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No chance of that. In fact there's still a few units left - I'm not sure why it's error-ing out.If you got a confirmation then you're absolutely on the order
I'm seeing a few units still available on my side.
Ah yes, you're right - this will have a reverse welt.Yeah, sizing and width is not going to work in time, so don't worry - we'll just do all of that manually.
Ryden boot! http://epauletnewyork.com/products/alden-x-epaulet-black-shell-cordovan-ryden-boot-preorder-deposit
Hey guys, I'll post the Ryden boot link here in 3 min. Two notes: It looks just like this boot, but with all brass eyes (no hooks) and a commando sole: http://cdn.styleforum.net/e/ed/900x900px-LL-ed4bf911_DSC_0072.jpeg I'm not sure if my new shop functionality is going to work in time (it takes about 10 min to update an item) so you may not be able to choose your size and width on the item. Don't stress - just place the order and email me what size you need. We'll...
No big rush - let's say until Monday. I'd like to submit the order Tues morning
Ideally yes. Makes it easier to get the shape looked at and approved.Actually - how about we do it in the Kudu leather of the Indy 404 boot? That stuff never dies and it's a cool dark shade of brown. Easy for Alden to get too.
Oh, and in keeping with the Leslie Hall tangent, but my absolute favorite video of hers was filmed in the same karaoke booth. She asked to do a duet of "Islands in the Stream" with a somewhat unwitting bystander. And really lets loose:
Haha, okay so this is confirmed for tomorrow. We're going to offer the "Ryden S&!TKICKER Boot" in Black Shell Cordovan. High noon, Eastern Standard Time. Let me ask - would you guys like me to offer it in anything else? Want to do it in natural or brown cxl? Snuff suede?
Got the Shell Cordovan samples. Oh my god! We did it! These look even better than I could have imagined. They're going to blow you away! I'll have photos to post up by tomorrow. And those who stayed on the shell cordovan preorder will get an email in a few days as to the next steps.
New Posts  All Forums: