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Yes and no. We're not getting any more L.B.M. 1911 product, but we've got a fresh delivery of the Luigi Bianchi Mantova Vittorio jackets coming in this Fall. They should be here in a few weeks.Agreed! A really sharp fit.Hopefully about 4-6 weeks. I'm really glad that you guys like the belt so much, and we're thrilled with how they came out. I placed a huge reorder, so we'll have plenty to go around shortly. We're going to expand into an entire CXL leather goods range to...
Each one is made individually. Right now we're much closer to 4 weeks. They're coming through fast.Here's a graphic of our Southwick vest shape. You can order the same size as your jackets.With this we can specify a vest (as shown) or a waistcoat (made with lapels, similar to Don L's fit pic)I'll see what our Harris Tweed stock is like. I might be able to run this in last year's Camel hair as well, which could be pretty boss.
VASS Samples in U-Last (Last VASS post, I promise!) These are $450 each. Same routine with PM'ing me your paypal address. Tri-Tone Calfskin Shortwing, Size 8.5UK, U-Last Italian Oxford, Navy Calfskin, Size 8.5UK, U-Last Italian Oxford V-Cap, Antic Cognac Calfskin, Size 8.5UK
VASS Samples in Budapest Last These are $450 each. Same routine with PM'ing me your paypal address. Two Tone Cognac Scotchgrain and Calfskin Shortwing, Size 42.5, Budapest Last Cognac Calfskin Shortwing, Size 8.5UK, Budapest Last Cognac Scotchgrain London PTB, Size 8.5UK, Budapest Last
VASS Samples in Peter / New Peter LastThese are $450 each. Same routine with PM'ing me your paypal address.Norweger Dark Brown Calf, Size 42.5, Peter LastBudapester Shortwing, Cognac Calf, size 8.5UK, New Peter LastPENDING...Alt Wien with Dainite Sole, Dark Brown Suede, size 8.5UK, New Peter Last [[SPOILER]] Theresianer, Cognac Scotchgrain, size 42, New Peter LastLoafer, Dark Brown Suede, Size 8.5UK, Peter Last, Includes Lasted shoe trees
More Premium VASS Found another shell item and another boot. These are $595 shipped CONUS. Drop me a PM saying "I'll Take It" and include your paypal email address for the invoice. Please note that they are final sale and the price is fixed. Oh, and I've gotten a few questions about the quality. These are all salesman samples, they are unworn, and they are first quality. They've been used a few tradeshows, so they may have light scratches or marks here and there from...
Both. We've got an entire book of Vitale Barberis fabrics which are all year-round suiting weight. And a bunch of seasonal tweeds, cashmere, flannel, and camel hair on top of that. All of the photography is done, I'm just working on building it out.Yup, exactly right. We've got some really fresh new shirting fabrics!Yup, they're about all the same weight. I'll mention it if we get anything that's significantly lighter or heavier.Hoping that our jeans are shipping in the...
VASS F-Last SamplesAll shoes $450 CONUS. Send me a PM with your paypal email and I'll hit you off with an invoice.Alt Wien Antique Cognac Calf - 8.5UKDouble Monk Black Calf - 8.5UKPENDING....Alt Englisch Oxblood Calf - 8.5 UK [[SPOILER]] Two Tone Alt Englisch Calfskin - size EU42
For VASS, I'm going to list them by last. First up will be all of the F-Last styles. About 5-10 minutes
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