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 @Todd V yup, we can do that on any of the higher-yield suiting fabrics. All of the ones currently listed are fine for that. 
I'm going to put up the really tasty and limited suiting fabrics right now. Persian Blue windowpane is impossibly rad. Could be done as an odd jacket, but get the pants too - you won't regret it. And Super 150s Hardy Minnis silver suiting is the single best deal in this entire round. If you want a light grey suit, then this stuff will blow you away. 
ENDS FOR FRIENDS MAY 2016 FOUR-SEASON SUITING   ^^OK, the first link is active! I'm going to populate the suiting item first and then move to seasonal. Seasonal is a bunch of linens and cool stuff. This first item has all of the crucial suiting basics.    You can select up a two piece here. Figure an additional $250 to go to a three piece. It may be less than that, and I'll pass along the lower price if it is - but it won't be more than that. As I put new variants...
 @Pastor No, I wouldn't - we typically sell guys their normal size in jackets. The Southwick suit is pretty low on bulk. I'd only size up if the jacket is really fitted on you.  I have a pure black suiting wool which is really ace. It's a bit nicer than the stock Barberis fabric.  I've also got a dark tonal charcoal pinstripe which isn't quite black. It's very close those. There's enough for two suits - I know that @El Argentino was interested in one too. 
 Nope, you can do 2-piece suits or 3-piece (on demand). Pants have to be Walt or Rudy.  Sizing is 100% the same, but since they have your specs from the last order, we can easily advise them to modify things based on what you received. We can spec them to make the body one inch shorter than the jacket that was last made for you and give them an exact sleeve inseam length.  I looked around for that fabric - they didn't have anything on offer in this collection, but there's...
One other thing: we will be able to make 3-piece suits on demand, but I don't have pricing for it. I probably won't have it for the next day or so.    The vests are made out of house, so they're not very discounted, so figure about $250 additional for the vest. If anyone really wants one, we'll bill it separately. Might make sense for stuff like the pinstripes and such. 
Hey guys,    Working on the EFF presentation as we speak. Couple of notes:    1. If you ordered in the last round and you need some tweaks, put those into the Requests box. For sleeve length, we can finish them to an exact sleeve inseam down to the half inch. Measure the length from the armpit seam to the cuff and write that in. You can have two different sleeve lengths if you need it.    2. We have an unprecedented selection of suiting available. This is a great...
Hey guys! We're getting everything prepped, it's going to be a little bit later than usual. Probably about 2pm est for a start time. I'll keep you updated
 @kickstand yup, but this round is based way more on suiting and less on sportcoats. I have all sorts of awesome fabrics, including an insane 150s pearl grey wool. This is the best pricing on Southwick MTO suits in easy solids that the world has ever known.  Question for you guys - they've got some ends on Harris Tweeds and other crazy Fall goods, would you guys want to see them? Not sure if its worth shooting & presenting them
 @lifeinabox we're going to quote 4-8 weeks this time, but it should be faster than the last. I'd say 4-6 in reality. We've got a lot less plaids and things are much more set up to handle the incoming orders. The amount of sales that we took last time kind of overwhelmed things, but they're ready for it now.  That said, if you've got an upcoming event or a deadline, it's better to order a stock fabric AND better to order it before these Ends get submitted and kind of...
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