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It's $685 for the Sport Trainer and $625 for the Tennis Trainer:It will have the exact same gum sole as the white/grey Sport Trainer. And you're correct, it's darker overall in tone.These soles are made by two distinct companies: the Margom Tennis sole in Italy and the Sport Trainer sole in Germany. There's unfortunately no crossover in exact colors.
^^^^^^^^The Shells just arrived at the Factory on Friday - so we're ready to rock and roll on those orders. For anyone who held out for a Shell trainer: you should have an email in your inbox with instructions. You can choose from two shapes and four colors, and you'll receive a special discounted price.Once those orders are sorted and confirmed, we'll figure out how much leather remains for this batch and open it up to general preorders. These are just as freaking amazing...
We ordered it as tonal greys, but they'll probably be some contrast.We don't have that on order for the moment. This may be our last Sport Trainer delivery before September. I'm really jazzed to see Saddle made up!
We've got grey calf / grey suede and Saddle Couro Cromo / saddle suede hopefully arriving tomorrow and going online by the weekend.Saddle was far and away the best Tennis Trainer color, so I think that the Sport Trainer in that is going to be rad.
Hey guys,Thanks so much for all of the great feedback and the encouragement! It's been really exciting to see how successful these sneakers are. I'm grateful for your support and very glad that you're so pleased with them.Shoes and boots are probably my favorite products to develop, and I think that we've got a huge potential here. I'm aligned with the right factories and the right tanneries to reliably put out some exceptional items. And you're going to see a lot of...
I think that we'll just off the All-Alabaster Sport Trainer for this round - we need 24 units to put these styles into work, and I don't think that we can find enough to run both.
Sport Trainer Preorders Hey guys, Just a quick heads-up - we're still working on these, should have them online tomorrow along with the email newsletter.
Plane landed on Sunday! Depending on customs clearance, we should have them in-hand either Wednesday or Thursday. They'll be online and ready for sale this weekend regardless. Can't wait to see how those came out.Haha, that's hilarious!
Agreed. That's something that the tannery might be able to do as an exclusive. They already use a navy dye, so it's just a question of developing a true indigo variant of that.
Ah yes, forgot about that - I'll put that in. All Alabaster leather.The Unfinished Horse is going to be huge. One of the most interesting and comfortable leathers that I've ever worn. It feels great!Honestly, I probably wouldn't dye it. The charm is watching it age naturally. The indigo-dye concept is cool though!
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