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You'll love 'em!That said, feel free to transfer them to someone else if you like - just drop me an email with the new deets.
Okay guys that's it for today! Thanks so much - this has been amazing! I have a lot of emails sitting in the queue, so I'll try to get back to everyone by tomorrow. You're going to love how these make up. There were so many ends to go through that I was able to choose the very best quality fabrics. There's plenty remaining for a round in December as well Congrats to whoever picked up that crazy "Postman Pat" blue dress pant. It's freaking rad in person - I've never seen...
Yup, they'll stay up until they're sold out or until Monday - whichever is first.Okay, it looks like you guys like the Vitale Barberis Flannels . They're not strictly "ends," but the factory is willing to unload some more at the $175 price. The quality of this stuff will blow you away - it's gorgeous.I've got four more colors coming in that - all solids. Then a single Barberis plaid. And about 4 more singles. Then we'll call it a day!
K guys, I'm going to dive in and get another batch of singles ready. We're going to wrap up around 4:30 today.
It's a really dark navy, but a pretty rich blue. Sorry - it's hard to capture that one. It can absolutely be worn to an office with a grey or tan jacket. Nothing crazy 'bout it.Just crazy luxurious yo!
OK guys, bunch of cool singles coming up in two min...
Haha, the Boyz II Men reference killed it!I just polished off an enormous meatball parm sandwich. Going to shoot six singles and put them all up. I'll post a little update here right before they go online.
Ok guys, put up two more multiple unit fabrics. One is a great heavyweight dark brown Barberis Flannel, the other is the late, great Rust mid-weight flannel that we made Rivet Chinos from. It's now available for Walt-Driggs-Rudy. Here's a full fit photo of how that looks made up: Time for a sandwich break. I'll come back around 2 with a bunch more single-unit fabrics.
OK guys - got some larger-run, non-tartans coming up in 3 min
Big props for the Grandpa Tattersall purchase! Those are so boss!
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