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 @eljlakers 2014 production is still going strong!   @rydenfan Epaulet Los Angeles upside your head!   @Thefenceposts yup, absolutely. We're waiting on more fabric to arrive, but figure about six weeks  @Don L man, you wear our Alden Makeups so well!   @nickpapagiorgio nope, not too late. I had a bunch of NYC guys coming by for fittings, so Southwick extended the deadline until tomorrow. We'll mention the new deadline in tomorrow's newsletter  @bry2000 oh my god, this has...
 @applky Oh no, I mean including Summer. It's definitely intended as a warm-weather fabric. Unfortunately that swatch was lost in the mix, so it's the one fabric that we don't have. 
 @JR Magat second week of June my man! 
Quick pic from the store on Saturday. Here's me and @NewYawker - the "King of the Gable Trouser"   On me: Secret new sportcoat, Individuaized Chambray Oxford, Taylor Military Twill Trouser, Shell Cordovan Sport Trainer On him: Formosa jacket, Individualized shirt, Gable trouser, and an ass-kicking tie and pair of shoes where I'm not sure of the brand.   
 @ReversoLover planning those guys in about a month or so  @acw816 they're already in the States now, just waiting for them to clear customs. We'll do a big newsletter once they come in.   @heldentenor great meeting you too and enjoy the shoes!   @cyclohexane really nice styling on that - thanks for posting the pics  @KPDarb we changed belt vendors in Portugal and are now making them at the same place as the Saffiano bags. We should get them in about a month - along with...
Took a pretty photo of the Saffiano Derby being worn. I'm in love with this last. I need to find a good name for it.      @cyclohexane - Sony A7RII with the new 85 1.4. I think that this is shot at 1.6 or so. 
 @Viral unhemmed would have to be MTO, but we can certainly put that through for you. You can do this:  1) Order Teal Italian Cotton Twill with the specs that you want from this item (it's the same price) 2) In the special comments section write "USE LIGHTWEIGHT COTTON KHAKI #1838" We'll punch it right through and you get to design it yourself. The MTO pant will come unwashed.   @peppercorn78 we can definitely work off of pics, but I'd need them to be from a bit further...
And thanks for all of the Carmina/Vass purchases guys!   I know that they look wacko without their laces, but you should seriously consider those Antelope boots if you wear an 11D. They will change your life. 
 I vote welt breast and open patch hip. The open patch breast is going to look pretty busy with that bold patten. I'll typically advise guys to just get 3-patches on solids. 
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