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 @Pastor this is definitely a great option, the twill is really strong on this. Pretty sure that it's Barberis 120 suiting. Wear and care is pretty similar to hopsack, but it won't be quite a breathable on a really hot day. But we're not talking a huge difference. I think that this is an excellent fabric for a basic black suit. Could be used for a tuxedo too. 
 @dalevy yup, three of them: navy poplin, nantucket red doeskin, sky blue doeskin
 @Pastor yup, just getting our (very late) newsletter out. Then I'll build out the remainder of the fabrics. We've got good stock in the black twill, no stress on that one EDIT - just put it online, we've got cloth for 10 black suits
 @CHRK33 I ran out of time to do the tweeds unfortunately, but there really weren't many anyway. That said, I have a "Brushed Heavy Fresco" which is pretty unique. Looks a hell of a lot like the Open Weave one, but it's Fall-Winter weight. Right in-between a suiting fabric and a flannel. Would make up into a great grey suit that still has a lot of texture in it. 
@MKELLY Summer fresco is up:    https://epauletnewyork.com/products/ends-for-friends-may-2016-4-season-suiting?variant=17693445573         And for anyone thinking of a grey suit, here's the notes:    1) Guabello Med Grey Super 130s: Great all-around staple suit, conservative enough color, much nicer fabric then the typical OTR suit. Typical suiting weight 2) Hardy Minnis Super 150s: Psychotically nice fabric, killer value, distinctive lighter color. Typical...
 @Nik Telford I love it too - but if you want to pick up only one item, I'd suggest something else. It's rad, but you have a lot of awesome shirts from us, and this thing only really works with subdued shirts under it. If you wanted a jacket, I'd steer you towards something like the Mocha Static Check - it's still really interesting and awesome on its own, but it plays much better with striped and checked shirting. 
 @Michigan Planner haha, it's pretty rad. I was thinking the Buffalo Soldier for you, but I'm all for stepping out
 @MKELLY yup, there is a basic grey open weave fresco that might be right up your alley. Almost the same color as the Guabello. Meant for warmer days, so it's stretching the definition of "4-season" for NYC, but I'd wear it something like March-early Nov. I'll put it up next in the suiting section.  Also in suiting, right after that, I'll do our REDA guncheck. I usually do a ton of these for every EFF round, but they actually didn't have that much. But the fabric on this...
Got a fun one here! 3 units available! It's in the seasonal section.   
 @malwear you'll want to choose long sleeves as well. 
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