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   @Nik Telford haha, these are the current secret menu options:  Box Pleats, Shoulder Pleats, or Plain BackTwo Button Collars (but that requires a really high collar stand, so you need a long neck)Double pockets (can be done with any pocket style) and Shoulder EpauletsShort SleevesSquare bottom with a notch (for that 1950s camp shirt look)French front or Covered PlacketContrasting Collars and/or cuffs. This contrast can be white or can actually be another color or fabric...
More Individualized MTO Shirt Porn! These five are for @cyclohexane - love the Artisan collars and that Laguna teal check fabric
My pleasure @SherifEnt - you made some boss choices on the fabrics and collars!
Five killer new Individualized shirts for @SherifEnt
 Nope, exactly the same. They just come with a nice box and bags.  I have to say, Saddle Couro Cromo is my personal favorite of the batch. It's a beautiful contrast with the sole. 
Hey guys,    We counted up the open-stock Chelsea boots and put them online. We'll do the full price launch, newsletter, and brouha on Monday. I'm not sure how fast they'll move, but if you've been jonesing for a pair, then you guys are the first to see it:      CHELSEA BOOT CREPE SOLE SADDLE COURO CROMO: $325   CHELSEA BOOT CREPE SOLE SAND SUEDE: $295
Processing the New England Ends shirts today - they came out amazing! Here's some of the highlights:
  @cyclohexane is totally right, it's the moire effect caused by my camera's digital sensor. It happens sometimes with oxford cloth and chambray in certain light. And especially blue. The camera that I use has insane resolution, but handles that stuff badly at times. 
 @malwear yup, they just arrived yesterday! We're still in Chelsea boot and Unfinished-land, but we're going to start tackling those tomorrow. 
 @tricky they've very close. As you guys know, our Gitman-made shirts are a touch bigger than the New England ones. These Salt washed pieces are in line with Gitman. The fit on them is really nice.    @GoodTwillHuntin no, these are resin buttons. I had to keep the retail under $100, and I opted to spend my cash on higher-end cloth and a really solid wash. Our Gitman Bros TTX oxfords have MOP buttons and we stock them in blue and white, you can see them...
New Posts  All Forums: