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 Just a couple Aldens all of which got tried on and creased but are otherwise BNIB:  Ironside Indy: size 9D (Tru-Balance, one unit available)Innsbruck Michigan boot: size 11.5 (Van last, two units available) $300 each shipped CONUS. Holler at me on PM if anyone's interested
 @badsha there was just this one - it was out on the floor briefly, but I pulled it. I'd rather sell it to someone that we know. 
Haha yeah, this is bonkers.    But, just so you guys know - we have a ton of new merchandise incoming. With this Brooklyn store ending, I'm taking the opportunity to finally close out of product categories that are no longer performing for us. You'll see new pants, new sportcoats, new shirts, and lots of new shoes coming down the road. 
  No time to shoot this, but I've got one of these remaining in size Large. Unworn, and I'll let it go for $400. It has some light scratches from being on a stock rack for a year or so, but nothing to note. Absolutely gorgeous front quarter horsehide. Send me a PM if you're interested!    Chest: 22 Sleeve: 25.5 Length: 25 Yoke: 18.25   If you take an Epaulet Large and you're.. let's say.. between 5'6" and 6' then this should fit you great. 
 @JilSlander sure, we can do that - just email me your order number and real name. 
 @JilSlander I'd say an 8.5 in th Calgary boot and an 8 in the Calgary Blucher
 @Goodman apologies for that Driggs stock-out. We're counting everything by hand here, so overall the stock is very accurate, but that one variant was built out with no inventory behind it. We oversold by about 6 units. Should be minimized with anything else on the page. 
Womens sneaks going into the sale for $75. Nice gift for the ladies!    Also all of the "Penny" clutches that we have in Brooklyn will move to $25   And there's one Auburn Tennis Trainer in size 8.5. Dude tried it on for a while, so it's pretty creased, but a killer deal at that price. 
 @badsha they can't get longer, but you can always punch additional holes if they're too long.   @FrankCowperwood yo this is amazing!  
Ties are up! Just two units on that Paisley one, but it's awesome. Black and Red twills are nice staples.    http://epauletnewyork.com/products/bk-closing-sale-necktie-bowtie-clearnace
New Posts  All Forums: