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 Great! Thanks for picking them up. The waist won't shrink, but a wash will soften it up quite a bit. I'm willing to bet that the fit overall works after you do you that, as it will just mold to your waist better. They can always be taken in at the waist if need be.   Thanks for picking them up Frank - and glad that you like them! With the sneakerpocalype that's been going on, I didn't really get to give our Canadian welts their proper due, but we're all really jazzed with...
 Looks very sharp! I pulled that Vittorio out of storage as well. Good to see your fit pics again! Man, those doublefaced rivets are so fresh. Love the red interior on that.   We had to develop the last shape in order to have that sleeker toe box. It ended up a bit larger than expected by a half size. So our initial buy is skewed towards bigger sizes. That said, the whole last is nicely in proportion, so as long as you size down 0.5 from your TTS, you should get a solid...
Bout time that somebody was "In the Navy" - they look great!Thank you so much - it was my pleasure, and you made some great choices! We were all salivating over those shirts before shipping them out.I mean, salivating figuratively. Not actually salivating on your shirts.
Deadline is tomorrow. New England is the closest overall.
Gotcha. No worries, we're not changing a thing.
Gotcha, I thought that was the case.USPS sucks with its wait times, but it seems to be the only real cost-effective solution. Very reliable with ultimate delivery too. The few times I've bought stuff from End Clothing with DHL, I got nailed like crazy with fees and customs.
My pleasure!Quick question for your and @TO Tie Guy: how do you feel about DHL shipments to Canada? Got a potential solution that I can offer. Would raise the shipping rate by $5, but get to you within 1-2 days.
Cotton Henley Tee vs Union Jersey HenleyBoth are made by the same factory. These new henleys are a lighter weight and much softer yarn. And short sleeve vs long sleeve. Other than that, these are the same pattern and cut.Cotton Henley Tee vs. Last Year's Henleys (Slub & Indigo)Different factory altogether, although both are made in LA.Our new henley's are better fitting and more consistent. The fabric is a very soft t-shirt material which is more year-round than the slub...
Okay, time for some new stuff. May I introduce our new Short Sleeve henleys: Couple notes: 1) These fit absolutely perfectly. Order your typical EPNY size. If you own a Union Jersey shirt then these are on par with them. 2) If you have a loopwheel tee, do this: Small Loopwheel: Small Henley Medium Loopwheel: Medium Henley Large Loopwheel: Large Henley if the large loop is big on you, XL Henley if the large loop is fitted on you 3) These are done in the same...
LA can be kind of cool in June. "June Gloom!"
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