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No worries - I was just building it out. We actually have pretty good inventory in that one. Perfect SoCal shirt.
Haha give it up for arcades! What the hell do kids do at malls these days? Eat at Chipotle and vape?I was all about the two cheesburger happy meal and lots of "Bad Dudes"
80's Arcade Lightweight Flannel is up. Just 3 units in this. Really awesome old-school colors on it, and it will be wearable through a range of temps.
Rhino oxfords are coming out now: 3 units per color. I can't recommend this enough - it's amazing. I'm going to save these swatches to see if we can somehow remake it.
Yes, pants will be separate - in the next week or two.Yes it is, they just finished the patternwork on it for the quick production line. I'll build it into our regular Epaulet by Gitman MTO selection.
Haven't put it online yet - sorry guys - I've had my hands full with this.Yes, some extra thick "Rhino Oxford" going up nextIt's incredible. Italian fabric, I believe. The nep stitching is more "streaky" than our Speckled Chambray. A little bit 50's style.
Not at the moment - these are all going to be done in the Epaulet fit.However, depending on what's left, we may be able to do a follow-up round in the Keystone fit for anyone interested.Just our standard EPNY sizing for this promotion.And for anyone who doesn't wear EPNY or wants a dartless back: we'll have our Epaulet by Individualized MTO collection up by early Feb. Tons of great choices there and we can accommodate nearly any sizing that you need. I want to make...
Generally 2 yards for solids, and 3.2 yards for plaids. That said, don't totally rely on the yardage numbers, as some of them are narrower rolls which give you less of a yield.
Nah, I can't do that - it's going to get too crazy to manage. We can only do size/collar changes up until Monday. If you buy it, then it's yours.Take your time, there's a lot of fabrics going up. I'd say to only grab something if you really like it.
Gitman Ends & Factory Finds The item is live! http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epaulet-by-gitman-bros-spring-2015-ends-for-friends I'm going to load in fabrics as I get them shot and referenced. Feel free to post any questions here - I'll be on here all day long. I'll highlight some details as well. And good question from malwear. I don't think that any of these fabrics are from the 80's, but some may very well be from the late 90's. Don't worry at all about fabric...
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