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 The leather will age the same, but I get what you're saying. Ideally we'd have all of them worn in - but rest assured, all of them are going to kick major ass. I'll probably start wearing the other samples a bit over the next few days to get a bit of aging on them as well.   The contest will get more detailed over the next few days, but they'll be two winners: 1) The first winner is by popular choice. We're going to choose a lineup of 20 or so entries to present here....
 Nope, it's a total of 500 units. Really just determined by how much leather we could secure. Doesn't really matter what sizes/styles are bought - unless 400 dudes buy high-tops in size 13.
Ah great! You guys found it!   Let me know if anything looks crazy or is confusing here. Still building out the Medium site before the big debut, but you can see images and videos there.   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/unfinished-horsehide-trainers-preorder-project   https://medium.com/@michaelkuhle/epaulet-unfinished-horsehide-trainers-project-3d51ba684982
 Size 6 through 13. My apologies, US13 is the largest size that we have lasted, so we can't do any larger than that for the moment.
 In about 20-30 minutes. I'm putting the final touches on the online item. I'll post it here once it's live (and please tell me if I've got any typo's or errors) Then we've got a big photo presentation on Medium.com and a newsletter, which will happen later on in the day. Also, there's going to be a contest associated with this! We're giving away two MTO Shell Cordovan sneakers to guys who wear in their Unfinished Horse's the best.
 Get 'em both!
 It's tough to say. I'd try to use other sneakers as a guideline on that.  If New Balance wides are the only sneakers that you can comfortably wear due to width, then go for an 11.  If you own some other sneakers in normal widths and you simply prefer the wide fitting on NB because they offer it, then you could probably do an 10.5.  Everyone has their own foot shape and how they like shoes to fit. I'm thinking that you could wear a 10.5 in the Sport Trainer (plenty of...
 Most guys will size up 0.5 from their Barrie Last fitting.  The sneakers are only available in medium width and cannot be resoled. For guys who take a true E fitting, I'd recommend the Sport Trainer. We've successfully fit quite a few guys on that shape. The sneakers do stretch and mold to your foot in both the width and the height.  If the Sport Trainer is not your style, then I'd advise a E fit to size up by 0.5 (or one full size from your Barrie last if that's your...
 $110 per unit. Retail is going to be the Couro Cromo rate, and you pay the balance when they arrive in October. 
 Yup. Once you order a unit, you can't cancel it, but you have the entire preorder period to change either (1) your size or (2) the style that you want. The deposit amount is the same for all four styles.  For anyone in the NY area: we've got pretty much full size runs for all four styles in our stores, so you can always order and then come in to verify your sizing. 
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