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 @theh00d yup, a few pants and I believe some shirts. I have quite a lot of pants in 30, which could easily be altered down too
 Haha, oh man, I have to fix that!!
 Okay, those shirts are loaded in... the guys in NYC have started on pants. I've got some great leather jackets to offer
Hey guys!   Late start here, but we're gonna start rolling out the sample sale. If you take a Medium shirt, I've got some gorgeous Individualized pieces going up in that size. $95 each. These were samples that we made to show some of our favorite FW16 cloth. Most of these fabrics are sold out.    Here's the link, will be online in about 15:   http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sample-sale-jan-2017
 @Nik Telford the EFF shirts aren't open to customization - they all have to be made the same way. However, if we have some shirts that are good for a band collar or so, we can spec those details for that individual fabric. Kind of like Mahalo Haole was made up short sleeve.  But in terms of customization, we've got some new fabrics from Individualized rolling out soon. Going to be their best season yet!   @zinc2162 oh its so good - really one of the best cottons that...
 @lagsun Fantastic! Glad that you're happy with it! 1) All of the EFF shirts are unwashed. Shrinkage will be minimal if you stick with cold wash / hang dry. The Salt Wash process is more about softening the fabric than shrinking it 2) Slightly different construction, but pretty much the same. If you like the M in that shirt, then starting with a M as your Individualized base is the right thing.  We can do little tweaks for you on sleeve length and collar size if you want....
 It's going to wear a little big, but not crazy IMO. Richard (modeling the coat) took those same sizes, and it hangs nicely on him. You'd want it that size anyway if you ever want to fit a really thick sweater or sportcoat underneath, which would be good for Canada. @Steel28 
Actually, got one item online for the Sample Sale tonight. Everything that you see is going to be a one-off. Turns out we had one more unit of the late, great Camel Overcoat from Luigi Bianchi. One of the best jackets that we've ever carried. It's the one being worn here, and we took the tags off for the photo. Works great if you are a size 40-41 or size Large Epaulet Shirt. Original price was over $1k.      SAMPLE SALE: DOUBLE BREASTED CAMEL OVERCOAT THERMO...
 Cool, yeah that makes sense @Patrick R Both the factory & my staff prioritized any full-price MTO orders that were placed. The discounted EFF stuff should be coming through very soon. I've actually got all three of those Walt's here in Cali. Nice choices!! The Brushed Olive Canvas is going to blow your freaking mind. I can't BELIEVE how nicely that made up 
 @Patrick R are they MTO or EFF? We should have almost everything now. A couple of pairs were not able to be made in this last round, but it was minimal. Certainly wouldn't be three pairs for one customer. 
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