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Weak abdominal and back muscles. Potentially your bars are too low.
Yes, the Mexican consulate. Even if he didn't assert his right to consular representation in a timely fashion, it doesn't change the fact that consular representation is a widely held, internationally-recognized right, whose protections for US citizens has now been eroded by the decision to execute Leal. I struggle to see a calculus where executing Leal (vs. keeping him locked up for life) is worth more than preserving and reinforcing an internationally-recognized right...
Quote: Originally Posted by Lighthouse but its really hard to get worked up over the execution. Is it really? Helping to ensure that consular representation will be afforded to Americans when arrested abroad seems like a principle worth defending, regardless of the particulars of this case.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 But I have no idea what about the pedals it could be. Worn outboard bearings would make that noise. My Speedplay Frogs have been making that noise for a few months. I should order the bearing kit, but I just use it as an indicator to work on my pedal stroke.
Quote: Originally Posted by L.R. I'd actually prefer to learn Swedish (the culture of Sweden has always interested me), but the language has a limited usefulness. Yeah, as I've said before, not much use learning a language that 9m people speak, especially when 8.9m of them also speak English. BTW as a Swede, I've got to know -- what about the culture of Sweden is interesting?
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 I realize you were trying to be helpful, so I apologize for my shitty reply. But you could have assumed, since it is "bicycle mechanics, remedial edition," as you say, that they were simply on too tight and that it was turning in the correct direction. I have changed a pair of pedals before. Fair enough. What kind of pedal wrench do you have? I have a VAR and a Park, and they're both long enough to put...
Yeah, no offense, but if you can't get a pedal off with a 15mm pedal wrench on the flats, what are we supposed to think? It's not like you're asking how to press in a BB30 bottom bracket, how a Campy UT Hirth joint assembles, or how to press in a headset... Removing the pedals from a crank arm is sort of "bicycle mechanics, remedial edition" now available from Rodale press.
Quote: Originally Posted by rdawson808 I didn't install them--the shop did. I'm having a hard time assuming they did [grease the threads]. You are aware that the non-drive-side pedal is reverse-threaded, to avoid loosening by precession?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bentech leasing a new VW Jetta. The new ones look sharp, and are surprisingly cheap. Don't do that. The new Jetta is a de-contented, poorly-built disgrace. It's a car that's cheap because it's cheap! If you're looking at a car in that class, get the Civic. Or get a 2009 Jetta.
LHS are not on the Barrie. They're on the Van.
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