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Individualized Shirt Online Promo this weekend Hey guys, I spoke with Jim from Individualized this weekend, and we're going to offer the in-store Promo all weekend, and to all customers (in-store and online). If you buy four Individualized Shirts, you get the fifth one for free! Couple of notes on that: 1) You get the lowest value shirt of the bunch for free. 2) We have to do the online orders a bit manually. So if you order five anytime over the weekend, you'll see...
Overall pretty similar to the Driggs. They fit a little bit closer due to less construction.
The rise is actually 0.5" higher than before.In the original chino measurements, we measured from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch. The physical bottom, where the fabric ends.For the new measurement chart, we're measuring down to the crotch seam, which is where most people measure from. So it's just a different technique.
Yup, I'd say so. Similar overall fit and taper.Oh yes, all 8 of the new ones will be live within the hour.
Sorry about that. We'll have a big restock of these in a month. Our inventory is low for this launch because we sold so many of them in the store and ensured that the sizing worked for everyone.
Yes - if the old Rivets fit you well, then the new ones should fit you better.In terms of Rudy vs Rivet fits, I'd say that about half of Rudy guys can wear the Rivets, and half cannot. It really depends on how big your legs and seat are. You guys have seen me model the shorts - I don't fit in Rivets at all. But many in-store Rudy guys do.Just note the smaller leg opening on these. It shouldn't be a problem for most guys unless you have big calves - we're talking over 17"...
First chino is up! We're furiously writing text over here, so please let me know if you see any typo's... RIVET CHINO 12OZ SPECKLED CHAMBRAY: $150.00
Yup, we're going to order 35's in all 8 varieties. I can even do a preorder thing for anyone who knows that they want it.We also sold through 30's in a few types already - that's going to come back into stock too.
If you're already taking in the waist, then sizing down may work for you. We didn't have anyone size down in the store, but most people are buying them with a pretty good fit OTR. Except for guys with Rudy-fit legs or size 35 guys who tailor down a 36. We don't have 35's this round, but they'll be a stock item going forward.
Hey guys, The New Rivet Chino shall be live in about 20 minutes. I'll put a note here once it's up. Our stock is really tight on Sea Canvas & Speckled 12oz Chambray, so I'll put them up first and note it here. If we sell through your size, then don't stress - we'll have a restock in about 4 weeks. There's a whole blurb about what's changed, but basically: 1) We tapered the leg after the knee to a smaller opening 2) The rear is closed with a chainstitch lap seam rather...
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