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Great combo. This angle is kind of cracking me up too.Excellent - glad to hear that you're so pleased with it! Thanks for picking it up.Oh you can absolutely wear the Navy Doyle and indigo jeans. The color on the doyle is a lot lighter, and the texture and finish is totally different. Both of them are equally wearable that way IMO.Absolutely agree. This is a great breakdown of the ways to wear denim on denim.I would say that the Asbury could be worn with really any bottom...
Thanks for picking them up - they look great!You said it brotherThey killed Kenny!We got them in about a month ago. We had a few 30's on hand, but it looks like we're sold through on that size. I'm going to reorder it, so you can certainly get in on the trouser without any kind of MTO upcharge if you're interested in the full suit.
Quick fit shots here. The notorious gwhitehead stopped by the Santa Monica store for an Asbury jacket. Iphone shots by Adele:
Good question. Southwick is really slow with this season's price list and MTO swatches - let me drop them a line and find out.Yes, thanks for reminding me. Unfortunately, it's not going to work. They don't really keep any extra inventory in Longs, and they're not interested in doing an in-season buy for it. Basically the only way for me to get it is to order them the season before (ex order now for delivery in Sept). As much as dudes like LBM, I don't think that's going to...
Haha, I'll let him and Matt outline that. Perhaps we'll offer it as an e-book download. I have to say, it's been 100% effective for everyone but me. Maybe we can rival the San Diego diet!
Two New LBM Jackets Quick note - we just received two really killer pieces: L.B.M. 1911 Double Breasted Navy: $750 I'm a HUGE fan of this piece. Some of you guys might know that I have it in white. I find DB's a bit hard to wear in most instances, but this is comfortable and easy. I wear this Navy one in Santa Monica a few times a week. The fit is really spot on. L.B.M. 1911 Single Breasted Olive Silk/Linen Donegal: $745 I like to call things "The Best." But I try...
Haha, no you're entirely right. No knock on Logan as I've currently got the opposite of his "too slim for Epaulet OTR" issue. Somehow Adele's former pregancy weight is finding its way back to me. Possibly related to how quick and easy the pizza place is when you're exhausted.
Yup, that was an MTO. Logan's been on the signature Epaulet Weight Loss Plan which has made him a bit smaller than most of our off the rack fits, so things are looking deceptively baggier on him these days. Dylan's going to resume most of the fit modeling, and we've got a new guy as well who's coming on board soon.
Yes, we've got enough to do about a dozen MTO's. Exact same batch of fabric as the current season Walt Grey Hopsack, so this prime time to pick up the whole suit. This fabric tends to get zapped pretty quickly by in-store guys looking for wedding suits. Drop us an email and Matt can set it up for you. MTO jacket would be $750, OTR trousers are $265, so a hair over a grand for both pieces. We can also do vests now too for a 3-piece joint....About an inchLoving the suit!...
Wait, haven't I seen those shoes before?I think that you could swing a 36 on this. We've got more on order and we'll restock it shortly.Excellent - thanks for picking it up and glad that you're so pleased with it!
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