.
Its a "birdseye" fabric. Maincolor is blue. It is labeled 36R, but the waist is tight. I think there is enough fabric to let the waist out.
Interest check: Borrelli 36r MTM order - was never picked up NWOT Working buttons dual vent Chest: 19" Waist: 17.33" Shoulder: 17.75" Length: 30" Sleeve: 24" 625 USD Enjoy the pics:
Last pricedrops.... Everyhing IS a steal right now.
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