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Plane landed on Sunday! Depending on customs clearance, we should have them in-hand either Wednesday or Thursday. They'll be online and ready for sale this weekend regardless. Can't wait to see how those came out.Haha, that's hilarious!
Agreed. That's something that the tannery might be able to do as an exclusive. They already use a navy dye, so it's just a question of developing a true indigo variant of that.
Ah yes, forgot about that - I'll put that in. All Alabaster leather.The Unfinished Horse is going to be huge. One of the most interesting and comfortable leathers that I've ever worn. It feels great!Honestly, I probably wouldn't dye it. The charm is watching it age naturally. The indigo-dye concept is cool though!
Sport Trainer Group Buys for Tomorrow Hey guys, Want to run some things by you. So, we've got three Sport Trainer projects planned for tomorrow: 1) Reorder of our existing white calf/grey suede model. We're going to stock this, so you only really need to order if you want a size smaller than 8 or larger than 12. You can order it up front if you want to absolutely guarantee a pair as well. 2) For white canvas, we're going to have to order in that material. It comes from...
Ah sorry, they're all out. We have more Sport Trainers coming in a few weeks though - they'll be a light grey calf / grey suede version and a Mocha Couro Cromo / mocha suede.They look awesome!Is there such a thing as a "Wine Ghetto?"Ah sorry, they are all dust in the wind. Was rad when we had them.
ACE! I love that shirt.With all of the sneakers, getting the length right is the most important dimension. You can expect both the height and the width of the shoe to break in and stretch with wear. And that's really the case with any leather or suede sneaker.But you don't want them to be too short. For me, a 9.5 feels a touch tight on the first wear, but I simply wear them with thin dress socks the first dozen or so times. After that they loosen up to a more comfortable...
Looks ace!!Edit: sorry, I've been on this gif-posting tip for a week
Whoa, thanks for all of the sale orders guys - things are blazing over here!So yes, we've added quite a lot of good stuff to the sale. Some things to note:1. Granite Doyles and Candiani Kamigatas are two of our best EPLA pieces. I just made a lot of them, a while back. The Doyles are on sale because we're getting a big restock of duck canvas doyles in a few weeks. And the Candiani Kamigata is always lagging behind the Crosshatch one. Which it shouldn't - because the...
Even Sansa Stark still has to give it up for that fit (and she had a rough time last week)
New stock pant alert! Walt Trouser in Java Hopsack: $265 Right behind the famed Indigo Hopsack, Java has been our second-best selling MTO color. It's a perfect medium-brown tone that matches both navy and grey jackets wonderfully.
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