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 Not heavy at all - comparable to the regular canvas Rivet chino. For Canada, you can probably wear them until early Oct. Warmer climates could do them year-round. And yes, these should absolutely fade with wear. They'll already be a nice muted color.
"Ends For Friends" Rivet Chino June Corduroy & Oxford Cotton   It lives! We've got 12 fabrics to choose from. Order now and they'll be delivered around early-mid August. Each piece is $140 and you can choose your fit (old or new), your inseam length, your fly (button or zip), and twill taping or no.   The fabrics are really excellent. Great colors on the oxford, really beautiful hand on the cords. "Dulce De Leche" would bring some major pain with a navy sportcoat!
 Thank you! Sea Canvas is 10oz, so it's lighter than a jean but thicker than the typical khaki. It's a true year-round fabric, but whether you like it in the high heat is kind of up to you. I wear shorts pretty much every day in the summer, but I'm looking at five dudes outside in really heavy jeans.Great suggestion for the email box - I sent that along to our team.  Maybe. Grinding through a lot right now, it may be Tuesday for that one.
   I'll have them online around 2 or 3. No stress on these, they're not "ends" per se, but more fabrics that the factory made off-price. We've got anywhere from 6-10 units per fabric, so they'll be a decent amount to go around. I'll post them here once they go online. If you ever wanted a corduroy Rivet, this is a great selection.   That fit is ace on you!   Great selection! I see the Nucky Thompson Tattersall - that one is so boss. 
Sizing response....     On Jun 24, 2015, at 10:08 AM, wrote:   Hi there,   I am interested in these:   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/unfinished-horsehide-trainers-preorder-project   A couple of questions that I need help with:   - What size would you suggest if I wear Adidas Stan Smith in US size 9? - What if the shoes don't fit?  Can I return them for a full refund? - What is the cost to ship a pair to Hong Kong?   Oh, in addition to Adidas Stan...
 There's two separate factories: one for Rivets and one for Walt/Rudy/Driggs. We cannot cross over Ends or MTO fabrics between the two. So this round will only be for the Rivet shape. We'll definitely do another Walt/Rudy/Driggs round - probably in early July. We'll look to offer as many Fall fabrics as possible, as the delivery would be around first week of Sept.   Great fit on you! Thanks for picking them up. 
 No worries, it's not the usual "ends" concept - most of these fabrics have 6-10 units a piece and there's just a small selection of pinwale cords and garment-dyed oxfords. It's more that the factory is offering these at a promotional price, so we'll have them out at $145. I'll put them all up at once, as I've got all of the swatches already. The more popular colors may sell through quickly, but we should have a decent selection for a few days. It will be up from Thursday...
Thank you! You're going to love them. And no problem on the address change.When you submit the balance payment, they'll be an open field where you can also input a new or corrected delivery address.Not this month, but I'm expecting them in mid July
Thank you sir!    I ordered some of that pure mink oil online and it's getting delivered tomorrow. I'll shoot a video of the effect it has on the sun-tanned samples. 
 Absolutely. The plan is that we'll have a constant MTO program with about 20 different fabrics. You can order either the old fit or the new fit in a range of fabrics, and it generally takes 3-4 weeks for delivery. We'll have a bunch of canvas, camo, and bedford cord options. A lot of our old favorites that we no longer stock.  This "Ends for Friends" promo uses more expensive fabrics which are discounted by the factory and available in limited quantities, for a short...
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