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 Wait! That would mean I'd have to buy a pair of suede shoes too
 Most guys would wear the same size in Chucks as our trainers, but it depends on how you're wearing the Chucks. If you're always wearing them barefoot and very fitted, then you'll probably want to size up a half if you intend to wear the trainers with thicker socks.  For @malwear - go with the Sport Trainer in 11. I'd stick more with your Forest Last size for that. You're going to get them in October and probably want to wear them with thicker socks in the cold months....
 Thank you for picking up the sneakers and for posting this here!  We've been selling a lot of sneakers these days, and I generally answer an email like this 2 or 3 times a day. The good news is: I'm nearly positive that this size will work for you. From my side: 1) Sneakers, handsewns (boat shoes, loafers), and mocs (think Rancourt, Quoddy styles) that are made with full grain leather will always stretch and break in. It absolutely has to happen, and it's a natural...
On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 12:22 PM, wrote: Dear Sir, I would like to seek your advice on the sizing for the sport trainers. My Converse Jack Purcell and All Star are in US9 but the tag also shows EU42.5. Which size would you advise, US9 or US9.5? Thanks,       Thanks for your email! You're going to love these horsehide trainers. Overall, our lasts are consistent with US sizing, so I'd advise the US9 / EU42 for you.    Cheers, Mike Kuhle    
Here's our FC High sample after four days of roasting in full soon on my roof and a good slathering of pure mink oil. This tanned perfectly!
 Good question. Actually, they are kind of similar. Dulce is paler and a bit more orange, but I'd say that they'd serve the same place in your collection. You may get more use out of the Graphite if you don't already have something like that.  Persian Blue is a fantastic color too. Would look impossibly fresh with white sneakers.   They look great! Best color of all time with denim. 
Exactly. We wanted to switch it up a bit. The tagged size thing is totally confusing, but order your normal Epaulet size and it should work.We'll hopefully have this for the Fall with Individualized. Flannel popover possibilities!
 Not heavy at all - comparable to the regular canvas Rivet chino. For Canada, you can probably wear them until early Oct. Warmer climates could do them year-round. And yes, these should absolutely fade with wear. They'll already be a nice muted color.
"Ends For Friends" Rivet Chino June Corduroy & Oxford Cotton   It lives! We've got 12 fabrics to choose from. Order now and they'll be delivered around early-mid August. Each piece is $140 and you can choose your fit (old or new), your inseam length, your fly (button or zip), and twill taping or no.   The fabrics are really excellent. Great colors on the oxford, really beautiful hand on the cords. "Dulce De Leche" would bring some major pain with a navy sportcoat!
 Thank you! Sea Canvas is 10oz, so it's lighter than a jean but thicker than the typical khaki. It's a true year-round fabric, but whether you like it in the high heat is kind of up to you. I wear shorts pretty much every day in the summer, but I'm looking at five dudes outside in really heavy jeans.Great suggestion for the email box - I sent that along to our team.  Maybe. Grinding through a lot right now, it may be Tuesday for that one.
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