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 @Poomba you would not regret that one - the Combat is pretty glorious in every color, but I'd personally opt for it in Gold or Gunmetal. With those big cut pieces it will really show off the leather effect too.   @nd1nd2nd3  So, here's my issue with knits - and I've posted bits about it before. The Union Jersey tees are REALLY good. I'm very proud of them, actually. The fit is boss and the fabric is untouchable. It's unlike anything else on the market. And I think that it...
LAST DAY!!   Midnight EST tonight (Sunday 3/20) is the last and final call for the 2016 Museum Calf preorder. I have to have the completed order over to Portugal at the start of their work day tomorrow. Still 8 slots left for Gunmetal and 10 for Gold if you're into those colors. You can check it out and place your preorder here  
 @frankwhite217 should still be on schedule for delivery in by end April. I now that the were cutting the uppers a few weeks back   Yup! 'Tis the final countdown for our late, great Union Jersey shirts. We're bundling them together for a killer price. 
 @L.I.T. I'd have to give it to the Doyle or a Duck Field Jacket, honestly. 
 @L.I.T. it's a great weight for night in LA or cooler days. I'd find it hot to wear on a sunny afternoon. It's about the same weight as a denim jacket, but moleskin is brushed and tends to be more insulating and wind-resistant. I know that @SteveH35 wears his jacket quite a bit. I think that you could rock it hard. Fringe benefit is that it ages in a very cool way when you wear the hell out of it. 
 @LA Guy     @TactileOne well, we don't have any trunk shows planned for Florida, but we've got one confirmed for Los Angeles on 4/9 and a tentative one for Atlanta in May. 
 @rnguy001 - wish that we could, Southwick doesn't share any fabrics with our shirting guys. But hopefully Individualized gets some nutzo prints in for Spring.    @bkotsko for real, that's amazing! Honestly I didn't even look closely at what that swatch could be. I'll see if we can get a pic of it from the factory, they may have even run a sample in it.   @lifeinabox @fairlynerdy this could actually happen. We'd use the Walt fit and you can specify inseam on it. Would be...
 @rydenfan all of us want that Batik! You'd wear it with a linen band collar shirt, light wash jeans, white tennis trainers.  Once you submit a photo of said outfit, we'll send you a delightful gift with purchase:      @L.I.T. that's all we got for now, but if anyone could pull off that whole suit, it's definitely you! You'd be a legend in the LBC! 
 @Don L haha, I think you could rock that thing hard! Very Japanese style to do it as a whole suit.  Well Japanese style or 1989 Dancehall Reggae style. I'm a fan either way. 
We're building out the Southwick Spring stuff as we speak. Just throwing this out there to start...  
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