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 @lifeinabox I've been wearing flannels quite a bit at night these days. Been cold by the beach! 
Okay guys, flannels are complete - we've got 10 fabrics in total there. Everything that's specifically for Fall-Winter is online now.  Thanks for all of the Getzner orders! Ran through about 30% of the inventory already. Those are the heaviest cloth on offer, so don't wait too long if either catches your eye.    Gonna clean up the flannel section and bust out the Oxford & Novelty. 
 I'm gonna call it 3-season - brushed twills are too hot for the Summer in most places Sizing pattern is our usual EPNY shape that we've been using for years. Close to the Somelos, but a bit more fitted. Most guys would were their same size in both. If you're on the very edge of the Somelos shape, then size up one. 
Here's the link to Flannel - still needs a new leader pic and some other stuff, but the two Getzner Flannels are in there.    http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epaulet-shirting-fall-16-ends-for-friends-flannels   The one with magenta accents going online right now is so freaking cool. Just four units on that
   It's there, we have 5 units... sorry about that guys. Stock is online now
 Flannels are next, I'm gonna post it here once the two Getzner flannels are in there. Definitely grab one if you like the look of them, the hand on them is incredible. 
 @Poomba should be a touch longer than the Somelos oxfords, as these won't be delivered with that slightly intense wash. The factory has an allowance of 0.5" on all measurement points though, so I can't guarantee that it will be exactly perfect, but that often doesn't make a huge difference in the final product. 
Yup, Brushed Twills are active!!     http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epaulet-shirting-fall-16-ends-for-friends-brushed-twills   The three most crucial fabrics for me:    1) Justified & Anicent brushed oxford is freaking beautiful. Rare to find an oxford cloth with this kind of weight and texture, it's pretty similar to the Individualized rhino oxford   2) Ivory, Blue, and Khaki Tattersall - get one if you don't already own a shirt like this. You'll wear it...
 @eljlakers it's kind of all over the place, some fabrics have like 4 units, some have over 20. There's a huge selection.  I'm gonna activate them by category, almost done with Brushed Twills
  @ReversoLover thanks! I love that shirt - it's one of the best that we've done. Sold really fast too. These are made by the same factory.   @Mghart there's a ton to choose from. Lead time on this is 6-8 weeks. The factory can probably make them in a month, but we then have to wait on shipping and clearance and whatnot. So it will be full on flannel weather when they land in your hands. 
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