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Alden Shell Cordovan Alt Wien Open Stock   Hey guys, I want to post this before today's email. We received a batch of Color 8 Shell Alt Wiens from our Jan 2014 order - and they are absolutely stunning! We have exactly 8 units of open inventory - 2 size 8.5, 2 size 9, 2 size 9.5, and 2 size 11. All are D width. If you've been waiting on these shoes, then definitely strike while the iron is hot!   ALDEN FOR EPAULET COLOR #8 SHELL CORDOVAN ALT WIEN: $695
 @halcyon725 I know that @rydenfan was interested in one of these. If you find someone to transfer it to, just email me the details. They can simply reimburse you for the deposit and pay me the balance directly.   @edubs01 Nice choices! You're going to love both of them.   @nickpapagiorgio we had that going around the time of the Styleforum event, but the promo expired. Probably have something along those lines again in the Spring.   @Don L really awesome! Love the match...
 @Wooderson great fit on that and nice choice on the color!     @justinkapur boss fit on that!   @lifeinabox a few people have, but it depends on how you want it to fit. It's designed to fit closely, just because most jackets in this shape are pretty oversized. I've had a few guys in the store size up on it, and it's still sharp on them.   @eljlakers I believe so, those should be coming very soon.   @jglenn777 thank you sir! I think that you'll really dig them in...
 @MacktasticGDogg yup, we're planning on a shipment from Portugal by end of week. We'll have Stingray Sport Trainers, Combat Boots (black and saddle), Leather Backpacks, and our new ladies' bag.  I'll post up later on the ladies' bag, but it's really, really fantastic. It's going to be priced at $350 and will make a boss last-minute gift. 
 @SteveH35 Thedi is shipping everything on Friday 12/11. Won't be long now.   @Don L @SteveH35 no firm dates on any other Alden styles, but I believe that we're getting a few things right before the end the year or immediately afterwards.   @rydenfan ah man, sorry about that! Wait, maybe I can sell you TWO pairs of CHUPS to wear at the same time - make that 8.5D fit without a problem. 
 @Mghart sure will - it's going to be later on this evening. I'll email everyone that link and we'll be able to ship these tomorrow. 
 You got it - the long-awaited Natural Innsbruck Indy has arrived! It has the nicest looking batch of Natural CXL that I've seen.  About 18 units are pulled for pre-orders - you guys will receive an email and balance payment link tonight. We've got 12 units for open stock, sizes 8.5D through 11D only. Here's the link:      NATURAL CHROMEXCEL INNSBRUCK INDY BOOT: $585
 @venividivicibj nope, we just get one delivery per season. The current markdown stock is all that's left.  BTW, the same goes for CHUP socks. I never anticipated this, but we sold an insane amount of them in the last few days. Like well over 150 pairs. If anyone digs something from the CHUP selection then definitely grab it sooner than later. We'll probably start selling through individual patterns by the end of the week. I clearly should have bought more of them. You...
I am going to have some VERY exciting footwear news for you all this evening
 @Don L Ah those were only made in 32-34. We've got 36 samples in the Como, but mostly linens.  I did get a bit of news though: quite a few guys have requested an MTO Walt or Rudy in the Purple Haze Crosshatch flannel that we're using on the Gable. I've actually got enough cloth to cut six special orders in it. Would be $285 each. I'll put together an online item for it. That fabric is out of this world. 
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