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Borrelli tie sold!
Its a little lighter than navy (more napolitan / deep blue) with white squares. Beautifull tie, the pics don't justify.
lol excuse me, typo
The inseam can let out 3.5 inch. There is also extra fabric at the bottom of the sleeve (about 1.5 inch) and perhaps some more at the shoulders.
The inseam can probably be let out quite a bit. I'll have to measure how much fabric is available there, but I reckon it's substantial. The sleeves can be let out. You can either: - just let out the sleeves and have the buttons sit a little higher than usual - let out the sleeves and add an extra buttenhole. - let out the sleeves a little from the shoulder: normally there's some extra fabric there to allow a little lengthening. Or a combination of some of the...
Thanks & Pricedrops!
The right tie is a pure black with gold made by Brioni
RLBL tie is sold.
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