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Thanks for all of the Factory Finds orders guys - this has been a killer round! For anyone on the fence - tomorrow is the deadline, and there's still plenty of good stuff. Here's my top 4: Tobacco Color Pop This one has been really popular, and we're down to the last five units. It's going to be special with those accent colors, but still very wearable. Boss as hell with jeans. Harris Tweed Toasted Orange Check Pretty bold pattern. Definitely the least versatile of...
Quick note... we had an order change and one unit of the Harris Tweed Midnight check is once again available to order. This sold out a few days ago, so I figure someone on here might be interested... http://epauletnewyork.com/products/factory-finds-fw14-southwick-sportcoats-in-harris-tweed
Sure, all of our Southwick jackets are available in Longs and X-Longs. We'll have the Fall MTO selection up shortly.Sharp!Sure, there's going to be two Vanson jackets:The Rocket...The vertical zipper on this will be 3" longer and closer to the main zipper.And the Trident. This is done the same configuration of our Wyatt jacket (pictured below) - so no padding and two horizontal zip pockets on the chest. It will have blacked out hardware through.Vanson jackets are beautiful...
Rivet Chino Factory FindsHey guys,I hear everyone on the Rivet Chino Factory Finds Round 2 delay - it's taken way longer than anticipated. I'm really sorry about that. We're confirmed for a delivery of around August 10th or so.Since this is way out of our original estimation, I'll be happy to offer everyone who ordered one of two things:1) If you want to keep your item then we'll credit you $35 in an online gift certificate, which will be usable on your next purchase2) If...
I was powerless to resist the call of this one. Looking forward to it!
Our old school members might appreciate this one. Back in 2011 we released these shoes in our private label handsewn collection: We put an unfinished bridle leather plug onto a ranger moc with the intention that it would darken with age. Richard - our newest team member - picked up those shoes back then and has worn them regularly. May I present the nearly three-year evolution of these:
Very cool! We're going to bring out a new range of EPNY basic chambray's at the $110 price point this Fall. And EPLA models at $95.It's pretty thick and we haven't seen any transparency yet. None of us have any major chest hair, but Matt and I both have chest tattoos and you can't see those through it. I think that you've got a good chance of it working.
Yes, our henley sales were bonkers today. We'll absolutely make a long sleeve model for Fall. I'm going to start on the sample next week. We'll probably use a thicker fabric for it and do it garment dyed so that we can make it up in a range of colors.Chromexcel and snuff suede belts are due mid-August. Dress belt restock around end August.Not anytime soon - the next suede sneaker delivery will most likely be in February. Sorry about that - the lead time on these shoes is...
Absolutely, we'll look for the next restock around end August. Some new styles will come in as well. The only thing that won't return are the fabrics on markdown now (ripstop, windsor tan, brushed graphite, desert camo, etc)
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