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Got the final approval sample of our Union Jersey L/S Henley. It's going into work for a mid-March delivery
Ah, sorry - you might be confused with the name. Margom is the manufacturer of our sole - it's an Italian brand. Like Vibram. Their soles come in all different colors and styles.If you mean the Alabaster trainer with the gum-colored sole, then I've got this one handy:And a few studio pics from our friend Jacob at American Trench:
Belt Restock Hey guys, We just received a small restock of our three best-selling belts. About 20 units per style. I know that quite a few of you guys were interested in them. Horween was backordered on Chromexcel for a while, so this is going to be our last restock until mid-April. Here's the links: CASUAL BELT NATURAL HORWEEN CHROMEXCEL $95.00 CASUAL BELT BROWN HORWEEN CHROMEXCEL: $95.00 DRESS BELT SNUFF SUEDE: $85.00
I'll let the other guys tell you their thoughts, but I have two fit photos of the white/grey trainers:
We've been getting some great fit pics on Instagram as well. Here's some recent ones: Navy Cowhide Moto Jacket Cross-Hatch Kamigata Ends for Friends Turqouise Donegal Trouser Green Flannel Trousers and Alden x Epaulet Innsbruck Alt Wien Grape Heather Heirloom Sweater Ends for Friends Rudy Trouser in Barberis Cream of Wheat Alden x Epaulet Alpine Grain Taunton Boot Alden x Epaulet Innsbruck Indy
^ Love it! Great match with the GMT too.
Haha, yes - Adele and I are on a little vacation this week in Florida with the in-laws. I had all of these grandiose schemes of putting everything online before we left, but the baby had different thoughts in that regard. Now that we're settled in, I'll be able to crank some things out this week. Should be a lot going up.We've got some new merchandise in as well. I'm in a bit of a clothing drought, as my new shirts and trousers are running late, but two more brand new...
Hey Mike,Sure, if you need to do any changes then go ahead and email us. The official deadline was Friday, but I can put through something last-minute for you guys.If you want cuffs, then I'd suggest adding a full 2-3 inches to your normal inseam length, depending on how thick you want the cuffs to be.And yes, the herringbone tape is sewn on the inside.Absolutely, we've got a "monochrome pack" of all-white and all-black Tennis Low's and Tennis High's. They're sold leather,...
Oh, and speaking of sneakers, one of my favorite in-store customers came in wearing these: Couple of months old and still sparkling! These were the original white trainers from Summer of last year. Pic taken two days ago.
Good call. I didn't see any oxblood in my initial swatches, but it seems like that would be a color they'd make. We'll have extra stock in all five the offered colors (Saddle, Loden, Black, Mocha, Navy) when they arrive. Should be around mid-March.Tundra boot has a really nice ring to it. I love that!We're going to do a lookbook shoot for these when they come in - something pretty outdoors and woodsy. We have a lot of possibilities with this factory, so there will be some...
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