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Pocket squares coming next! Four for $55 bucks!
Knit ties are up! $55 SALE: 3-UNIT RANDOM BUNDLE OF ITALIAN KNIT TIES You get three ties per bundle. Each will be distinct - no repeats up in here.
$55 SALE: 5-UNIT RANDOM BUNDLE OF CORGI SOCKS: $55 First 55 bundle is online! Note the terms here. You're getting five pairs chosen at random by me and Dylan. There are some designs that are not pictured which you might receive. It's a slamming deal tho
The $55 Sample & Clearance Sale Hey guys, Dylan and I are going to hold a sample sale online today. It will start around 2:30 or so. We'll have individual items and random collections of accessories - all priced at 55 bucks. Stay tuned - I'll post up the links here when they're live. If you like Corgi socks and knit ties, then this is going to be a great day for you!
Sure, just send us an email. I've only made 2" cuffs before, but I imagine that they can do half inch intervals. So 1.5" or 2". Most guys don't get their suit trousers cuffed, but given that it's a Linen DB, that's a pretty rad idea.
Yup, going to put the other six new shirts online in the next hour. I'll post them up here when they're all done. We got a very long-awaited restock of White and Blue oxfords too.Oh yes - we're actually running through a sample right now. It's not something that they typically do, but given the nutzo amount that we're selling, they're into doing some development work for us. I'll let you know when we've got more info.Oh man, it's SO good. I'll have to post up the sample...
No, if anything it's a touch larger than the New England chambrays. I think that you can do an XL in this without a problem.Ah, gotcha! Thanks
I'm rolling out a bunch of shirts today, but this is the only banded collar model. And it's one of the dopest things that we've ever released.... EPAULET BY NEW ENGLAND SHIRT, POPLIN FLORAL PRINT BANDED COLLAR: $175.00
Not any time soon, I'm afraid. The main issue is Southwick's stock manufacturing. With Hickey Freeman and Ciccarelli out of business - and their crazy factory move, the stock line is just too jammed up. They actually can't make enough coats, so they no longer need/want to do off-price work. We had a good two-year run with it though!That said, I'm working on some Group Buy options for the Fall - along the lines of our Loro Piana Baby Camel hair. If I can source two or three...
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