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These are made with our own custom last and in a totally separate factory (Portugal vs Italy), so the sizing and the fit is different. Even with my built-in conversion, a lot of guys found that they skewed towards the bigger size.If you own the Sport Trainers already then I'd still suggest to go down a half size from those to keep the same approximate fit.
Just spoke with the factory - unfortunately size 13 is as large as we can go on these.
Most guys drop a half size from their Epaulet Sport Trainer sizing. Those were about a half size larger than true.The Sport Trainer size 8 is roughly equivalent to the Tennis Trainer in 8.5, so if you find that size wearable, then there's an excellent chance that the 8.5 will work for you here. It's pretty far out from your Barrie last sizing, but worth a shot if you really dig them.Unfortunately no - I want to keep them in new condition for guys who see them in our...
Thanks Fok!We're really excited about this project. We introduced our Tennis Trainers a few months back and they quickly became one of the best-selling items that we've ever offered. I think that you guys will really be delighted with them!A few quick notes:1) We have physical samples of the shell sneakers at both of our NYC boutiques. Stop by either our Brooklyn or Manhattan store if you want to see them in person2) We're largely sold through our last delivery of Tennis...
Thanks Fok! Yes if you guys wouldn't mind posting your size questions there I'll get everything answered in that thread
Hey guys! Glad that you dig the shell trainers - there's going to be an official thread in Classic Menswear where we'll field questions and put up additional pics. I'll have all kinds of info there. One quick note - you'll notice that the sole of the Cognac trainer looks different than the others. The sample came through with a white sole, so that image is photoshopped to make it gum. The actual production piece will have the same exact gum sole as the rest.
Hey guys!Sorry for the late check-in, I know that I've got a bunch of questions to answer. Let me get to these at the moment...Yes and no - we've got a new Kudu model on order. It's going to be Oscar last, Commando sole. Will look exactly like this, and I expect to get them in October...Oh, along with a Forest-last Jodphur boot (like our Emerson model) in Plum Radica Museum Calf Absolutely, we've got a reorder in for all four colors. Should be only a couple of weeks...
Wilshire 14oz at 9mos I've got some updated fit photos for this. Here's the Wilshire in 14oz Kaihara Indigo at 9mos of wear: We've still got a good array of sizes in stock. Check it out here
Thank you! Yes, I think a Small will be good. It will mold to you over time, so if it's a touch tight when you first get it, that's no problemo.
It's hard to wear during the day there. That said, I got a lot of wear out of my Heirloom cardigan at night in Santa Monica. It depends on your location, but if you're closer to the beach, then it's a great sweater on cooler nights. The knit is really chunky and open so it admits air very well.Oh man, I can definitely see you in the Purple cardigan - it's a killer color. Very wearable too when you actually have it on, and I love it with jeans, chinos, and grey pants.The...
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