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 @ahjota The "Big Color" series are all lightweight plaids, but I wouldn't actually call them Madras. They don't have that gauzy feeling. They're 100s Italian cloth, so it's a higher-end material all around.  That said, I've got one really nice Japanese Madras called "Summer Blues." I'll put that up next
 @metranger8694 Nice pickup - you're going to love this! It's definitely lighter than Speckled Chambray. Actually a great weight for FL, although I wouldn't say that it's an overshirt. 
 @Sudonihm yup, we actually have some really nice basic checks and stripes. I'll get them online right after the newsletter goes out. 
 Yup, it's the same. The speckled Chambray is a tiny bit smaller due to pre-wash and shrinkage, but I'd advise for you to order the same size that you took in that.  I'm going to pause for a bit to do the newsletter. There's about a dozen more fabrics for me to put up, and I'll let you guys know when everything is online. 
 @bkotsko I was told that they have a large quantity of Color #8 inbound from Horween in the next month or so, and that we're at the top of the production list. I don't have a projected date or any details past that, though. 
 Wait until all of the "Big Color" options are up - I feel like some of those might be your jam
One linen remaining! Thanks guys.  I've got a bunch of killer big-scale madras prints from Thomas Mason coming up next. You can see the available units in the red number on the label. 
 We had three, but the Indigo Buffalo sold out.  If you look at the swatch image, you can actually see how many shirts are available in each fabric at the start. We've got 2 units in the Teal linen and 2 units left in the Sandy Sunrise. That's all the linen that we'll have - although the cottons are all mid-weight and fine for warmer weather. 
Ends For Friends is Live     EPAULET SHIRTING FALL 2015 ENDS FOR FRIENDS   I've got four fabrics in there - and all of the available linens are listed. Those are $145, everything else will be $125.   The cut is standard EPNY with darts, and you can choose from one of five collars. I have about 15 more fabrics to load in. I'm going to put in the whole batch and then send the newsletter. You can refresh the item to see everything updated in real time. Most fabrics...
 It's more conservative and smaller in scope than previous runs. There's one funky print - but it's rad. Lots of great ginghams and higher-end fabrics all around. Fairly dressy.  I'm going to put up the linen shirts first before the newsletter goes out. There's something like 8 units of linen available in total. The linen is from Canclini and it's absolutely bonkers. Some of the best goods that I've ever seen. Mid-Sept isn't the ideal time to get a linen shirt, but if you...
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