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This is going live this afternoon - thanks again for your patience guys!
The original shape. We'll have the new shape available for MTO/EFF in the next 6 weeks or so.In a big way. We're hoping to take delivery of those and a bunch of new Epaulet by New England washed shirts this weekMy pleasure - and thanks for your business! Speckled Chambray should be en-route to you soon.We're hoping to get a restock this month. It's going to be three different types of indigo jeans.My LA patternmaker told me that they finished the revised shoulder on...
I have just the image for you:Both the jackets and the chinos about the same. You won't get those whiskers and honeycombs because the fabric is much lighter and plain weave. But the color washes out really nicely - especially at stress points. Definitely buy them TTS, the stretch will be minimal on these. More the fabric softening and breaking in than stretching.Duck canvas is far and away our most popular cotton - you'll love it!Absolutely. The only thing that will not be...
New Rivet Feedback Hey guys, First off, thanks so much for the feedback. Hearing your honest opinions is extremely valuable, and we take it very seriously. One of my favorite aspects of Styleforum is being able to discuss these things with you honestly. Let me give you some of the background behind this change. We originally introduced the Rivet Chino back in 2010. From its inception, it was designed to be a basic, well-made and stylish cotton pant. We arrived at the...
We're actually stocking the Driggs duck canvas in 35 right now. I've got that size in all four colors online.Thank you sir!
Congrats on your wedding and have the time of your life!
Individualized Shirt Online Promo this weekend Hey guys, I spoke with Jim from Individualized this weekend, and we're going to offer the in-store Promo all weekend, and to all customers (in-store and online). If you buy four Individualized Shirts, you get the fifth one for free! Couple of notes on that: 1) You get the lowest value shirt of the bunch for free. 2) We have to do the online orders a bit manually. So if you order five anytime over the weekend, you'll see...
Overall pretty similar to the Driggs. They fit a little bit closer due to less construction.
The rise is actually 0.5" higher than before.In the original chino measurements, we measured from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch. The physical bottom, where the fabric ends.For the new measurement chart, we're measuring down to the crotch seam, which is where most people measure from. So it's just a different technique.
Yup, I'd say so. Similar overall fit and taper.Oh yes, all 8 of the new ones will be live within the hour.
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