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 Congrats to the buyer! This will absolutely blow your mind in person...  I just put up this single-unit fabric too. Impossibly luxurious hand on this one.... 
World Champion Wheat Donegal. One unit only. McLaren goods from Scotland. That's all I'm saying. 
 Mid-grey. Perfect grey tone on this one. Our stock pants are going to be $250 and MTO's are $275 in a similar fabric, so this is a super-boss price for a supremely versatile fabric. 
 Fern is a really pale green. Awesome fabric - very easily matched to any top except black. Looks boss with Navy, Camel, and Grey. 
 I LOVE it in the Driggs cut.  Seriously, this is a perfect fabric for Florida. You can wear it year-round there, and it's bonkers in person.   The Oxford Grey H-bone and the Fern H-bone are both lambswool flannels. We've got more en-route soon. 
The infamous Ironwood Donegal Tweed is up....     We've got 5 pairs left in this. One of the best brown tones that I've seen - it's very easy to wear. 
 @sjmin209 I've got enough for exactly one unit. Drop me an email if you want it and we'll set that up! 
 Stormcloud is unreal, and was the most expensive MTO fabric for this season. We can make about 10 units in it. I didn't want to offer any Spring/Summer stuff but (1) this fabric is incredibly, unreasonably baller and (2) given its texture, I think you can easily wear this until late October. If you're somewhere warm, you could wear it all year. 
 Great weight for SF. Heavier than 120s, lighter than flannel. Way more expensive and finer yarn than what we've ever offered for stock Walts. These are leftover goods from production runs for Paul Stuart. 
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