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OK guys, bunch of cool singles coming up in two min...
Haha, the Boyz II Men reference killed it!I just polished off an enormous meatball parm sandwich. Going to shoot six singles and put them all up. I'll post a little update here right before they go online.
Ok guys, put up two more multiple unit fabrics. One is a great heavyweight dark brown Barberis Flannel, the other is the late, great Rust mid-weight flannel that we made Rivet Chinos from. It's now available for Walt-Driggs-Rudy. Here's a full fit photo of how that looks made up: Time for a sandwich break. I'll come back around 2 with a bunch more single-unit fabrics.
OK guys - got some larger-run, non-tartans coming up in 3 min
Big props for the Grandpa Tattersall purchase! Those are so boss!
Haha wait, I'm getting the impression that all of you guys HATE Tartan pants. No Bosstones fans out there? Got four good ones going up in a minute. I'll take a break around 1:30 or so - I'll let you guys know when. And I'll have some more multiple-unit swatches soon. Thanks for all of the orders guys!
You absolutely won't regret it when they come in. That turq donegal is freaking stunning. With a camel colored coat it's unstoppable
Going up right now. We've got 6 units available in Barberis "Cream of Wheat Flannel." Mostly pearl grey, but a little bit of a tan/off-white tone. Freaking beautiful goods, and pretty thick too.
Lots more to go! Sorry that this is moving so fast guys - I've got some new fabrics with 5-6 units per cloth to stay a little longer
First three up - that Turq Donegal is bananas!
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