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Hey guys! Thanks so much for the orders. This is going great - I actually haven't publicized the sale anywhere outside of here. I'm glad that you guys are able to take advantage of the deals.    Gonna start listing stuff from Cali. I'll do all of the sportcoats next. 
Okay guys, that's all that we're going to list today. I've got a bunch of Sportcoats in 38, 40, and 42 to go live tomorrow. Random shirts, and about 20 pairs of trousers. Thanks for all of your orders today! 
We had two original photo samples of Museum Calf in size 10 (Tennis Trainer & Combat Boot), just loaded them in...
 @dupedd yeah, you should have no problem. Taking it in 1.5" is fine, especially at the top. The legs will be big, but it's already a pleated, full-leg style, so everyone is just going to think "that's his steez" Although you could certainly take them in too if you want. 
 Pretty sure it's going to work for you. I'm a 41 SW and I've got room in this sample - you can see that it's not too tight on me. Given the weight, you'd never have to layer under it for LV weather, so I think it's going to be a nice slim fit on you without being too tight. Length should be good too.   We chose the MA-1 as a preorder style because the shape works well for a range of sizes. 
 @duff406 it's pretty generous, should work if you can wear a Large in Individualized. I take pretty much the same sizing. 
Wow, found the original Thedi photo sample! That guy is online for $495. I've also got two remaining Field Jackets in large, both of which will be $95
Nope, still working on pants, but we do have some 40's and some smaller sizes.    In the meantime, I put up a seriously rad pair of Driggs 33 in REDA hopsack. 
^^ Haha, thanks guys - fixed that   Got an ace pair of Driggs 33 and two gorgeous Gable 31's going up
 @Viral yup, I've got one.. and a Driggs 33 that you could easily take in.  Glad that the McGee Donegal found a good home! 
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