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 @turkey_sandwich ah sorry, we're only getting this single delivery for the season. All of the available stock is online. We're down to the last 8 pieces or so. 
 Ah yeah, no problem. The other two pants are a medium grey brushed twill ($185) and a khaki brushed twill ($175). They're both lighter than moleskin. The grey one is in our MTO assortment right now. Gonna be packing unfinished sneakers all afternoon, but I'll have these online this evening.  Moleskins received just 16 units per color, so I'd recommend grabbing those OTR pretty quickly if anyone out there in interested in a pair. 
 haha - extremely soon - just put them online. Check out new arrivals
 @CanadaCal I'm in love with this fabric. We'll have the matching field jacket next week!  
 @justinkapur glad that you like them! They've been the shining star of the NYC shops - sold about five of them today. The matched sole came out really rad on them. 
@brp2 I'd definitely advise a size 11 for you in these. I think that you'll be fine in length with that. The last is a medium width, but when you're talking suede, crepe, blake, and chelsea, then you've got a pretty flexible boot overall. If they feel narrow on the first wear, then you can absolutely expect them to stretch and break in. 
 No problem at all. The welt is just naturally finished, so that's going to be fixed on all of the styles. I ordered the samples in a full size run, so we'll be able to fit everyone at the show. We've got sizes 8 through 12 available - all in half-size increments.  The last is a great shape, but it's intended to be a casual piece, so it's not really chiseled. I'll have all the usual views for the product images. 
 @jglenn777 go for an 11.5 This guy runs true to size. 
 @rydenfan great minds think alike! I actually intended this, but we ran into a snag. We worked up a sample, but the natural horse didn't hold the shape very well. We could probably use an oiled and treated version of horsehide down the road, but the unfinished horse was a bit problematic for the main cut piece. That's the only reason why it wasn't included. 
 @sarteaga  yes, we've got something for everyone. Don't count out the Couro Cromo colors either - they look absolutely radiant.  They construction is blake/rapid. The upper is secured to the top of the sole via the central blake stitch. The bottom of the sole is then glued on to the top. And a rapid stitch is manually run around the edge, securing it 360 degrees around the boot. The blake stitch is well protected from the pavement, and the rapid stitch will keep the two...
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