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 Haha, glad that you dig them dude! A really nice factory does those - they also make all of the knit ties for Paul Stuart.    Lots of new ones, I believe a few repeats from the last round, most of which are glen plaids and checks.  What Leica stuff are you selling off? I know how that feels. I had an M250 and a 50mm Summilux that I sold back to a dealer, and even though I took a hit on the money, it was still like like this after I left the store... 
 Fantastic. White Trousers are the greatest!   Sorry for the confusion - you can disregard how that polo looks. It was just a photo to reference the fabric. That's not my sample or the shape that we're making. We'll have a normal spread collar on ours - like what you see from Fred Perry or Ralph Lauren. It will be a "self collar" - so done in the same fabric, and not a ribbed fabric.  Honestly, I wouldn't see a linen polo in our future. Mostly because we're not a huge...
 Yeah, it's rad. Mid-weight 100% wool flannel. Not sure where it's from, but it looks like Ormezzano. Deep green hue and that great texture. We've got 4 units left on it. 
 It's freaking TUFF.   It's a Donegal wool, so pretty warm. Definitely a F/W fabric.  For year round in a warm climate, stick with the Hopsacks, the Cross-Hatch, Space Ghost, and Silver Shadow Windowpane
 Totally different in color. Cream of Wheat is an off-white, and Champagne really looks like the name. Imagine seeing the pearl grey through a champagne glass, and that's exactly it. Really incredible and very wearable tone. I'd love it with a Navy jacket - it would coordinate completely but be a little bit unusual. Ordered myself a Rudy 34 already. 
 Just put Charred Forest donegal up. We've still got a few units in Cold Hard Cash and Fern Herringbone too.  Seriously... for everyone... REDA Champagne Hopsack is an awesome color for a dress pant. 
 Oh god, probably. If you can't tell, I get a little punchy with names as the day goes on. This is a literally perfect grey hopsack.  And the factory is going HAM on offering REDA stuff to us - I have a Pearl Hopsack and an incredible Champagne Hopsack coming in 10. 
 These will all come with a 38" unfinished inseam. My apologies - you can disregard the inseams shown in the measurements. 
Okay, getting to the end of the line here. On deck we have:    REDA hopsack in medium grey and charcoal - those will both be $205 Charred Forest Donegal: very dark green, $185 Grey & Navy Italian Donegal: more saturated and uniform colors than the UK donegal that we typically run, $185   These should all be up in the next 10 min.    Also, I neglected to highlight it, but we're selling Dusty Saffron really well. It's a freaking rad color - I haven't seen anything...
 A bit of each. I'd say that it's grey with a touch of an olive cast. 
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