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Yup, there's lots of great stuff to choose from. I'll let you guys know when everything is built out. Things like the pincord and seersucker are pretty continuous items, and then we'll have some speciality linens and lightweight wools with smaller batches. I'll let you guys know what the limited fabrics are.
Ah cool - glad that you found it. So guys, this is the first of about 8 MTO items that we're going to list:Epaulet Made To Order Trousers Seersucker and PincordThis is the template and the range of choices. Please let me know what you think and if everything is understandable. I'm planning to roll out all of the other fabrics today and tomorrow.
Oh we already made up a sample. Had our friend Lemmy do the fit shot modeling. Let me know what you think...
Haha, well such a thing can be special ordered in Walt shorts if anyone's interested.Good call. Petrol is an incredible color and both of these fabrics will blow you away. The wash effects on them are brilliant. The Steep Twill is pretty remarkable too, as I've never seen that kind of fabric be given this treatment.
Excellent! Yes the Driggs shrinks about an inch in total length - although they'll stretch out with wear to fall around 33.5" at the max. We can absolutely do an MTO in it for you with a longer inseam - you can even do a 38" unfinished if you want maximum cuff potential. I'll have something to show you guys on the MTO system later today.And yes - the washed denim shirt will be live shortly! We've got about 40 of those, and it made up brilliantly.The Faded Red is a pretty...
Always! I'm on West Coast time so it's not quite a late as you think, but yeah... it's pretty late. I'm working to finalize the Trouser MTO's, but they'll have to go live tomorrow. The template's all done though, so putting them up then is totally realistic. We've got a lot of good stuff!Tuff! The denim shirt looks awesome under the vest. That necktie is great too - is that one of yours?
Should be up soon. I'm drowing in new pants items tonight, but I'll get the hand-distressed shirt up by Saturday. It's so freaking good.Thanks! There's actually 4 colors available in that, building everything out now. I'd put them as equivalent to cotton ducks in comfort. Military Twill is a great fabric - much like Cramerton cloth, just a bit lighter. It will age and soften beautifully. We were really lucky to grab so much of it.
My pleasure, and thanks for picking them up!And no worries if the "V" doesn't close. If you can comfortably tie it, then that's all that matters. Having an open "V" is normal:People with low insteps (like me) typically have issues with balmoral shoes as we can lace them completely closed, and it's still not tight enough.
Glad that you like the Doyle! Thanks for picking it up.Regarding the Carmina's, i imagine that you bought the Ellison (balmoral lace up).So, there's two things to address about the fit. First off, the Rain last is intended to feel a little snug. If you typically wear shoes like the Ellison, then it shouldn't feel a lot closer than those, but if you usually wear shoes/boots with larger and more generous lasts, then wearing the Ellison is simply something that you get used...
Anyone over 6' should definitely check the measurements to make sure the Doyle is going to work for them. But I've personally sold that jacket to a bunch of guys who are taller than that - Oisin included.It's not a sportcoat, so it doesn't have to adhere to any specific rules about length. If you look at the range of vintage French Work jackets, you'll see all different lengths and levels of boxiness on them as well. There's nothing wrong with wearing it cropped IMO, but...
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