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We're doing a murdered-out collab jacket with OSC Cross. A version of the St John parka that we had last year. More than enough for the absolute worst weather that CT can throw at it.Alongside that, Schott has some great wool options around the $300 mark.And we'll offer more formal topcoats from Luigi Bianchi (off the rack) and Southwick (made to order)In terms of Fall outerwear... I'll have some new EPLA samples to show you soon!
Very cool - this is a definite! We'll absolutely have this in the Fall. Alongside the existing Calgary blucher. So you can choose light and Blake or tuff and Goodyear.We need to deliver these and get people into them, but I can see some rad special order projects for them in horsehide and nutzo suede colors.
I hear you on the links. Back in the day I owned a Yachmaster for like a month before deciding that is was more flashy than I wanted. I traded it in.That said, I'm kind of partial to the two-tone Daytonas, which are even louder. Maybe it's my Long Island upbringing, but I dig them
The final model is the taller height (8"). That's what we'll put into work.Good call, I'll try to shoot that. We'd have to choose either/or - there wouldn't be an option to have eyes on a specific unit.I love this shoe, and it's honestly something that's sorely needed in our assortment.We sell plenty of Alden PTB's, but plenty of guys find the price to be an issue on them.These will cost less than half, and they offer a unique value. Coruro Cromo is an excellent leather...
 I was in the market for a Daytona a few months ago, but I heard about legibility issues from quite a few people. It seems to be less of an issue with the two-tone variants though.  I also love the look of chronographs but never, ever use the complication. 
 Sounds good! We'll be in town around the 17th - 19th. Hitting LA right after that.    Ah man, so hard to decide! I always do this with tweaking successive samples.  I like the metal too, but I'm leaning a bit more towards the blind eyes to differentiate it. The Calgary boot and all of our Alden boots have metal eyes, so this will be a more minimal and European style. It's very sleek when you put it on.  I have an old sample pic. We'll do this with five blind eyes. This is...
 The actual zipper is really rad - has a nice antique gunmetal finish.  
 Haha, just kidding. I'll be back this August with our friend from Individualized. We should work out a dinner for everyone to meet! We can do fittings for anyone interested in EP/Indiv shirts too.  We have a good amount of customers in LV, although I'm not sure how many of them are Styleforum members.  Also, I just got off the phone with Northern Watters. They're actually finishing the first batch of sweaters right now. I'm going to have them hold everything and ship them...
 Haha, not dumb at all. The zipper allows you to get it on and off without unlacing it. It's actually very functional. And it looks cool. 
 Ah, sorry I meant mid-October. We're planning this Combat boot at $295 and a PTB at $250, both in Couro Cromo.   It's our own last, which was modified by a shoe last that the factory had on hand. We shaped it to an Aberdeen-ish toe, and worked it to get the fit comparable with our trainers.   I'm really excited for this. We'll re-run the Calgary boot in some nice oiled black and dark brown leathers alongside this. The Combat's going to be sleeker, lighter, and side zip -...
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