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[/quote]Oh yes. Just a taste of good things to come.I spent all of last season promising MTO stuff, so I cleared much of the early Spring calendar to actually spend the time and build it out now. We put off most of our Spring styles until after the permafrost melts. But believe me, we're going to bring some serious pain in 2015. I've got all sorts of surprises.
Oh my gawd, Sea Canvas isIt's a pure cotton, 10oz duck that's natural indigo dyed in a varigated, irregular way. "Sea" is a reference to how this effect is like open water. Something like that!
Absolutely not - shoot me an email. If you did already, then I'll get to it later. No worries.It's going to be bonkers. I absolutely love this fabric!YES SIR! I'm happy to report that we got a fresh batch of new liner options too - some really rad stuff in there! My plan is to go live with Barberis 2 and 3-piece suiting tomorrow, and sportcoats next week.It's going to be in the next 3 weeks approximately. We're shipping an entire air container via commerical jets, so the...
You know it! Our Canadian goodyear welts should be here shortly as well.
Probably not - but I've got some rad new Rivet chinos coming through at the end of the month. We have an indigo dyed "Sea" canvas and a new 12oz speckled trouser-weight chambray.And believe me, these new fabrics are like...Definitely planning on it - we're hammering out the new production now. The shirts will be better this time all-around. The sizing is going to move out by one as well, so no more sizing down. If you take an EPNY Large, then you should be wearing an EPLA...
It's pretty light cloth, but I wouldn't say that it's going to be especially wrinkle-prone. No more so than the usual gingham sport shirt. It's an awesome fabric, especially in that huge scale
Here's the brand-new Individualized swatches for the week: "Rio Sport" The "Rio Sport" collection is a seriously bold and eye-catching lineup of large-scale stripes and ginghams. These will serve as phenomenal Spring-Summer pieces, which will be dazzling with or without a jacket. The Italian compact yarn is lightweight and exceptionally soft. You can get an idea for the scale by looking at the quarter. I'm personally going to order that Tangerine stripe. It must be the...
Individualized Promo Code: One More day Hey guys, Thanks so much for all of the orders - everyone at both Epaulet and Individualized shirt is really excited about it! We're going to make a ton of fantastic shirts for you guys. A quick quote from the president of Individualized Shirt "I want to thank you for the wonderful collaborative strategy you have planned and executed on behalf of Epaulet and Individualized Shirts. The site is right on target and it amplifies what...
Haha agreed on the polo!And what's the matter budapest - you're not a fan of male camel toe? I think that I saw those pants over at Lululemon last week.
@eddiemczee and anyone else who wants to get back on to the mailing list: "They can re-subscribe form an old message they received from you by clicking on the "Manage Your Subscription" or "Unsubscribe" link."
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