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 @El Argentino love it! They look boss with the big cuffs  @Don L really nice match there!   @tricky @Nik Telford We actually tried this, but it's problematic for the Tennis Low. The cut pieces are really big on it, so you'd need maybe two extra fish per pair, pushing the retail from $595 on the Sport Trainer to maybe $850. I could make an alternate Tennis Low design that uses a formstripe panel in the middle of the shoe - kind of like the Tennis High, and that would work....
Leather Jackets from Epaulet Preview   Hey guys,    Got some exciting preview pics for you. As you may know, we've got some excellent suede jackets en-route from Portugal as we speak. They're going to be stock items, priced under $600.    I've been working on a program for leather jackets as well - particularly horsehide. We did well with our Thedi collection, but I was hoping to offer a more comprehensive MTO program, where customers can specify their own details....
 @kickstand oh really? You're gonna absolutely love it. I've seen a lot of white shirts come thru in the past few years, but this fabric is really exceptional. 
Did the dual suede thing today...     Suede Blouson and Suede Ballcap.    The Blouson should be restocked next week, along with our new MA-1's. The ballcap that I'm wearing is our initial sample, the production one is much closer in tone to the jacket. 
Got a new video for everyone too. I've had people writing emails in.. they want to do the button upgrade promo, but not sure what to order. Check this out:      EPAULET BY INDIVIDUALIZED MADE TO ORDER WHITE DRESS SHIRTING   This fabric is Albini Puro Cotone Royale B56WOO-W. It's $215. It's a REALLY beautiful fabric that makes up into a brilliant, dressy shirt. It's got a place in everyone's closet, and the feeling is really luxe for the money. 
 No, there's just two colorways for the launch: the snuff suede from our photos (36 units) and all black calfskin with a black sole (18 units). We'll also have the plain toe in Saffiano with a Dainite sole and Brown Calfskin with a leather sole. 
Oh, and a huge thanks to everyone for their patience on the long-running Museum Calf preorder! Between delays from our factory and a huge 12-week delay from Ilcea, it's been a tough road, but we're right at the end. Our scheduled ship date from PT is now 10/14, so a little over a week away. Here's some pics from the uppers being cut early last week...        
 @notwithit the boots are getting picked up tomorrow from PT, should be here early next week. I'm not sure what the demand will be, but provided they don't all sell very quickly, then we'll surely bring them to the NY show.  Once they arrive, we'll fit test them so that we can offer solid advice compared to Alden, Carmina, & Epaulet trainers. I'll do the 15% off deal for 48 hours, so they may burn through pretty fast   @NewYawker they're so good right! I absolutely love...
New Individualized Fabrics   Hey guys, I'm running behind on this.. so we got Individualized to extend the button upgrade deal until tomorrow. Here's the new fabrics on offer:    EPAULET BY INDIVIDUALIZED MADE TO ORDER FALL 2016 DRESS & OXFORD SHIRTING         EPAULET BY INDIVIDUALIZED MADE TO ORDER FALL 2016 CASUAL SHIRTING      
 Yup, went on safari in my suburban back yard and picked up all of the dog s***!
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