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Sure will. Our UPS delivery got rescheduled though, so we'll have a disclaimer that it will only ship on Tues/Wed. We were supposed to receive the stock on Friday, but such is the way when there's an impending holiday weekend.
I'd go for a Medium. EPLA runs sort of in between EPNY shirts. Most guys take the same size in both fits, but if you're on the edge of an EPNY size, then sizing up for EPLA typically yields a great fit.I take an EPNY large, but it's right at the limit for me. An EPLA X-Large is perfect on me.Yes, those are going to be absolutely killer. It's a great fabric! I really love how wool Rivets make up. It's usually a bit cost-prohibitive to make them, but doing them as Factory...
Oh, I'd say that it's really different in color. Pine is a dark green, pretty English looking. Jade was a lot lighter, plus it was faded out. This doublefaced cotton is not washed or garment dyed, so it's really punchy. That said, you've got to decide how many in-your-face pants you can have in the collection
Thanks for posting this! I've got two more categories: Patterned Flannels and Solid Flannels. I'll have them up this evening.Yes, the main color is the outer color, and the second one is on the interior.These are some of the nicest double-faces that I've seen. Love that Pine color!
Two quick photos to show. First off, if you ever wondered what the guts of a Southwick lapel looks like, then wonder no more: Next, here's a preview pic of the black leather MA-1 Jacket that we're running from Schott this season. Should be here around mid-September. The fit on this is absolutely perfect.
Yes sir to both!Going through the factory as we speak - along with the distressed Cone selvedgeGot you back!Haha, I like to wear the last button open for no reason at all - I just think it looks cool. With the right cuff and the right watch, it adds an extra bit of... I like working cuffs, and I generally suggest to to anyone ordering MTO jackets or suits who is pretty confident in their sleeve length. I just recognize the utility of keeping them non-functional on OTR pieces.
Oh no, the Rivet is here to stay - we're rolling out new fabrics for the Fall as we speakIt's just a trend thing over there. Young Italian bros want to have the buttons open for that bespoke look. That's more important than proper sleeve length to them.
Still in development, unfortunately. I'm also jean-less until the Fairfax comes out.Absolutely. They'll all come pre-washed to adjust for shrinkage too.We do this to a degree right now. If you purchase a Southwick jacket, then the button holes are not actually stitched. It's a form of "soft finishing." You can make the sleeves functional or easily have them shortened. But you can also wear it straight off the rack, which most of our customers do. I think that's the best...
Very cool! Yes, I'm a firm believer in non-working buttons for OTR pieces - we have that on every branded and co-branded jacket that we offer.Even the Vittorio. And believe me, Italian dudes WANT those buttons to work. That was a bit of a fight.For sweaters, we'll have both the Hardie Cardigan again (I believe in Navy and Tobacco), and our "Heirloom Cardigan" made by Northern Watters Knitters in Canada will return again. We'll also do a smattering of Scottish crewnecks and...
No it won't. It will have a basic sportcoat cuff hem with two buttons. That way it can be easily shortened if need be.
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