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Agreed, the Bernard is slimmer than our Southwick jackets, so going up should be good at least in the chest/shoulders. You can always have the body brought in a touch if needed.You certainly have some break, but it's not too long IMO. Just up to your preference. I'd find it long for dress trousers, but for chinos I think that it's fine. Most tailors will take the inseam up for you again at no charge if they didn't go far enough.
Glad that you guys dig the Alden makeups! Should be a quick turnaround on them as well, as those are easy leathers, and shoes are faster than boots.
Also heads-up to Samuelsohn Bernard fans, I'm putting two jackets online within the next 10 minutes. They are the very LAST of our Samuelsohn discount bonanza! These will be in the sale section at 50% off original price. They never made it onto the site last season.
Friday is definitely three Alden preorders:Innsbruck Alt Wien in Brown CXLInnsbruck Alt Wien in Natural CXLIronside Alt Wien in Earth Chamois with matched metal eyes
Yeah, a medium-dark brown. Still pretty rich in tone, so I didn't call it chocolate.It's a freaking beautiful color! I'm building out all of the other MTO Trousers tonight, so you'll be able to see the full assortment later on. We've got a lot of good stuff to present. You can also see the new options programming that we have. It has conditional logic, so if you just want the stock shape, then it saves you a few steps. If you want to customize it, then you can spawn all of...
Should work. Even it its a little big (it will be pretty close if you can properly wear a Southwick 39), then you should still have no problem wearing a sweater under it. A lot of guys intentionally sized up for that.
To whoever buys the Redford Suede Sportcoat, the Filson x Cabourn hunting coat and the original Wool Single-Breasted Veneto: the value for dollar that you're going to receive is absolutely going to blow your mind!
70% off Original Prices! It's the final hurrah for Fall '14!! (and a bit of Fall '13) http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale
Nothing yet - still trying to pace out all of the special order stuff that we're doing. It's still in the plan though.
Rock and roll! Thanks for coming by the store, and enjoy those trousers!
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