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Got a fun one here! 3 units available! It's in the seasonal section.   
 @malwear you'll want to choose long sleeves as well. 
 @cyclohexane check in three minutes, given your shirt collection, I feel like this Baird McNutt linen could be a really nice addition. It's a great way to show off a bold shirt, and would be crazy awesome as a suit. If you were so bold do to a DB jacket with pearl MOP buttons... then.... 
BTW here's the link for the Seasonal Fabrics...   ENDS FOR FRIENDS MAY 2016 SEASONAL FABRICS
 @Irish yup, this reminded me of it. And you're right, the windowpane is a soft grey rather than an optic white, so it's less contrasting. Similar overall vibe and scale.  You wil look like the Bawse in it.   @dalevy one other note on Black Fleece stuff: it's definitely a look to wear these as a suit, but if you're so inclined, then I'd advise buying the suit anyway. All of these fabrics would sell fast as hell for us as trousers and they work great as separates. For the...
 @dalevy it's freaking amazing. Anything with item number "BF" is a Black Fleece fabric from the early days of their Thom Browne collab. Most of it is Scottish. It's very Styleforum - you guys will absolutely love it. Works as a suit or a SC. Fabric is limited on these - about 4-6 units each, so don't wait too long on them.  
 @peppercorn78 that's very doable, waist alterations are the easiest and cheapest thing to do. 
 @badsha unstructured is softer and cooler. Looks just like the Vittorio. Might be too casual for a very formal workplace (law, finance, etc), but I think that it would be more your steez  @Pastor this would have been a bit north of $2000 for a 2-piece. English and Scottish wools are always more expensive.   @cyclohexane I think that we'll have some seasonal stuff that you'll dig too, building that out now. 
Okay, I'm gonna switch gears and work on the Seasonal stuff. There's some more suiting to show - some glen plaids and such - but what's posted are the staple and the really baller fabrics.    You guys are going to love the seasonal stuff - and most of it is Sportcoat friendly. The black fleece goods are nice enough to make a grown man cry. 
And a real life pic of Persian Blue Windowpane...  
New Posts  All Forums: