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Yes, we typically do - although I'm not familiar with the range of sizes that the Plaza last is offered in. We usually run Barrie or Tru-Balance, which come in essentially every width. Have you ordered a C in Plaza before? I'm going to confirm things with my sales rep before we put up the order. I've got a NL dropping today, so we'll look to put this preorder up on Friday.
Heirloom Preorder Extended Till Tomorrow Hey guys, I got a bunch of emails from guys who were out of town this weekend and wanted a bit more time to decide on their order. I cleared an extra day with Northern Watters, so we can take preorders up until tomorrow night. I'll remind everyone in the newsletter. Thanks for all of your orders so far - this is going to be a rad project!
Absolultely - our Alden deposits for non-shell is $150. We used to take half, but I think that this is a much more workable amount. They won't drop at the same time - Natty Innsbruck should be here right at the start of Fall, this will probably arrive around holiday time, maybe right at the start of next year. Black shell is always anyone's guess Yup, three of them. We've got:1) TO Tie Guy's Plaza Wingtip Snuff Boot2) Ironside Indy3) "Blackout Tanker." This will be the...
All of our best-selling Alden makeups have Commando soles, and IMO they do it better than anyone.We've used Commando-ish soles with Carmina in the past, and it just ain't the same.
Monochrome Tennis Trainers are online! Also, since were were able to buy this calfskin with the higher dollar exchange rate, I'm happy to say that we were able to drop the retails by $20 EPAULET LOS ANGELES TENNIS TRAINER HIGH MONOCHROME BLACK $225.00 EPAULET LOS ANGELES TENNIS TRAINER HIGH MONOCHROME WHITE $225.00 EPAULET LOS ANGELES TENNIS TRAINER LOW MONOCHROME BLACK $195.00 EPAULET LOS ANGELES TENNIS TRAINER LOW MONOCHROME WHITE $195.00
White & Black Trainers are going online in about an hour! They came out really great.Just got the notice that Couro Cromo is officially finished and fully boxed up . We're going to schedule a pickup this coming week, and it should be landed, received, and ready to ship within about 7-8 days.And thanks again for all of the Heirloom orders! Someone just picked up an Ecru Nep Hooded sweater. That is going to be so freaking cool. Please remember that the orders close tomorrow...
Not yet, but shooting everything tonight.The black came out seriously rad!Awesome, we'd love to see you there!Hmm, we've been getting them pretty fast, but maybe your trousers are on hold for consolidation because you're international? Shoot me an email with the pants in question and we can look for them tomorrow.
11AM tomorrow y'all! PS - wow it's hard to shoot a natural light photo of an all-white high top that doesn't have a color cast.
Stock should be fine on everything except the all-white Tennis Low.I've had guys anticipating that for months. We have over 100 units coming in, but a little over half have already been claimed. If you want one of those, then I'd buy it sooner than later. I'll put all of these online at 11AM EST tomorrow. No, they're all just coming to our Brooklyn warehouse in about an hour. They'll be at the BK store after 3pm or so. Quick train ride from the Lower East Side if you want...
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