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 @Nik Telford yeah, can't get around the inseam, but any of our size 34 trousers can easily be let out to a 35, especially if you have slimmer legs and only the waist is a concern
 @stevenkmason we've got a 40 here, I'm gonna list it
Okay guys, I'm going to start listing trousers by size here in LA. I'm going to start with size 34, because we have the absolute best pant on Earth in that size. 
 Apologies, they were all made up in size US40.  If anyone takes that size, that perforated one is seriously baller. 
 Thank you sir! You're going to love it! @tkliebert 
 @duff406 got three leather jacket samples going up in size 50, although they can work for a 52 or size XL as well. 
And just a plug for this guy...   ALUMO ULTRAVIOLET COTTON & WOOL SZ MEDIUM: $95   If it's your size (maybe you even got some EFF shirts recently), then strongly consider this. The fabric is absolutely insane and this color is impossibly boss when worn with navy, khaki, or grey. It sold out really early in the season last Fall. 
 @theh00d yup, a few pants and I believe some shirts. I have quite a lot of pants in 30, which could easily be altered down too
 Haha, oh man, I have to fix that!!
 Okay, those shirts are loaded in... the guys in NYC have started on pants. I've got some great leather jackets to offer
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