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I'm really getting a kick out of this...  
Oh man, you guys are not ready for my Informercial-style videos on the Saffiano bags....
Last Addition (probably)   Just put the Purple Crosshatch Gable into the sale - we're zonked out of that fabric, so it's not going forward. Marked down to $110. I think that the stock is correct on this, but we haven't had the chance to physically count it. So grab a pair sooner than later if you want one, as we'll fill orders first come, first served.    This is going to be the last big addition to the sale, although I've probably got a few one-off...
 @drewcandraw yup, that's fine, although email me to hold your shipment. We're going to try and fill a bunch of orders today. If anyone placed multiple orders (a lot did), we'll automatically combine everything that's in the queue    @Steel28 haha, I can see you rocking this hard!   @kwhitelaw sure, we're trying to do that wherever possible.   @PartagasIV these photos are awesome. Killer choices on the shirts!   @OdusBK sure, choose store pickup for the shipping method and...
One last update, I found 9 units of a black dress shirt that we made OTR with Individualized. Never made it onto the site.    "Eastern Promises" Black Poplin Dress Shirt: $51   This is a primo way to channel your inner (1) Russian mobster or (2) Justin Theroux on the red carpet. Let's be honest - at least one of those two personas live inside all of us.    All jokes aside, its a great all black dress shirt, looks good with jeans, killer price. 
 @avsmusic1 thank you! Glad that this is going to a good home. We can go out as a tuff leather jacket gang with @tricky some day  @trig haha, those are all sadly gone! If you ever really want one, email Kim from Vanson - she'll do one Made to Order for you
 @NewYawker unfortunately I'm out of town, but Adele's gonna be there and we'll have the bags on hand. You're going to love that thing! 
 Just a couple Aldens all of which got tried on and creased but are otherwise BNIB:  Ironside Indy: size 9D (Tru-Balance, one unit available)Innsbruck Michigan boot: size 11.5 (Van last, two units available) $300 each shipped CONUS. Holler at me on PM if anyone's interested
 @badsha there was just this one - it was out on the floor briefly, but I pulled it. I'd rather sell it to someone that we know. 
Haha yeah, this is bonkers.    But, just so you guys know - we have a ton of new merchandise incoming. With this Brooklyn store ending, I'm taking the opportunity to finally close out of product categories that are no longer performing for us. You'll see new pants, new sportcoats, new shirts, and lots of new shoes coming down the road. 
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