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 Thank you sir @Goodman  and I'm thrilled that the Kiton went to a good home! 
 @nickpapagiorgio yes, for the moment - I'll probably put in a few other things within the hour, I'll let you know. We're going to bring on some more stuff tomorrow too. 
 @SherifEnt glad that you dig them! Yeah, the Derby shoe is great is anyone out there needs a nice basic style. We're going to discontinue it in favor of a Goodyear welt PTB to be released in the Fall, but it's a steal at this price. 
@lifeinabox got a few natural Doyles that might make up for it! Check the link
 @Akeem it's 55 for the Driggs. It was $25 for a minute when we were building it out - although we'll honor that lower price for anyone who got in on it.   @AloysiusSF yup, it's all true! But just note the thing about the buttons. One of them may fall off down the road. I don't have any extras and we can't offer any repair service, so you'd have to get it fixed by a place like Self Edge that has the right machine and hardware. 
Brooklyn Closing Sale   Hey guys,    Dylan and I are cleaning out the Brooklyn shop over the next two days. We've got some leftover merchandise from the sale that we're putting online for absolutely nutzo prices. I have it all in a direct link now:    View Brooklyn Closing Sale Assortment   I'm only posting this here today. It will be in the newsletter this coming Friday, so you guys have first crack at it. We're updating things as we count them. Couple of...
Loopwheel Tee in Vinyl   Okay, I recognize that I'm talking about the costume design in this show to an absurd degree. I seriously like it. And I'm happy to say that they featured the first of (hopefully) several Epaulet garments! Back when they were filming, the costume director picked up a bunch of shirts, tees, and trousers. Here's the first piece in action - right in the last setting of the season finale...     White Loopwheel Tee, Size Large....     Well,...
 @Mghart - yup, I'd go the same way as @TtownMD for the hopsack trousers.   @metranger8694 yeah, that's a big part of it, I'm wearing the cotton Taylor pants in that shot.  Also, the pockets are a bit lower. Thing is, it's a dress shirt pocket that's doubled, and they tend to sit lower than the usual "work" style shirt that would have dual flaps. Still looks rad as hell in person!   @Spaghettimatt I'd absolutely agree with @lifeinabox - go for the size 36. With all of the...
 @Beatlegeuse haha, right - it only took us 8 years to put out something with epaulets! 
 @Nik Telford Any of the other chambray's are good in this, and I'd also love it in a solid linen. We have an Ivory white linen going up this week which would be rad in the Finestra shape. Very "Purple Label."  In the world of dressy shirting, either the white or blue Sea Island cotton (in the "S" price range) would also be seriously boss in this. 
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