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 Yup! And wow, I realize that saying "Legendary Ass" is strange enough, but it's really questionable when put in bold like that 
 I'll have them live by 12. It's a mix - some of them have more units (6-12), but there's quite a bit in the 2-3 range. So it's not like the chino ends where we have lots of stock in many fabrics.  They always promo fabrics from opposite seasons, so there's no flannels or twills. Most of what we selected is year round weight, more or less a dress shirt. We chose a few linens only because they kick legendary ass. 
 Nope, we can do Keystone/Vintage on request. No problemo! You can choose your collar like the last time too.   You are in luck my friend - I've got some killer ginghams! 
SHIRTING ENDS FOR FRIENDS TOMORROW   Hey guys, quick heads-up for tomorrow. We're going to run a quick promo for shirting ends. Got some really great stuff in there, and we'll have them out at $125.    By the manufacturer's request, it will just be presented as an "Epaulet Shirting" promo. So I can't tell you who's making them. But I can tell you that it's one of our usual factories and it is NOT New England....  
 I've actually got most of the fabrics now - I'll probably roll them out in the next week or so. Factory is closed until 8/13, so nothing's getting done until they reopen anyway. We've got killer stuff for the season! 
 @zippyh Congrats - it looks beautiful. Great shot too
 @venividivicibj Wish that we could - we've got all of the fabric inventory listed online. That guy is dust in the wind.   @brp2 Thank you sir! That's a great fabric. Wrote you back on the PM too.   Aging on those is incredible - thanks for posting the pics!   @Anm1984 nothing on the drawing board yet, but that's a good call  Agreed - brown trousers are really easy to match  @Don L agreed, those looks are killer!  Very cool, the shirt's a great fit on you. We actually...
Epaulet by Individualized Made to Order Shirting Fall 15 Flannels & Brushed Twills   Individualized is back from their Summer break and they hit us off with some great new fabrics for the season. All of these are available for MTO orders. It typically takes them about 5 weeks to produce, so orders placed now would be in your hands right at the start of September.   Here's some flannels first - all of them are $175. That grape-toned plaid at the top is the...
So... I was just counting up inventory and I happened upon an Indigo Hopsack size 36 trouser...  $136 after the 30% discount code:   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/slim-walt-trouser-indigo-hopsack-wool   EDIT: That went fast - thanks!
 @YourLovelyMan I'd definitely advise a Medium in the henley.The loopwheel tees are the only thing in our collection where I didn't design the body. The fabric comes out in a circle, so the body size is determined by the actual loom that makes it. There's just three sizes of looms - that's why we don't have an XL available in that style. There's also a much bigger difference between each size.Typically, we scale chest sizes by 2". A 36 chest, a 38 chest, a 40 chest, and so...
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