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 @HOT Sriracha should be shipping from Portugal in about two weeks. Once I have the confirmed invoice and breakdown of what's flying, I'll do a quick pre-sale here.  You don't have to preorder them, and if you do, they won't be final sale or anything, but it will be a way for you guys to have first crack at the incoming stock. I believe that we're also getting a white grain Tennis Trainer with a gum sole and black suede rear piece. 
 @JR Magat - thanks for your order! And sure that's no problem, I put a note to keep the order open until you confirm with us via email. Take your time. The current Individualized items don't have any set end date. Every week we get new fabrics and a list of stock-outs, so we just take fabrics off the site as Individualized sells them through. Most of the fabrics stick around for a while. I'm glad that you picked up that Cromwell Tattersall now though. Individualized's...
 @rydenfan That's a great call. Any non-suede's that you'd like to see the Olmsted in? Alden has a country calf grain which is really soft and could look rad with that shape:  
Alden Epaulet Taunton Boot   Shot a new pic of these guys a little earlier today...   Alden for Epaulet Taunton Boot in Cognac Alpine Grain: $585       And a great pic of @GusW in his custom Epaulet by Individualized shirt. He picked a boss shade of pink for that one!   
 You and me both! They're going to be rad.   Yup, we've got a new batch en-route in long sleeve union jersey. Fall colors are midnight indigo, merlot, and off-white.    Absolutely. We'll do a few Alden preorders this month, and let's definitely offer that. @EP Dylan will be coordinating all that.   Great to see that this suit is still going so strong!   Sharp match as always! 
Here's a great pic of the Alden snuff suede Olmstead bluchers from IG
Hey guys, here's a big roundup post of Instagram fit photos. Most of these were posted by IG members who tagged Epaulet on their photo.     Epaulet trousers (navy flannel, I believe?)   Ends for Friends REDA Crosshatch trousers #1     My personal Individualized Shirt in Navy dot print with the New Bond collar     Ends for Friends REDA Crosshatch trousers #2   Grape Linen Trousers from (I believe) 2013. And Carmina burgundy calf double monks....
 @aldenfan  You're totally right to be cautious about "fitting from a photo." It's normally going to be a terrible way to determine your fit. But this will work because I'm looking at a photo of you in our shirt. I know the measurements and the specs inside and out. We're just going to see where the Epaulet XXL is not working for you and we're going to tweak those parts. It's not a perfect setup, but it's worked very well for us in the past. I'll typically over-compensate...
 @aldenfan Yes and no. For the current shirting EFF, we cannot make anything larger than XXL.But for Individualized shirts, we can do anything. If you send me a clear photo of you wearing an XXL shirt then we can dial in a whole bunch of changes to make the IS shirt fit you spot on. We'll create a custom shape with your name, and you can order any Individualized fabrics (regular collection or EFF) with those spec's. All of those shirts that I photographed were from...
 @Clyde70 - Absolutely! The Rivet Chino in wool is totally confusing as it's neither a chino nor does it have any rivets. I tell the development story in our shops all of the time. You'll really love the moleskin if you want to give it a try - the fabric is awesome
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