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Some Rivet and Walt one-offs going up...
Many of the one-off items are grabbed just as soon as they go online - most likely by guys just hitting "refresh" constantly. But it's just the usual procedure of adding the item to your cart and checking out. You should be able to put a digi cam chino in your cart without a problem.
Got a crazy deal coming up in a minute.... Denim LBM Jackets!
Size down 2 on the leather bomber - so get a 38 if you typically wear a 40. The manufacturing on it is really excellent, and it's very warm. Kind of a hip-hop piece that our "Free & Easy" Japanese customers were snapping up a few years back. Never actually made it onto our site.
Thanks guys! Lots more wacko things coming!
Yes, and my sincere apologies for the delay on this. We've run six factory finds rounds without a hitch so far, but the Southwick factory got insanely backed up this past season. They're in the process of moving to a new building, so all of the stock orders are behind. I spoke with the production director and we should have the balance within the next 10 days. We'll fight to get everything shipped just as soon as it arrives.
Not exactly... but I've got something up my sleeve. I'll hopefully have some samples to show to you guys before the end of the year.
Thanks for letting me know, and sorry about that. I'm new to this Google Forms thing. Please give it a shot and let me know if it works now. I believe that of the permissions are out now.Hmmm, you'll just need to give me about 6 mos on that.
Yes, these were all done as a group buy. Wish that we had extras!Good eye! Yes, that's the Soller last. They were a GMTO done about a year ago. We placed the order at the exact time that Carmina ran out of Saddle. Took them about 10 months to get the backordered leather.
Epaulet x Styleforum Secret Santa 2014 It's that time of year again! Our Secret Santa project was a lot of fun last year, so we'd love to get a new round going for 2014. I created an online form - which I hope that everyone can use. It's part of Google Forms, but I don't believe that you need a Google account to complete it. If anyone sees any bugs or weirdness, please let me know. Epaulet x Styleforum Secret Santa Form Here's the breakdown of how it works: To...
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