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Hey guys!   The Field Jackets are active! They'll be delivered on Tuesday, so please note that they're not in the stores today or tomorrow. We'll get our paperwork ready so that any jackets ordered before Tuesday afternoon can be shipped out with UPS that evening.    Couple notes on this jacket:    1) Order your typical Epaulet shirt size. You're going to love the fit. I wouldn't recommend sizing down or up for layering. It's a piece that's intended to fit fairly...
Innsbruck Alt Wiens today!
 @sartoria vacua we'll certainly do a navy duck canvas EPLA sportcoat, but that's going to be an entirely different vibe than the Vittorio.  If I could suggest just one fabric, it would be Roman Blue LP Hopsack from this item:  http://epauletnewyork.com/products/made-to-order-vittorio-sportcoat-loro-piana-4-season-hopsack It's phenomenal. We used that fabric for the very first Vittorio jacket from Spring 2013. I still have one of the original production pieces and I wear...
 @Todd V I'd vote for Farmer's Check if you don't already have something like that. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous, and it works brilliantly with the Vittorio shape. It's an awesome coat for casual and biz-caz use. It's something that the Italians do particularly well, and the 10% off price, with wool-cash fabric, in the Vittorio make is a really solid deal. You'll get a ton of wear out of it. 
 Couldn't spoiler those - they look gorgeous! Enjoy them. That's our first Shell Cordovan pic in the wild right thurrrr..  @KPDarb I think that we have that coming in the next shipment, actually.   @justinkapur haha, that's fantastic. Glad that he's enjoying the new Graphite ones!     @JR Magat @FrankCowperwood @budapest12 @Darkside Thanks guys, it was fun to do today! Lots of great questions on there. I haven't done an AMA since 2013, and it was really long overdue....
 As @justinkapur said, it's best to embrace and roll with it.  If you leave the Unfinished Horse in direct sun for five hours then you'll already see a noticeable difference in tone. They'll pick up stains from any errant indigo and from normal wear. They're going to transform many times over the course of the next few months.  I think that a lot of buyers - and potential contest voters - are denimheads, so a cool network of indigo stains will most likely give you an edge 
 Oh weird, we were just saying "remember when @El Argentino had those tight raw jeans on and was so clearly a boss?"
  https://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/comments/3sjpig/ama_mike_kuhle_coowner_and_footwear_designer_of/   ^^ Hey guys, I'm going to be online for the next six hours doing an AMA on Reddit. Pop by if you can!   Also, just realized that I spelled "11" as "!!." That's what no sleeping gets you! Remind me to stay away from motor vehicles for the rest of the day. 
 @Shouldaville I am really, really so envious of that. Show must have been amazing!  The metal bands of my formative years were all Pantera and Biohazard - everyone was a lot more pissed off by the early 90's. You got to see the Priest right in their prime "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" days!   BTW if anyone here has not seen "Heavy Metal Parking Lot," then block yourself out like 20 minutes and watch it. One of my favorite bits of film ever. 
 @badsha we'll post up direct comparison pics tomorrow between the two of them. 
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