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For anyone not on our newsletter list, we restocked the other two monochrome trainers as well:    TENNIS TRAINER LOW MONOCHROME GRAPHITE: $195   TENNIS TRAINER LOW MONOCHROME BLACK: $195
   @applky @El Argentino just the Cramertons and a few extra special edition ones. The stripe is still on all of our canvas and duck models, and still available via MTO
TENNIS TRAINER LOW MONOCHROME WHITE: $195   It's back guys. The world's best white sneaker and the item that I never seem to buy enough of. We've got 30 units available. Pick one up right now if you've been waiting for a pair, there's a good chance that we'll be sold through key sizes by the weekend. 
 @Darkside yes, I remember - at the time it didn't seem like anything that we could get. The minimums were huge, but another account ordered the color and we were able to tack on some more. Gunmetal canvas has been our best-selling fabric for years, it's really awesome, especially on these hotter days. The grey Cramerton probably won't hit us until mid-Sept or so. 
 @FLW    @Patrick R ah I'm with you, I freaking love Cramerton Cloth. I still have two pairs of Rudy trousers from our initial 2011 run of them. The gunmetal color is gonna be pretty tight when it comes in.   Really nice match with the shirt & chinos! @tricky 
 @tricky haha, we were all DB noobs at some point! It's a big help with keeping the front in line.   @dalevy thanks for posting up the fit - it looks really sharp on you! Glad that you're pleased with it. 
 @nickpapagiorgio excellent - glad that you like it so much! We'll have new colors and options next month  @tricky thanks for picking up the coat and glad that it worked out for you! Thoughts from my side:  1) Jacket is a boss fit on your overall. Shoulder and sleeve looks great. The DB shape really works well for guys with muscular builds, so I thought it was going to be a great shape for you.  2) Button is pulling a bit, but I think that's just how you're standing. As...
 @nickpapagiorgio yeah, that was a killer combo - grey museum and the gum sole. We should be able to run another round of Museum calf once the first one gets delivered, so they'll be another chance. Probably add some of our new shapes in too.   @JR Magat factory is actually finishing most of them this week, and then the balance will be early August. They have a two week Summer break which is sitting in the middle of the production window, but won't be long...
 @chickenfark ah thanks for the heads-up, it's been updated
 @Beatlegeuse sorry man, I actually got this question emailed about a dozen times today. The issue is the soles: Margom and our German GAT soles only go up to a true US13 size. The uppers can be cut to any size at all, but they're no getting those set rubber soles any larger. We'll debut the Epaulet goodyear welt collection in September. As many of those soles are leather, doing a size 14 shouldn't be an issue on the simpler styles. 
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