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Southwick Factory Finds on Hold Hey guys, I'm sorry to say that our Southwick Factory Finds program is suspended for this season. It's a bummer, as I know that many guys were looking forward to it. They're relocating their factory to a new facility, and there just isn't the capacity to do any extra off-price work this season. That said, we'll bring back the Made To Order program for the Springtime with about 50 new fabrics - and we'll offer their MTO suiting as well. So...
GBV has much bigger scaling than Epaulet. There's four inches between each size on GBV vs. 2 inches in our shirts.A GBV small is actually very similar to an Epaulet Small. It's a touch smaller, but most guys comfortably wear the same in both.A GBV medium is between an Epaulet Medium and Large. And a GBV large is a bit bigger than an Epaulet large.In terms of this promotion, I'd recommend getting a size Small - I think that will work great for you. For MTO work, you can...
Ends for Friends at an End Hey guys! Thanks for all of the orders today! We're through most of the fabrics that I have now. The fabrics that are online will be up until they sell out or until Monday - whichever happens first. I have to step away to shoot some new shoes that just arrived (including a 'lil thing we call the Innsbruck Alt Wien): If you have any questions on the fabrics that are listed, then feel free to post them! I'll check in on the thread in a few hours
Wow, we are on the same wavelength. I seriously just opened one of these....
Ah cool - sorry about that - but I'm glad that you guys both got what you were looking for!
Yeah, that it weird. I rebuilt them from scratch just in case something was wonky
They're still there - no one bought them yet
Just listed two one-off shirts in "Fuzzy Twill." Slightly heavier brushed twill, really nice color schemes on these. Very Pendleton surf style.
ALDEN BOOT Hey guys, Sorry that I totally missed the boot pre-order plan for today. I had to get a bunch of the shirt swatches in person this morning, and setting up the Ends sale was way more last-minute than I had planned. I know that some people were planning for it, so I think that the most fair thing is to push it until Monday. Let's schedule it for Monday at 2PM EST. That way everybody on both coasts can have at it.
Thanks! Not sure - it's just a sartorial stripe. I bought that shirt off of B&S years ago. I think that it's Isaia.We'll have a ton of such fabrics to choose from for Epaulet x Individualized.Yeah, it must be similar to that gold stripe from the first round. I believe that it's the same cloth, but the blue ground looks a little brighterAwesome - that's going to be great! I believe that @rydenfan has something like that
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