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In other news, the Epaulet suits came in. Holy s***, I'm thrilled with them.    I want to talk about the marketing strategy with you guys in the next few days, because I think that they're really unique. You won't believe how light and comfortable these jackets are. The fit is really excellent and this 110's cloth is great. We took some very quick preview shots of the DB. I'm wearing a 40 for reference. I take a 40 Vittorio, a 41 Southwick, a Large Epaulet shirt, Large...
 @Duke Silver thanks for posting - glad that you're so pleased with them!   @duff406 no, we don't have anything on deck for Rivet EFF's. The only new Rivet item will be incoming stock in Oxford cloth (I think blue and grey). We're about 10 days out on that.   @El Argentino I actually just got some shipping confirmations today, so things should be grinding out soon
 @Nik Telford Sure, you definitely can. The Taylor made up brilliantly in the Military Twill. It's probably going to be a little stiff when you get it (like a jean) but some wash and wear will quickly soften it up. It's a great fabric for Canada.   @dalevy sorry, they won't do that for the EFF promo - it has to be stock details so that they can cut some things together. We can only accommodate that for full price MTO's
Last category is online!   Couple of notes:    1) If you like tough-ass cotton pants, then don't miss out on the Brisbane Moss stuff. It's officially the strongest khaki twill that Hertling has ever carried. And it's not something that Brisbane usually makes - it was a special commission for them. You can't wear it in the Summer, but it will be awesome when the weather cools down. Just 12 units in each color are available.    2) The double-faced stuff is fun for...
 Meant to write this earlier... the shirt is slim on you, but it's not popping out. Honestly, I have guys coming in the store looking for that exact fit all of the time. I think its flattering, as long as you're comfortable in it. But you're going to want to dry clean that one. Which isn't a bad idea for a high end Albini linen anyway. 
 And @FLW  officially wins the internet for today! That made me nearly spit out my coffee LOL
Cotton linen blends are fully updated and built out. Couple of notes:    http://epauletnewyork.com/products/hertling-ends-for-friends-trousers-jun-16-cotton-linen-blends   1) Steamed Milk Cotton-Linen is seriously rad. It's an ecru color in person with these dark charcoal slubs running throughout it. Rad way to do a white-ish pant that's not actually white. Would be unstoppable with a navy coat.  2) I'm in love with the idea of a Scarlet Gable (as mentioned...
 @Mghart two of them are, and then there's some other weird and cool stuff. There's two heavy cottons that you might like - actually thicker than the current Japanese Military Twill. It was made for a Japanese account that I'm not allowed to mention but the name starts with a "B" and it rhymes with "Seams." It's an awesome British twill that they specially commissioned. 
 Haha @metranger8694 haha, you and me both.  I'm just hoping that Tricky will move to Los Angeles so I can learn some of his workout skillz.   You know what, we can make it. I don't have any pics but if you guys really want it, then I'll put it through. Would have the same $15 upcharge. Just order the fabric as a Taylor trouser and send me an email that you'd like a short. I'd do a 9" inseam on that for sure, as any higher will make it look really out there. 
@metranger8694 agreed - it's a bit tight there, although I imagine that it looks fine if you tuck it in. Letting it ride over the hips and pants always makes it grab you if its on the edge. But for future shirts, I think that we can build in an inch at the waist to take care of that. Still looks great overall. 
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