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Most sizes are available - I've updated the links.
Price drop - last sizes available and now priced at 999 including shipping!
Selling 70 TOM FORD Sport Coats in sizes 36R - 50R All are NWT Free world wide shipping included. Prices are between 699 and 1199 USD. 1 - TOM FORD Sport Coat Size 44 / 34R U.S. Price: 1199 USD Click here for fabric info, measurements and high res pics. 2 - TOM FORD Sport Coat Size 46 / 36R U.S. Price: 1099 USD Click here for fabric info, measurements and high res pics. 3 - TOM FORD Sport Coat Tuxedo Dinner Jacket Size 46C / 36S U.S. Price: 999 USD Click...
My apologies - all are US sizes and I provided a link to the website with measurements.
@Faster That's correct. @razl Thanks!
MSRP: $ 3.099SF price: $ 999 [[SPOILER]] Fabric: 96% wool / 4% cashmereMain color: burgundyDouble breasted6 buttonWelted pocketsFlap pocketsDouble-ventedAvailable in size:38R US - Click here for measurements40R US - Click here for measurements44R US - Click here for measurements46R US - Click here for measurements48R US - Click here for measurements
Open for offers!
Last one available - now for 1599 USD.
Available: 2015 TOM FORD Peaked Lapel Blue Sport Coat Blue in all sizesPrice: $ 1199 [[SPOILER]] Fabric: 74% wool / 17% mohair / 9% silkMain color: blueFit DSingle breasted2 buttonPeaked lapelPatch pocketsSingle-ventedI have it available in size:34R36S38S38R38L40S40R40L42S42R42L44S44R44L46R48R48L50L52LIf you are interested in measurements let me know.
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