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Oh wow, we're finding all sorts of past-run goodies! 
Wow, amazing what you'll find when you open the back closet. Four units of cream of wheat Barberis:  
 About that. Generally legs straighten out around 29" down from the crotch and are just a straight cut. So the opening doesn't vary much unless you're hemming them very short. 
 Sure, as long as you come in by Sunday. The order closes then, so we can't accept any size changes afterwards. We can fit you on Rudy or Driggs if you need that too. 
 Tough to show this color, it's really a true blue, just kind of muted. Great deal for a basic navy flannel trouser. 
 Congrats to the buyer! This will absolutely blow your mind in person...  I just put up this single-unit fabric too. Impossibly luxurious hand on this one.... 
World Champion Wheat Donegal. One unit only. McLaren goods from Scotland. That's all I'm saying. 
 Mid-grey. Perfect grey tone on this one. Our stock pants are going to be $250 and MTO's are $275 in a similar fabric, so this is a super-boss price for a supremely versatile fabric. 
 Fern is a really pale green. Awesome fabric - very easily matched to any top except black. Looks boss with Navy, Camel, and Grey. 
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