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BTW, put a couple of Aldens into our sale section. We're going to discontinue these styles going forward. Great chance to grab them off price! Just scroll to the bottom of this page. 
 @epc2 we had about 3 pairs listed two days ago - they all sold.    @althanis Ah yeah, you're right about that.   @Rowland Not at the moment, but next Tuesday we're going to have a brand new special order leather project. We're doing a huge thing around Saffiano leather. You can get the Chelsea, Combat, a new Jodphur, trainers, and a whole bunch of small leather goods in three colors of Saffiano. Gonna be epic!   @nickpapagiorgio got a few more things to list today, but...
Turns out that we just have one trouser in size 28.. but it's a killer one!!    Okay, these are all the products that we're going to list for today, thanks again for all of your orders. I'm just gonna keep this sale private, we won't promote it in tomorrow's newsletter.    If you haven't seen it already.. this is the link:
 Jim from Individualized just told me that he's sending me donegal linen swatches for shirting @Nik Telford I just need them to have shell cordovan buttons... and then we have created the perfect Styleforum product!  
 haha @theh00d , lemme shoot some now
 Thanks! @concealed you're gonna love it! Okay guys, got four pairs of Cord Tweed trousers going up - just found them in a little stack here in the office. 
@Duke Silver two jackets in your size coming up. Sleeves are a little shorter than stock, but I think that they'll be fine for you. 
 Haha, would seem that way. Since I ordered the LBM samples, all of the regular size ones had my name inside them. And then we did a second round of samples which all said "Mr. Epaulet." 
 Yup, that's the link, things are just moving really fast.  Someone should totally grab those Navy Museum sneakers. They're the most popular size, and that color is really rad!   @Nik Telford good timing - you're gonna love it! We'll find some boss shirt fabrics to match up with it!  For any 42R's... I've got a coat in that same fabric going up in a little bit. Next up will be two seriously dandy DB's in size 40R
Hey guys! Thanks so much for the orders. This is going great - I actually haven't publicized the sale anywhere outside of here. I'm glad that you guys are able to take advantage of the deals.    Gonna start listing stuff from Cali. I'll do all of the sportcoats next. 
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