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 @lifeinabox I'd say so, especially at night. And yes.. definitely come through! We'll do another Saturday event here very soon. 
 Sorry, was my mistake @peppercorn78 - we actually have another 8 units available. I updated the stock:  http://epauletnewyork.com/products/hertling-ends-for-friends-trousers-nov-16-dress-wools-checks-plaids
 @kwhitelaw yup, we're planning to receive a bunch of our Alden Shell Cordovan preorders in the next 8 weeks  @CLTesquire the weight is really different on those two, so that's the main consideration for me.  Cords are around 10oz, so a bit heavier than a chino. Roughly on par with the warmth of a jean. I'm able to wear those cords during the day here in Los Angeles, and it was a September through May item in New York.  The Moleskin is HEAVY. It's really only for temps 60...
Hey guys!   Sorry about the video delay, we got behind here and the light is all over the place. It's hard to show the more subtle tones like Pale Grape and Charred Forest. I'm going to take my lights and swatches home and shoot it this evening under LED so that we get the most correct tones. I'll check in to answer questions shortly too.  Cheers, Mike Kuhle
 Wool-Cash is a lot lighter. It's essentially a normal weight dress pant, around suiting weight.   @applky Olive Canvas is AMAZING. Wait until you see the video. The hand on it is bonkers. It is both heavy and breathable. Walnut is a true light-medium brown. Not really any red in it.   @CanadaCal The Highlander plaid is so boss. 
 @fairlynerdy I'm just about to hype everyone up about that fabric. It's BEAUTIFUL. Definitely Fall/Winter, but it's not quite as heavy as the tweed. I'd say you can wear it Oct to April in Boston.   
 @zinc2162 not this year, just the brown tone  @ReedCA yes sir, and the Taylor and Gable fit roomier in the thigh due to the pleats. I've been hitting leg day pretty hard lately and I'm testing the limits of Rudy 34, but a Taylor 34 is no problem at all.   @CLTesquire I'd say so. The best sellers are typically Caramel, Olive, and Navy. I find that Caramel matches nearly anything, as you can wear it sort of like a khaki pant.   @bkotsko thanks!  @applky yes sir, it's a...
 @kickstand would be the $40 upcharge to do it individually.  Newsletter is out! Gonna get a coffee and start on the videos ASAP. Coming soon. Feel free to ask me any questions in the meantime. 
HERTLING ENDS FOR FRIENDS TROUSERS NOV 16 COTTONS & COTTON BLENDS   Last item is live! This is the whole collection gentlemen. Notes for this one:  1) You owe it to yourself to get at least one pair of cords. Fabric comes from Brisbane Moss, it's very comfortable and ages beautifully. It's especially rad to do a cord in the high-waist shape.  2) Likewise, the Military Twill makes up a great cotton basic pants. Its what we use for the stock Taylors.  3) Heavy brushed...
 It's a great color @Nik Telford - love the Merlot too.  I'm kind of looking at Mister Dandy Velvet for you tho :-)
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