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Yes, these were made more or less TTS. If anything, they run a touch bigger than our usual sizing.
Indigo Sweatshirt Clearance Hey guys, We have something like 800 pairs of sneakers in-bound this month, so I've got to get some room. You all remember the late, great EPLA Indigo sweats. We made a ton of them, but ended up with a bunch of factory seconds. Some had slightly irregular measurements and small fabric defects. Some were totally fine. We honestly never had the time to do a full inventory of them. I want to clear them out. Two pieces for $55. Both will be the...
Awesome - I knew that you would wear that well!The shrinkage jokes keep coming. You guys are really making it hard for me here.Good call - I'll suggest that to the dudes
I hear you and thanks for the feedback. Honestly, I was of the same mind for a long time. But they're almost standard on e-commerce sites these days, and they're really the only way to sign people up for newsletters.But you should be able to either enter your email or dismiss it as a one time thing.Agreed! Great looking jacket.Most guys end up with about 0.5 to 0.75" of shrinkage in the inseam. If you can wash before hemming, it's always best .
Email Address pop-up Hey guys, We're putting a pop-up onto the site today that asks new users for their email address. The team is tweaking it as we speak. The idea is that it only appears once - on the first site visit - and you can either enter your email or dismiss it. Right now, it's popping up constantly, but we're working to get that fixed pronto.
It's actually very different. Here's a quick summary:Epaulet New York fit: our classic darted slim fit, made by Gitman Bros and New England ShirtWashed New England EPNY fit: made only by New England. Tiny bit smaller than the classic EPNY because the enzyme wash shrinks our chambray fabrics.Ashland (Keystone) Fit: discontinued as a stock fit. This was a slightly tweaked version of the Gitman Vintage shape and is not our design. The main difference is much larger scaling....
What's going down... Quick update for everyone: 1) We received Walt EFF trousers yesterday and processed/shipped about half of them. I'm going to work on the second half today, and hopefully have everything packed up for you soon! 2) Canadian Goodyear Welt boots are en-route and scheduled for delivery next Monday. As long as all goes well, I can take a size run to SF with me too. 3) We've got a ton of sneakers en-route, but our Portuguese shipping company is taking...
Haha, I love you guys!
Yup, you can do -1, +1, or +2 to all three of the shapes
The only limitation will be on certain colors. We can probably make as many navy, charcoal, and black units that we need. The more rare colors - like that brick and ecru nep - will only be limited by the amount of yarn we can obtain in time.The sweaters will also have to be made on a first-come, first-served basis, as each one is done by hand. So the earlier you order, the earlier that you'll get it.But yeah, don't stress too much - we'll be able to accommodate everyone....
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