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 @CanadaCal Just checked with Alden - we can do A's and B's in both of the Innsbruck styles (Indy & Alt Wien). I updated the product page to reflect that:  http://epauletnewyork.com/products/alden-x-epaulet-jan-2016-preorder-deposit
Notes for Southwick Tomorrow   Hey guys,    Okay, we've got a solid layout for everything tomorrow. We spent a few hours in the warehouse and worked everything out with the Southwick team. Here's some bullet points:    1) This is an EPIC sale. I've mentioned before that Southwick moved factories - it's a process that took nearly a year. They're still leasing the old factory, and it has a ton of awesome fabric in it. We have full and open access to it. There's stuff...
 @notwithit yes, that should not be a problem. The issue was using horsehide on a Chelsea - and the specific way that Chelsea's are blocked and formed.  The Combat boot is a lot easier to make, so we'll be good to go. We'll have the Derby and Combat available as options for all future group buys based around specific leathers.  @bry2000 not as of yet, but we're definitely considering a stock run in one or two colors of suede.   @Mr. Six glad that you dig them! Yes, both a...
Hey everyone,    We are in the midst of going through fabrics. But my God. The selection here is amazing! It will be the best promo that we have ever, ever done.    Stay tuned for tomorrow, there is going to be literally something for everyone. Quick turnaround on the production too.    Nailed down the prices, they're going to be $575 for a jacket and $795 for a 2-piece suit. That's full MTO, delivery in 4-6 weeks
 ^^ Fantastic matchup! We should all start a BLNR gang
   Looking great @justinkapur and @SteveH35 !! I shot a watch fit pic myself... The Scatter Camo Field Jacket, an Individualized Rhino Oxford (the purple colortone) and Royal Oak Chrono 
  For you guys on Instagram.....   I've been running the @epaulet Instagram personally since 2011 or so. As we've picked up more followers, it's become an increasingly crucial part of our marketing, and the workload's getting a little intense. So, I'm going to share the account with Dylan and Sam from here on in, and we're going to focus all of it on Epaulet stuff. Lots of product images, regrams, event announcements, pics from the stores, etc.    If you want to see...
 @tricky yeah, we definitely needed those new images to properly show them off.  And I have to say - you were born to wear the Stingray shoes. You'll absolutely love them! It's rad that you can wear them in rain too.   @chrispy650 there's a lot of advice online for hand-washing a thick knit sweater like the Heirloom. But I've personally went against their recommendation and just had mine dry cleaned. Came out just fine and it's a lot less work. I probably dry clean it...
 Looking great @Steel28 I've been enjoying the BLNR like crazy as well. I always shied away from newer Rolex designs, but I'm smitten with this one 
^ You know it! Here's some more pics to show:    Black Combat Boot:      And a few Macro shots of the Stingray Sport Trainer (courtesy of the Sony RX1RII)    
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