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Yup, I'd say to go to a 39. That will relieve the lapel, and chances are you won't see any real difference in the shoulder fit
Thank you sir - you're going to love that! I had a similar jacket in Santa Monica that I wore quite a bit. Even if its warm during the day, you'll find that jacket great to wear at night. It has a smoother hand than the 100% cashmere we had last round.
As much as I'd love to sell you one, as a former SoCal resident, I'd say that the Harris Tweed is probably overkill for most days. But if you travel out of the area to cooler parts, then it will be great. That said, check these out....Wool-Cashmere Factory FindsFactory Finds FW14 Southwick Sportcoats in Wool-Cashmere: $495These are several ounces lighter than Harris Tweed, so they're a great option for places with milder winters.And if anyone digs the Chocolate Check, then...
Sure. So we're going to have to do this in stages.Southwick's primary goal of Factory Finds is to make a bunch of coats. So most of the fabrics will be available for special order in jackets only until Feb 28th.After that date, we'll go through the list and recalculate how much yardage is remaining. We'll then do another round of Factory Finds trousers in any of the fabrics that would work as a pant. Not all of them will - especially heavier tweeds with an open weave.So...
@neutrino thanks for the intro! As our dude said, Harris Tweed Factory Finds are up. These typically move the quickest, so you guys are seeing them first. Factory Finds FW14 Southwick Sportcoats in Harris Tweed We've got five killer fabrics for this one!
Hey guys, Real fast - I just received a box of stragglers from our LA Factory, and there's one Small in the Cross Hatch Kamigata. Last one. Drop me an email if anyone wants it before we put it into general stock.
I'm thinking a Large.Typically an LBM 42 would need an XL, but I'm 5'10" and 195 and I fit into the Large perfectly. I'd give that a shot first.Thanks for picking it up! Looking forward to the shots.Sorry guys, working on it as we speak. I'm going to roll out Harris Tweed's first. Lots of good stuff to choose from!Awesome! Love those shoes too.Thank you sir! I'm digging the denim-on-denim fit
I'd do a plain hem on those. I think that cuffs work best with textured fabrics (linen, tweed). Plain hem with no break will look sharp as hell.Very cool! Looking forward to hearing your feedback!The shoes look great. As our sale shows, we didn't have much interest in the Carmina handsewns, but man, I personally really like them. That leather's going to wear in beautifully.Ah yeah, it's going to be a while off. We won't have a fresh delivery of sneakers until end Oct /...
+1. Brooklyn is serving up some authentic Southeast Asia-style humidity right now. And the look is killer!Hmm, I'll take a look. That's not possible on the current interior pocket as you'd see the button stitch / zipper from the front of the jacket, but always something to consider. I love functional pockets. For me, I carry most stuff in the front patch pockets of the Doyle.You'll love the black ones. I grabbed them myself. I typically don't wear black footwear of any...
All three are actually pretty even, but white is selling the most by a small margin
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