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Sorry guys, it's online now... http://epauletnewyork.com/products/heirloom-handknit-sweaters-fall-2015-preorder
For anyone arriving: the door to 1345 is actually through the basement. It's a bit under street level, you'll see it at the base of this purple-ish house. Guys are working on the flowerbed outside, so it should just be open. Come up two flights to apartment D.
Hey guys! Sorry for the delay - our Wifi was down in the apartment until about 10 minutes ago. I had meant to build this out and put it online this morning. It's still in development, but the item is online and can accept orders now. And I believe that you guys know the deal on terms and such. Here's the link: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/heirloom-handknit-sweaters-fall-2015-preorder Additional reference pics are on our medium.com page
Hey guys, the link for sweaters & the MA-1 will be tomorrow
Oh man, it's so good. Wait until you see the one-piece back and the Universal zipper. We spared no expense on this thingI'll probably put it online before the event - maybe around 10am pacific time (1pm EST)But as Justin says, this is a preorder where yarn is going to be purchased. Some of the bolder colors like mint and turquoise only have enough for about 24 units each, but we've got good stock on most others and we can generally make as much navy and charcoal as...
Haha, the latest newsletter ever has just gone out! Man, this has been a crazy day
Can't wait to see everyone! And no appointments are necessary for the Trunk Show - we're easy like a Sunday morning. Just drop by whenever you can I just got the latest Luigi Bianchi swatches as well - seriously hand-delivered about an hour ago. Man, this stuff is killer!
Thanks for the kind words - it's always our pleasure!And yes, all of the Epaulet by Gitman shirts are EPNY fit. So are the Epaulet by New England shirts.Epaulet by Southwick are a relaxed version of EPNY.
We'll have that online on Saturday, starting alongside the event.
Hey guys! Apologies that I haven't checked in before this. We're really jazzed for the event! We've got a ton of merchandise en-route to show you. So, this is going to be a true trunk show for us. Our sizing is very consistent, so we've got one size run of shirts, one of sneakers, one of each trouser fit, one of jackets, etc. We'll fit you on site and then show you a range of fabric and color options for both OTR and MTO. If you see something that you like, then we'll...
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