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Perfect grey is a shiny, luxurious 110s fabric. Very Italian. Very dress pant. Feels fantastic, but there's no way it's ever going to be anything but casual.Antique grey has some streakiness to it and a crisper hand. I could see it with boots and a more causal getup.But if you need a true dress pant, then you'll be thrilled with "Perfect Grey." The hand on it is incredible.
110 is the thread count. It's got a gorgeous yarn behind it. They're a year-round, very luxurious basic dress pant.
We're back everyone! New fabrics up in a few minutes. Including some seriously luxurious one-off Barberis 110 pants.And on the cross-hatch grey - it's more of a medium grey. Really perfect traditional color but not boring.
Hey guys, we're taking a quick lunch break. Back with more fabrics around 2
Blue Thunder!!!!
Switching gears back to heavier fabrics. We found another 10 units of Chessboard Tweed, so that's back. And I've got two one-off and seriously awesome Donegals. Up in a few.
Big props for catching the Uncle Nutzy's Clubhouse reference!
So glad that you asked! Next up is Antique Grey Cross-Hatch Tropical. Incredible fabric - really dry hand and airy weave. Interesting up close, but still totally conservative. We have enough for 20 units, so lots to go around.
It's actually so, so good. This isn't the kind of stuff that we usually carry, but this "Jordan Almond Linen" (that's Dylan's name for it) is really rad. Great hand on it - nice and thick for a linen trouser. I think that it's Irish yarn. These colors are about as "go to hell" as it gets.
Yes, unless the walt fits you really tightly and you feel like you're the edge of going up a size. In that case, go up one inch.
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