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 @Michigan Planner yup, I'd say the same size. And if anything, both the DB shape and the thicker cotton means that this will make up slightly larger than our standard jacket, so it will probably fit you better right off the bat
 I LOVE a DB Corduroy suit. Especially with light, contrasty buttons. That would so so rad. @Michigan Planner A Moleksin suit is awesome too, but I'd stick with single-breasted - the DB is probably going to look pretty bulky. @ahjota 
 @Todd V try the olive cord suit - I'm telling ya, you won't regret it. 
 @Irish yup, I'd say so. It's finer than the hopsack that we typically sell, but a similar hand to the other REDA goods that we've offered in Walt/Rudy, if anyone owns those.  3 REDA suits have sold BTW - we've got 5 slots left. 
 @nickpapagiorgio I don't have the exact number, but both of them are a fairly typical suiting weight, just a bit lighter. They could both be 3-season suits in most climates.  The Navy Fresco is the only really lightweight wool on offer. It's a great option for customers in places like SoCal or Florida. Or if you want a true Summer piece elsewhere.   Open Patch with Welt Breast, Double Vent, and either brown horn or smoke MOP buttons. Although I do love pearl MOP on a navy...
 Yup, the long-awaited Lightweight section is up... ENDS FOR FRIENDS JANUARY 2016 LIGHTWEIGHT & COTTON FABRICSCouple of notes from my side:  1. The REDA Cross-Hatch is absolutely stunning. It can be a good sportcoat, but I'd encourage you to buy it as a suit. If anything, you can wear the pieces separately, as it makes a great coat and a phenomenal trouser. The color is grey with a touch of a blue cast, so it will work with navy trousers or very light grey. Great match to...
 @RuleOfRescue that one is so freaking cool. I'd so it soft shoulder, open patch, white MOP buttons. Tan horn would work too if you don't want to have that huge of a contrast. 
 @RuleOfRescue yes, yes yes Believe me, they have a lot of black twill wool there, but I chose onyx hopsack for a reason. It's a few shades off-black and has an awesome texture. It doesn't look typical, but it still delivers that very sharp look. Sharp as hell with black jodphurs or chelsea's. 
 @Todd V yup it is, sorry - slow going here
 @Dillardiv haha, one man's clown costume is another man's "Pitti Uomo" It's definitely bolder than a basic navy suit, but I think it's quite wearable. Makes for a brilliant odd sportcoat too. This will make up more or less like this:  
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