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Explorer II - I always really liked the white face on this
Yup, you should be good to go with that. The drop and taper of that overcoat is pretty much on par with a Southwick jacket and if anything that design ran a bit bigger than the DB coat. I take a 41 in Southwick and fit into the 52 with no problem at all. You'll get a great deal on that jacket if you want to grab it @BenLeaman
Hey guys!   Newsletter coming your way soon - the backpacks are going to be in there.    Couple of quick things:    1) The Driggs in Duck Canvas is at a nutzo low price because we made a LOT of them. The factory wanted to.    It's a great pant and it's truthfully just as good as the Rivet Chino. But the Rivet is our famous shape, and the Driggs just never found the same audience. We probably sell 20 Rivets in Duck Canvas versus one Driggs. The price that you see is...
We're building out the Spring 2016 Trouser MTO options right now, and my god... there's so much good stuff to choose from! Planned launch date is Friday.    How about FIVE colors of REDA Super 130s' Hopsack - all of which will be available in the High-Rise shape too. 
Maiden voyage of my Alden Innsbruck Michigan Boots. It's on the Van last, which I sized like the Barrie and Tru-Balance (dropping a half size from true). I've found them really comfortable.     
 @cyclohexane yup, we can do an extra half inch for the watch, you just have to let me know the cuff that you want to increase. 
 @cyclohexane we've sold most of these as buttondown, New Bond buttondown, and PT (the smaller point collar). The Artisan is excellent on a traditional dress shirt fabric, but matching a big collar to a strong print like this is going to give you a really bold shirt.  I did mine with the New Bond buttondown and I love it.  And we're able to change the "shaping" on our existing body with Individualized. So if you need more space just at the midsection (or less), we can do...
 @cyclohexane thanks for asking. You are absolutely good to go with the weight on this fabric.  Calling it "Fall/Winter" was kind of misleading, as it's a fairly lightweight cloth. It just happened to be offered in the Fall. All of these are about the weight of a typical dress shirt.  And you'll LOVE it in person. I bought myself the white one with red roses. Typically these kind of prints are made on a fairly lousy quality base fabric (ahem...cough.. Paul Smith!) but...
 @TO Tie Guy it's probably a bit out, I don't actually have any on order at the moment. Are we missing your size? 
Took a pretty photo of our belt the other day....     CASUAL BELT NATURAL HORWEEN CHROMEXCEL: $95.00
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