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Yup, that's our OTR university stripe oxford. It's available via Gitman MTO as well.Awesome, glad that you're pleased with it! That piece is totally wearable in the Fall too, so there's plenty of opportunity to rock it.The plaid is really subdued and works well with patterned shirts IMO. I'd stay away from patterned trousers thoughReally sharp!Actually just awaiting the post factory finds stock levels of what we have remaining
Thanks for coming by - glad that you guys could make it this time!Whoa, that cruise looks awesome. You guys are going to have a fantastic trip - congrats!Thank you sir! We'll get those shipped out as soon as the Doyles land next week.Both of those knits are a great fit on you - thanks for picking them up!
They look great. One of the best looking pairs of AE that I've seen.Agreed on all points. Bordeaux can largely stand in for khaki in terms of matching. Pretty much anything you'd wear a tan trouser with will work with burgundy.
Yes, I'd say that we'll remake it at this point - we've sold about half of the available French Blue stock and it's not actually landing until Tuesday. I'll see how quickly we can re-up on the fabric.The 10oz duck canvas breathes wonderfully. It makes for a true 3-season garment. It would be boss on that cruise (which sounds awesome BTW)When you're saying chest, it's important to differentiate between the top and the stomach.Alterations around the belly are usually easy....
Not via MTO, but we can do it as a preorder against advance production. I always have to make a minimum of 30/units a color, but we can easily tack on odd and extended sizes.Let's just wait on the Chambray's to be fully delivered and I can put in a reorder for olive and suchSure, it should be easy to have tailored - plenty of guys do alterations like that.Thanks for picking it up and enjoy that tee! I'm wearing mine today.Awesome. Great match to those shoes
I'm going to put up all of the Doyles in the morning and try to get this week's newsletter out on Thursday. In the meantime, here's some comparison shots that I took today. First off, here's the pic of Navy vs. French Blue... Next up, a new olive Doyle vs one that's been worn and washed for 6 months.
No, I'm hoping to have those by the end of the month, with our long awaited hand-distressed Cone Mills '68 models.IDK, I'll have to see how it sells. We made about 30 units for this first run. I think that it looks really boss!Yup, 10oz organic duck canvas, just like the others. It will fade really nicely as you wear it.Thanks for coming by, it was a pleasure meeting you!Glad that you like it dude! Replace "Bad Religion" with "Sick of It All" and I'm feeling the same exact...
Honestly, probably not. I thought that the Carmina handsewns were a really good product for a great price, but we were never actually successful with them. Our existing styles have been on markdown forever at this point. I guess that they just weren't what our guys were looking for. Ah, shit happens. Given the competitive product from Maine and the strong positioning that those brands have, that probably knocked them out of many people's view.I'm going to work on a...
Absolutely, I can shoot the Navy and the French Blue side-by-side. We'll need that to really see the difference between the two of them.Any my apologies for getting anyone worked up - the Chambray jackets were all sold via preorder. That was a deadstock fabric that we cannot get any more of, and every unit is spoken for. I got a bunch of emails asking how to buy it. I'm heading to LA again in a few weeks, so I'll keep my eye out for something special like that which we can...
Oh my god, it made up so nicely. It's a couple shades lighter than navy, but it's not screaming, so its still extremely wearable in the Fall. What a great match to the khaki Driggs...We'll have all of the Doyles up and available to order by tomorrow morning. UPS delivery has them coming into NYC on Monday, so we'll start filling the orders (including Chambray) early next week.
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