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REDA Mini Check flannel is up   This fabric is obscenely nice, just 4 units available in it. Really subtle pattern that's easily matched up.    The Teal 16oz Moleskin is also awesome if you live somewhere cold. We've got decent stock (25 pairs) in the cloth, but that one might go quickly after the NL goes out. It's so thick and stiff, I feel like these trousers would have a chance of standing up on their own after a wash (can't guarantee that though). If it's cold out...
 @Poomba yup, they sure can  @nickpapagiorgio ah, sorry about that, I added them but it's taking a bit for them to punch into the item. Should come through in a minute or so.   @FLW haha, Space Ghost has made the rounds a few times. We have a lot of new fabrics - I just kept a few from the last round which still had stock. Adding in the new stuff now
Hey guys, the Ends item is up - loading in new fabrics now...   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epaulet-ends-for-our-friends-trouser-event-november-2015   We've got pretty good yardage on many of these - I'll alert you to the ones that are really tight. Out of the current group, the wool-oxford Tattersall just has 3 units available to buy. It's pretty freaking cool.    Me, Dylan, and Sam are all on-hand until 4:30 EST to answer questions too. We can even post...
 @Don L definitely do the XL - I think that will fit you great right off the rack. XXL is going to be way too big. 
 @mp94 probably about 90 min
 Sure, that should be no problem. It has a simple seam in the back. No shoulders to deal with, so you're just making it a little bit smaller in width @dupedd Going to be a bit before we can wheel out the trouser samples - we're going to list out the Ends fabrics next.  
All the vests are up! Here's the lineup:         
 @rydenfan everyone but me.....  @SherifEnt still got two more vests to put up. And really so, so many pants. Both samples and Ends fabrics. 
Hey guys!   We're rolling out the sample sale and Ends soon. There's a LOT to choose from. I'm doing the vests first. We've got four awesome fabrics to choose from.    Size down one from your typical Epaulet size and you'll be good to go. If you don't own any of our shirts, then just follow this:    Small Vest = 38R Medium Vest = 40R Large Vest = 42R XLarge Vest = 44R XXL Vest = 46R   The vests are all regular length. If you typically take a Long then check out...
 @lifeinabox - killer combo, and those boots are great too  @StanleyVanBuren - that jacket was the OG! 2011!!   @Don L thank you sir! We received half of the jackets today - something went sideways at UPS and only 4 out of 8 boxes were on the truck. We should have the balance tomorrow, so your jacket will go out today. I believe that we only received mediums and a few smalls today.   @clarksdb Any of those three would be great on that shirt:  Regular BD is a nice, full...
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