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 @Wooderson ah, this will be a project for delivery in the early Spring. The Stingray shoes were the last preorder that we'll get in 2015 - but you could still be rocking these with your Heirloom cardigan in March!
 @Wooderson   might have a little something on the horizon like that......   @TweedyProf thanks! And yeah, returns just come with the territory. I don't want to be one of those retailers who's bitching about them or trying to guilt trip people. With our pricing and shipping setup, we can only work with a certain return percentage and maintain prices, so if a certain category/product is hitting above the average, we eventually have to drop it. The snuff belt gets kept much...
 @applky yes sir! We're here all day, we've got a ton of fabric swatches. And I just had a great meeting with the Gitman rep. We're going to port the "Choice Cuts" concept online by tomorrow morning.The basic idea is a condensed MTO system. The shirts are $200 for the most part. We'll have a $25 off coupon that will be active until Tuesday midnight, so they'll be the more or less stock price of $175. You can choose Epaulet size, collar style, cuff style, body length, and...
The Epaulet Los Angeles Essex Jacket     EPLA ESSEX DENIM JACKET IN 13OZ KAIHARA INDIGO: $145   Hey guys,    We just dropped this yesterday, and it's selling pretty well. Perfect timing for it with the weather.    It's a slightly tweaked standard denim jacket. We rounded off the collar points, took away some of the front stitching, and gave it functional exterior AND interior pockets. The denim is a nice basic 13oz Kaihara indigo that's enzyme washed for...
 We're expecting both stock Walts and the balance of EFF pants around the end of the month. My apologies that it's taking a long time for this round guys. I try to limit the trouser EFF projects as the factory can get jammed up pretty quickly. We should have them through soon.  However, we just took delivery of Gitman Bros EFF shirts today! We'll get them processed and shipped out by mid-next week. 
   @Michigan Planner @wigglr thanks for the kind words guys! We're always trying to improve things as well, I know that we can be slow with email responses at time. We'll keep rocking and rolling! 
 @DuckOB the opening's going to be about the same anywhere from 30 to 34. But if you order the original fit that's going to have a bigger leg opening, so I'd advise just rolling with that. 
 @gumercindo it's uncuffed and there's not any allowance to really let it out any further. You'll want to err on the side of longer if you're not sure. 
MTO RIVET CHINO PROMOTION DEADLINE   Hey guys,    This is the last call for the Rivet Chino MTO promotion. The $25 discount code will expire at midnight, EST. You can see the lineup if you scroll down from here:    http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/made-to-order-trousers   And the code is:    RIVET-MTO-WELCOME   The Rivet MTO section itself is here to stay, so don't stress about that going away. The only thing that's going to expire is the $25 off promo....
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