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Thanks guys! This has been a crazy morning! So, the first part is done. I'm heading into the Manhattan store within the next hour or so. We've got a lot more there, so expect to hear from me soon.
Sorry, not sure why that's not working. I just reset the item - it's available:http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/august-instagram-sample-sale-items
Epaulet Site Changes Just a quick heads-up: we're pushing through a bunch of design changes on the site this week, so it may look a little wonky depending upon when you logon. We're working on it!
Yup. I'm going to post the items on Instagram, and they'll be available to purchase through the website. I'll direct everyone to the location in the IG post.I thought that this would be a fun project. Instagram is a great platform and I really enjoy using it. I'm friends with a lot of our customers, and it's cool to see images from everyone. I want to pick up more followers, but I'd also like to encourage our customers to give IG a try if they're not already registered. I...
Well, it (for the most part) won't be anything that's presently in the sale section. It will be a mix of really old things, some final clearance, and some really weirdo one-offs.
No worries, I've got plenty of items to list all day. If anything, they'll be two shifts of them as I'll list items in the BK store at the start of the day and then pieces in the Manhattan shop later on.
I'll keep the checkout through the site so that everyone can use their normal login. I think that we'll probably build out items on the fly - maybe in a custom instagram category. When the item goes up on IG, we'll direct you to the piece on our website. Some of them have multiple sizes and need multiple pics, so hosting it on epauletnewyork.com is the easiest way.
Hey guys! We're going to do a fun project tomorrow. I've got a bunch of items in the shops (last pairs, samples, seconds, etc) which have to go before our big Fall deliveries. I'm going to put up each item individually on Instagram throughout the entire day. The prices will be bonkers. I'll probably start around noon. If you've got an instagram account, be sure to follow us as "epaulet." They'll be some great stuff in there! http://instagram.com/epaulet
Awesome! Happy Birthday and enjoy them!Haha, yes, I guess that you could. Maybe consider sewing them together into "one easy piece.."That is, if you're "man enough to fill it"Rad! Where's the waterfall?
Actually, they're very similar - the Innsbruck just has bright gold hardware:
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