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Haha, it's looking like that!Sure thing. The fabric is going to be a 10oz Galey and Lord PFD (Prepare-for-Dye) Twill. This is similar to Cramerton cloth, and it's going to soak up the color dye and become extremely soft. In terms of colors, I'm actually open, we can do anything we want. I'm thinking the predictable ones (navy, grey, olive) with maybe burgundy as a fourth.The cuff will not contrast as it will be dyed to match the pant.
Oh those are ready to go, actually. They tie back to a matching Weller jacket for a full calfskin suit. Perfect for that next law school interview! I've got a fit photo, although only from the back:Seriously though, I'm going to make a suede Wilshire this year. Mark my words.Couple of weeks at most. I've had them on order for a while, but we were waiting on the Japanese oxford cloth to come in.
I'm pushing to have it around end May, beginning April. More likely the latter. We're doing that hoodie in two colors to start - organic deep indigo, and indigo with black overdye. We'll make more crewneck fleece in the same cloth.I think that you guys are really going to dig the hoodie! We've been working on it like crazy from our side. The fit is perfect, it has totally usable pockets, the zipper is rad, and this dye treatment is going to be really unique. I think that...
That's not something that I could do as the pattern is set for these jeans, and I'd probably only produce a selvedge jean with a button fly.But that said, since you live in Hong Kong, I bet that you can find a tailor to do nearly anything. I imagine that it can be done as a button fly uses a lot more fabric than a zip fly.
Our measurements are the actual dimensions of the jacket. So a Small measures 38" at the chest and a Medium measures 40" at the chest.Now, if your actual chest measures 38", then you don't want the Small, as they'll be no room for you to wear it. When it comes to woven pieces in "normal" fabrics (not leather, not heavy wool) then a good rule of thumb is that you want your garment to measure about 2" larger than you do.So if you have a 38" chest and you typically wear a 38R...
Wow, absolutely perfect fit!Thank you sir! You're going to love the Doyle.All of our EPLA clothing is made in larger quantities than the NY stuff, so in general, we won't be able to accomodate MTO's with this. But check out the measurements, they should work great for most guys. Oisin is 6'5", and even though he has a relatively short torso for his height, it still comes up long enough on him.Our next Driggs delivery is going to be more cotton (the three colors we run now...
Absolutely. Spring Walts are arriving in about a week and the MTO Program should be up by Thursday
Yes sir. Few weeks out on that. Distressed western and engineer shirt
We just put in the OD order, which will consist of Asbury jackets in OD Black and OD Navy and Wilshire jeans in the same. The denim is going to be different on those - it will be the 14oz Kaihara non-selvedge so that we can hold our pricing. Using non-selvedge denim evens out the additional cost of overdyeing.These first two Asbury jackets are pretty special. They're made in Cone Mills 1968 Limited Edition denim, which has a great capacity for fading. That's part of the...
Couldn't hold this one back. The Asbury jean jacket arrived yesterday in Rinsed Cone Selvedge and Hand-Distressed Cone Selvedge. It is truly the best jean jacket of all time . Fit is perfect, details are bonkers. The hand-distressing guy charges a relative fortune in the overall cost of garment manufacturing, but he's worth every penny. The wear marks are spot on. I'm going to shoot and measure it today and work to have it online by tomorrow.
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