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Yup, I just added it in as an option. Next week I'll revamp the collars to show the Club and the New Bond as part of the graphic.
It's their club collar. We can do that on any of their shirts. One of the best clubs that I've ever seen.
Agreed, we'd do an all-calf makeup for the upper. Alabaster is going to be really hard to match with a suede. I'd like to put the suede mudguard on oxblood Couro Cromo though.
Oh man, glad that you like the beaded oxford. That fabric is the greatest! Fall selections from Individualized are going to be absolutely bonkers too. We should have a nice batch of exclusives to offer too.Honestly, I probably won't reorder that exact Alabaster colorway, but rest assured - I have all kinds of sneaker and boot designs up my sleeves. There's basically something new every 2-3 weeks from here on in.Sorry, we just have one last for each shape. There's no wide...
Yup, you can absolutely order into that size on Group Buys.We'll be ready to reorder the White/Grey Sport Trainer by early next week, so you can easily pick up one of those in addition to the special ones being discussed here.Just waiting on pricing for the canvas model. I'm thinking that I can do three Sport Trainer Group Buys on Tuesday (white canvas, oxblood Couro Cromo, alabaster calf). We can accommodate extended sizes in all of them.
Still working on the exact pricing, but it's going to be reasonable. A bit more expensive than Couro Cromo, but not much. Nothing like Shell Cordovan.I think that we can lock down enough leather for about 500 units. Comipel is going to be 100% on board, so there will be absolutely no surprises this time.Suede trainers look boss! Glad that your Couro Cromo shoes will be out for delivery tomorrow. I hear you on the delay, and it's certainly something that we'll look to avoid...
Also... this is going to up for order in June... The leather is unfinished horsehide from Comipel. This is after about two months of regular wear. Our June preorder is going to be the best Group Buy evaaahhhhh
1) Let me get a quote on White Canvas. As a group buy, we can probably do it at a very reasonable price. I think that would be awesome. Nice option for the vegans out there too!2) For anyone who owns the original Sport Trainer - throw out everything that you know and remember.The new sport trainer is better in every possible way. The fit is completely different too. The cut is wider than both the original sport trainer and the Tennis Trainer. Which isn't to say that it...
Could be done my man!Yup! There's a beautiful dark burgundy tone.
All of the colors are pretty versatile, but given your wardrobe, I'd vote Saddle. Was the number one seller by far.I've gotten a lot of requests for specific Sport Trainer makeups. Should we start doing some Group Buys? I have a ton of leathers available. I know that Stanley VanB floated the idea of a white canvas one, which we can do - but delivery would only be around August on that.
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