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Ah, sorry - went to an event after work and left my camera with all of the pics on it at the store! They'll be online today.Definitely stop by - I'll be in our Manhattan store all day today. We've got both Walts, Driggs, and Rudy's available for try-on. One of them should work great for you. We have a lot of Walts in stock and a few Driggs. Rudy is special order only. And all styles can be made to order in a range of fabrics.Just FYI - I've got two employees out on...
Awesome! They came out pretty boss. We have a new shape called the "Match Short" which has a 7" inseam and button-thru waist. We'll have four fabrics available (moss duck, caramel duck, rainbow madras, forest digcam) at $140 each
Shorts have landed! Online later tonite
That is stunning. If I was still in Santa Monica, I would be straight-up buying this from you immediately. Great looking bike!
@TO Tie Guy - did you want a pull tab on that Snuff Plaza boot?
Some white trainer pics from IG...
I'd stick with 40. Add the extra inch for that extended look. You'll have a longer body - which is cool - and the sleeves can be long or rolled it you like. Rolled sleeves is a part of the hand-knit look.For color, I think that Ecru Nep is the most EG style. It's really striking and interesting - and is probably the most directional of the colors that we offered. I think that it would be dope as a hoodie. Consider those lighter wood buttons too.
Thedi Shawl y'awl
Sorry for the delay Nik - just playing catch up with the sneaker sales and processing. I've got your pair held, and I'll shoot you an email tomorrow to sort out the balance
HEIRLOOM HANDKNIT SWEATERS FALL 2015 PREORDER Hey guys! Today's definitely the deadline. Just a quick reminder that any orders or changes must be in by midnight tonight. Thanks to everyone who ordered so far!
New Posts  All Forums: