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Unfortunately not, the Chambray is set to be delivered on Tuesday. Yesterday was the planned day, but UPS rescheduled the delivery for next week.
Very cool. And as a guy who sold the Carmina snuff suede belt, I can tell you that our in-house piece is a better in every possible way. Half the price too.
Thanks for all of the orders guys!FYI: I'm going to put the white Sport Trainers on sale too. They'll be out at the same price as the Grey/Cognac/Navy. Just a bit over $100 with the extra discount. Thank you! Yeah, I'm thrilled with how they came out. They will look crazy boss with denim.I don't want to oversell this belt so much, but you are going to be blown away by it. After wanting a proper snuff suede belt in our assortment for years, I'm really happy with how these...
TAKE AN EXTRA 25% OFF ALL SALE ITEMSHey guys,At the end of Spring, we did an "Extra 25% off all Sale Items" promo, and the response was huge. As a result, we're going to do the same this season in order to clear our our remaining Summer items.For the "Top Customers," there is no set spending amount. I simply sorted our records to the 100 highest volume customers and sent them the 25% off code two days in advance of the newsletter announcement. It was a way of thanking them...
And going hand-in-hand with those Aldens, may we present the long-awaited SNUFF SUEDE BELT! We made this one up with Chicago Screws, just to make it extra tough. It's a nice width that can be worn with dress trousers but doesn't look too slim or elegant for jeans. I think that you guys will be really delighted with this - it's about the best suede belt that I've ever seen. Epaulet Snuff Suede Dress Belt: $85
Hey guys, I'm rolling out a ton of new product today. First off - our latest Alden make-up. We call this guy the "Olmsted." Snuff suede upper, double leather sole, Barrie last. Alden for Epaulet Olmstead Blucher in Snuff Suede: $545
Sure will. Our UPS delivery got rescheduled though, so we'll have a disclaimer that it will only ship on Tues/Wed. We were supposed to receive the stock on Friday, but such is the way when there's an impending holiday weekend.
I'd go for a Medium. EPLA runs sort of in between EPNY shirts. Most guys take the same size in both fits, but if you're on the edge of an EPNY size, then sizing up for EPLA typically yields a great fit.I take an EPNY large, but it's right at the limit for me. An EPLA X-Large is perfect on me.Yes, those are going to be absolutely killer. It's a great fabric! I really love how wool Rivets make up. It's usually a bit cost-prohibitive to make them, but doing them as Factory...
Oh, I'd say that it's really different in color. Pine is a dark green, pretty English looking. Jade was a lot lighter, plus it was faded out. This doublefaced cotton is not washed or garment dyed, so it's really punchy. That said, you've got to decide how many in-your-face pants you can have in the collection
Thanks for posting this! I've got two more categories: Patterned Flannels and Solid Flannels. I'll have them up this evening.Yes, the main color is the outer color, and the second one is on the interior.These are some of the nicest double-faces that I've seen. Love that Pine color!
New Posts  All Forums: