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No it won't. It will have a basic sportcoat cuff hem with two buttons. That way it can be easily shortened if need be.
Hey guys,So, the EPLA sportcoat is designed to be an original product, which fills a niche that I think is under-served.We have a strong business with LBM1911, but the jackets aren't cheap. And next season the MSRP for most of them will start at $700. They have great construction and beautiful fabrics, but they do skew towards the casual side.The idea on the EPLA sportcoat is to create a US-made alternative. We can't equal the construction of the Italian pieces, but I...
I don't want to make any promises on this. I get the sample next week, and hopefully this is the last one.I've got a pretty big goal for this. I want to make the absolute best casual sportcoat that exists for the price. We're pretty experienced with tailored clothing here, so I've been making crazy demands of the factory and patternmaker. When this thing comes out, it's going to be perfect. We're going on the 8th month of development and about the 5th sample now, so I'm...
Oh yeah, the Vanson jackets. Should be here in about 5 weeks. I don' t have the final pricing, but should be around $800 - $850. They are going to be off the chain. We've got two models - a straight-ahead cafe racer and the tough-ass quilted, vertical zipper piece that I previewed. It's quilted on the inside and made in our own exclusive fit. Lifetime warranty on that guy too!
Not presently. I'm looking to do a sample in garment-dyed, mid-weight moleskin, and I think that will make up boss as an unlined piece.The EPLA sportcoat is planned for a 3/8 liner in the sleeves and top back.
Yes sir, they're all cut and going through assembly right now. Saw it with my own eyes They're scheduled to go to finishing/washing next week and ship shortly after that. Thanks again to everyone for their patience on this! As some other guys have mentioned, the weight is actually on the heavier side, so these are a perfect early Fall piece. You guys will get a ton of wear out of them this season.
Ah, sadly that Ring-Ring was a one time deal. I even tried to get more from our Kaihara rep, and it's not a denim that they're running these days. Just a deadstock single-shot gem.That's us, we keep it reals!Great pics and congrats!
Hey guys!Sorry for the extended radio silence from my side - I've been in Vegas/LA on a one week binge of meetings and production. It's been really great, and we've locked down all sorts of new items and concepts. I've also managed to eat like a complete glutton while slowly counting the $12 I won at Vegas video blackjack.We'll be back to our usual programming next week! In the meantime, here's from my side:Yes sir, we'll have XXL's in all new EPLA shirts. I'll have all...
Thank you sir, glad that you like it! That mocha color is going to look awesome when it fades out.Excellent - glad to hear that everything worked out! Thanks for your order.So, as I understand it, the only real difference between regular saphir polish and cordovan polish is the amount of polishing compound in the mix.Regular Saphir has a lot of polish compound (more than usual). Saphir Cordovan has more than that. And Saphir Renovateur has the most. The more compound, the...
Couple of recent fit photos as well... Dylan in the EPLA Hand Distressed Western Shirt, Bottle Green Loopwheel tee, 14oz Kaihara Wilshire, Epaulet x Croots Khaki & Navy bag Me in the Broken Twill Camo Kamigata and a touch of IWC watch porn
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