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Excellent - thanks for coming by and picking them up! Glad to hear that you're so pleased with them.Oh we still have to debut the new Sea Canvas and 12oz Speckle Chambray. Next week my friends...
Yup, I had a pant made in this and it washed up very nice. Two things:1) Stick to cold wash hang dry religiously2) Wash it once before hemming
Yeah, its interesting - it's somehow unlike any grey that we've offered before. It really is like a MacBook, maybe a bit darker. It's a cool tone with a seriously luxurious yarnOh man that one is so freaking cool
Yes sir! This turned out to be less ends, and more "let's promote a bunch of seasonal fabrics." Factory was really into it, so we've got a great selection.My current top three of what we have is:1) END713: Fern Streaky Linen: Really beautiful color that's eye-catching without being hit-you-with-a-brick bold. Will look boss with a navy or khaki jacket. I'd love it with trainers and a short sleeve henley too.2) END725: Streaky Stone Cotton-Linen: I know from Factory Finds...
It's 45-55. I can't remember which one is 45 and which is 55, but it's basically equal cotton and linen. Fully machine washable!
Yup, all gone. Still one unit left in the REDA Sunset Hopsack. Can't recommend these fabrics enough.
OK guys, everything is up! Check out the Big Bawse Linen and the Silver Shadow Merino Wool
Okay guys, the last three fabrics are going up for today. I'm going to then clean up the Medium.com page so that you can actually see all of the fabrics in numerical order. We've got a lot to choose from and orders will be open until Monday midnight, so I can answer any questions that you have.
SOLD!!! I'm going to order some wool shorts for myself too. Email me what waist size and inseam you want. We can do 9", 7" or the daring Angus Young length of 6"
So, they actually have some of that fabric left. Not enough for a full pant.I'd make you a short for $150. I'm serious. Wool shorts are so boss!
New Posts  All Forums: