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EPAULET BY NEW ENGLAND SHIRT HAND-WOVEN GUATEMALAN JACQUARD: $130.00 It's up. Officially the craziest shirt that we've ever made. It's so freaking awesome. Very lightweight. 1) Be sure to order a size up from your usual EPNY size 2) If you're 6' or taller, then it's going to look cropped on you. Note how it looks on Rich in the fit photo. Luckily the normal shirt rules get tossed out the window when something is this nutzo. 3) You'll have to care for this fabric....
Once you go GAT, you never go BACK.That sort of works right? They mostly rhyme.
Whoops! No they are not final sale or on sale - sorry about that.I built this item off of the old Sport Trainer from 2013. It still had the old price ($275) as part of the item, so it was registering this as a markdown.Man, amazing where the collection and the exchange rate has gone. This is a radically better product in much more expensive leather (CC is about 2x the cost of calf) and it's $20 less. Hell yes to progress!
These guys are up as well. Can't wait to hear what you guys think of Couro Cromo - its one one the best leathers that I've seen. Especially rad when made up in a sneaker. EPAULET LOS ANGELES SPORT TRAINER COURO CROMO STEERHIDE LODEN: $255.00
Hey guys, All of the new product is rolling out in the next 2-3 hours. Just a heads-up, I just put the new White/Grey sport trainer online. It is absolutely perfect. This is all-new production in Portugal, and it's better than its predecessor in every way. I'd recommend buying TTS. If you own an old sport trainer then size down by 1/2 on the US size equivalent - those old ones ran a little big. Plus these are a much cheaper price due to our new baller exchange rate. I...
A little bit, but I wouldn't advise sizing up. I'm on the edge of fitting into a Large, but I can still wear a Large in this. XL is definitely too big on me.The Guatemalan hand-woven color riot shirt definitely has to be sized up
Yup. And those are pre-washed, so no funny business with shrinking.It's really in a world of its own.
Right now all of the Couro's are in our warehouse. We'll have open stock at both stores on Saturday
Yes. And I don't mean to sound a little Boombastic here, but we have a new red chambray going online tomorrow which is basically the best red chambray that the world has ever known. 6oz Broken Twill washed-out Red chambray from Kaihara mills, with duotone color flecks.It's absolutely psycho.
Yup! Saddle 10 and Mocha 13
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