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 @Nik Telford we've got time on that - completion date is estimated around mid August, so ready to ship to customers around the end of August.   @duff406 awesome, they're a great fit on you! 
 Yeah, it's so rad. The exotics have a small upcharge. It's going to be $175 for a preordered white trainer, and $205 for a pair with an exotic heel. So just $10 over the stock price.  Still working out the details, but here's the soles:   And a mock up of the Stingray heel:  
I'm gonna stop after this one...     BTW, got the heads up from my sneaker factory that we have to send any remaining orders for 2016 in the next couple of weeks. So I'm putting up three pre-orders tomorrow:    1) White Tennis Trainer bonanza: you can order white tennis with your choice of 5 sole colors and 8 rear heel cap leathers - including shell cordovan and stingray. It's pretty fun, and a great way to get our most popular sneaker with your own signature...
 @FrankCowperwood this outfit is awesome - that shirt is a great fit on you! It's been really exciting to see dudes pick up the Emerald color, I fell in love with it during our initial meeting with Somelos.   @kickstand love it with the knit tie!   @JR Magat I believe that it's 7.5. The Walt Porto is going to fit you like a dream, we've gotten phenomenal feedback on it.   @FrankCowperwood yup, and it's time for me to pay up... 
 Okay cool @eljlakers - that would be pretty close overall. You might dig some of the new colors - I think that burgundy will be pretty rad, and we always have a lot of demand for black oxford. I've got high expectations for the denim shirts too, which should be here by end of month. 
 @applky for real, they look great!   @ahjota Yeah, you see that on a lot of fabric cards. Viyella should be a blend of cotton and wool, but I believe all of these are pure cotton. Viyella has a soft brushed hand, so I imagine that they did the same to this pure cotton to give it a similar vibe.  It's going to be great fabric and a very strong value when we release it OTR.   @velomane hear hear! I had to google how the hell to do it. #teamGMT!  @lifeinabox really awesome...
Quick fit photo today: Crosshatch Kamigata Individualized Chambray Shirt Japanese Military Twill Match Short White/Grey Sport Trainers Suede hat (coming this month!)
 Haha @Duke Silver - don't sue me when I use that idea down the road! Thanks again for the feedback guys, it's really valuable. And our denim shirts are still in work - hoping to get those with our end July Portugal shipment. 
 @AloysiusSF yes, these fabrics are all on the lighter side. They'd be done in the same model as the Salt Wash Oxford - so that big B/D collar, chest pocket, and the whole salt wash process.  For heavier flannels, we'll have some ass-kickers from Gitman & New England, and a whole bunch of MTO options with Individualized. The plan for these swatches is to choose a few good colors and make something off the rack that's cheap and cheerful. 
Agreed, thanks guys, I think that #2 and #3 (the grey/blue tattersall and the green/charcoal tattersall) are the two best of the bunch.    The other patterns are a bit more common, but I'll probably run at least one of them. 
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