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More sample shots! May I present the final EPLA Henley. This is the Japanese indigo dye piece. We'll have all of them here next week... Sorry for the crazy filter on this - a friend shot it for me. You guys are going to love these.
We're going to finalize the order next week after I get some additional leather samples. We scaled out the pattern up to size 46 actually, and I can get detailed measurements for you. We'll only stock 36 thru 42, but we can certainly take pre-orders on extended sizes, and you can opt for the quilted or plain version.
Glad that you guys dig it! This will be a great piece with a quilted liner, so it will be wearable in cooler temps than our current pieces.Oh and for the gentleman who asked a bit ago - the Wyatt in brown horsehide will return this year. We'll also have another brown horsehide surprise in the early Fall.
One other sample shot. The drought of new products is soon going to turn into a freaking deluge. We've got Kamigata's, Indigo Pique T's, and Henley's shipping this week to go online next. Here's the final lab dips of our slub cotton henleys: Forest Green, Tobacco, and Off-White. They'll also be Japanese Indigo and Japanese Indigo Midnight Overdye.
Epaulet x Vanson Near-Final Sample Pics Hey guys, Got some pics to share. We just received the nearly final sample of our Fall '14 Epaulet x Vanson leather jacket. We wanted to make something tough as hell, and I'm pretty jazzed with how this came out: A few changes that you'll see are (1) longer sleeves (2) longer vertical chest zipper pocket and (3) smoother, finer leather. It will be our exclusive slimmed up shape, which moves in line with the Wyatt / Bartlett...
Absolutely, I think that our shirts will work really well for you. I'd imagine that you'd take a large, but feel free to drop us an email if you want personalized sizing advice.Great patina on the kudus. But the indigo bleed is
Yup, we'll have a restock of all dress belts in about a month or so. We're almost out of black belts too.Absolutely. We're going to see how this first batch sells, and our next run will probably come around early November. If you guys are into it, we could actually do a group buy pretty easily and make an exclusive colorway for delivery then. There's a ton of options to choose from.Sure thing - the leather is a full-grain calfskin from Gruppo Mastrotto in Italy. It has a...
Wow, those look amazing!Haha, you know it. I'll share some photos when our first samples come through.And speaking about samples - here's the final Chromexcel belt sample. We'll get delivery in about a month. They'll come in Brown, Black, Navy, and Natural:Alongside this belt, we'll also get the our long-awaited and very long-desired SNUFF SUEDE belt. It was somehow one of the hardest things that I've ever sourced, but it will be a reality soon. We're also sampling out a...
Good call. I'd say that these would work with nearly any other shade of denim or chino as well. I think that the gum sole makes them really versatile. I could even see myself wearing these in the Fall with thicker trousers - like a flannel or tweed.Ah yes - thanks for pointing that out!Oh we're good - we did 40 unit runs of each colorway. Multiple pairs in every size. We sold a few pairs in store over the weekend, but we've got plenty of inventory in all sizes and...
Thank you sir!No, these definitely have different sizing than the sport trainer. They're from a different factory and have a new custom last.They'll be offered in US sizing, so stick with your usual TTS shoe size. Kind of like this....Tennis Trainer 10 = Chuck Taylor/Jack Purcell 10 = Alden Leydon 10 =Allen Edmonds Park Ave 10 = Alden Barrie & Tru-Balance 9.5 = Carmina Forest/Rain 9UK.
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