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 @LA Guy haha, we look like two bad-ass dudes.  I mean, as bad ass as you can be when one guy has on a critter tie with dogs and the other guy has a cross-body bag
 Pardon my french @kickstand but OMFG that made up so incredibly boss!! Sent that photo to the prez of Southwick. They're gonna love it. Thanks so much for picking it up.   @Duke Silver congrats on baby!!! I remember those days!   Sure do.. @CanadaCal ... it's a pic alongside the man, the legend... @LA Guy    @dead arm we had a very good hit rate on the sizing for these. Took almost no exchanges on the stock sweaters. Since you wear a SW 42, You can be confident about the...
Ghostly is gone.. thanks everyone! Hertling is going to be jazzed about the clean sweep. 
 Thanks guys!! Here's the link to all four of the items:
 And... it's live!!! @CLTesquire  I'll give some additional rec's tomorrow, but 8421 (Ghostly Oatmeal) and 1604 (Indigo Acqua) are freaking out of this world. 
 Ah man, I wish. Knits are all made in big batches, usually 200pcs and up per shape. It's unfortunately not realistic to do any kind of custom stuff for it. 
Speaking of all that... these are the new swatches going online tonight. I should have them up in an hour or so. All warm-weather items, $185 each in any fit.    #8421 is called "Ghostly Oatmeal" and it is absolutely freaking amazing. Beautiful neutral tone, really luxe blend of Wool, Silk, and Linen. Just 12 units in that one.. it's definitely my first pick of the batch  
 @FrankCowperwood ordered an awesome duo of Gables. I actually shot them in our studio...   Corduroy Gables are basically the greatest thing ever.   Agreed with @Duke Silver, those socks are awesome   @metranger8694 yup, that was made by our first knitwear supplier. Really was an awesome piece. 
 @ErikW @kickstand  It's not going away totally .. we'll still offer it via MTO. We'll also bring in a fit called the Como later on which is a larger, classic cut - bigger than the Rudy. This is just going to be the last offering of the Driggs as a Ends promotion. I've got a bunch of linens and linen-blends to put online today, so there's a lot to choose from in both warm and cool weather fabrics if you want to stock up.   @Duke Silver @Michigan Planner Very cool, glad...
 @Patrick R this is an awesome fit.. thanks so much for posting it! I love how everything is paired up here. Great coat too.  And I'm really glad that you're enjoying the Cramertons.. that's one of my all-time favorite fabrics as well. It's tough, comfortable, and it ages like nothing else. We'll definitely expand our offerings in that cloth this year.   @RuleOfRescue sorry about the tongue issue.. I've had that happen on both Carmina and Alden boots in the past. I'd echo...
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