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 @ChetB not that I've seen, but it is a really light fabric and a light color. You can probably see the pocket bags a bit through the fabric, and you'd have to wear light-colored underwear. But that goes hand-in-hand with light, white cotton pants.  @Medoc we cut everything exactly to order on that Museum Calf run, so there's no overage for swapping. But I'd definitely say that Gunmetal and the gum sole match up really nicely. Nothing wrong with grey and tan, and I'm sure...
Happy Father's Day to all of the dads on here!
@cyclohexane I love it, especially on a textured fabric like Linen or chambray
Hey guys,    We did a quick inventory and turned up two pairs off all-white Tennis Trainers. Last ones before the late Sept restock. We have one size 11 and one size 12:      http://epauletnewyork.com/products/tennis-trainer-white-monochrome
@Nik Telford They're similar, but you definitely got the purple one
Last Individualized Make-Up Pics for the day. These are both in Spring 16 Casual Shirting. That Mason Linen is really tremendous. The stripe looks hand-drawn, it's crazy elegant.     
 @eljlakers back in the day I used to go to Paul Smith and look for patterns like this. They would always have something in this vein, but it would be somehow way too colorful or loud to some kind of degree. Like a magical unicorn somehow took that Mason fabric and vomited a semi-transparent rainbow onto it.  Anyway, this pattern is pretty perfect. Nice pop of purple in there, but still totally old-school. Would make a great dress or casual shirt.     @FLW big thanks to...
 @kwanon sure, will do. Has she ordered a pair before? If not, the seven might work, as quite a lot of girls size up. The 6 is a really small 6.   @Mghart no, not yet - this was for an in-store customer who got 12 shirts at once. But we generally get about 6-10 blue oxfords in every week. Best seller by a mile. 
Two other shirts to show you guys. I somehow always forget to shoot these, even though they're our #1 and #2 selling custom shirt, respectively.    For $160, this is the MTO deal of the century. With the Albini yarn, it's really one of the best oxford fabrics on Earth. You can order one here...      
Here's some bigger pics of those two. Laguna is Cotton-Linen...    
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