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 @budapest12 I'd definitely call it a 3-season fabric. Weight is in-between a dress trouser and a flannel. I'd have no problem wearing them late Sept thru May in NYC  @tkliebert oh man, my apologies, that was a mistake on our end.  I just made a second code, it does not have a limitation for use. Punch this in and it should work:  TROUSER-FALL16-PROMO-TEN The original one works too if you haven't already used it.   @loanshark we're selling the Cord Tweed like gangbusters,...
 @Michigan Planner hey guys, sorry about that - was a mistake on our end. We can definitely take orders against khaki corduroy tweed, it's back in the dropdown
Hey guys!   Here's the code, sending out our newsletter now. A few guys placed orders without the codes, we'll refund 10% against your purchase, no worries.    TROUSER-FALL16-PROMO-10%OFF
The guys were shooting the new product today... but I'm just gonna toss this out there. This shirt freaking blew me away!        Made in Portugal, New Bond Collar. Gonna be $110, we made 18 units. I'll have it online in a few days
Hey guys!   Apologies, fell a little bit behind on things for the Hertling launch today. It's gonna go live tomorrow, but I shot videos for both collections (wool & cotton) and I'll post those up later today for you to check out.    It's not an "Ends for Friends" event, it's going to be a 10% discount off of MTO fabrics for the Fall. Most of these fabrics will be in stock throughout the season, the only time sensitive ones will be the two Corduroy Tweed options, as...
 @duff406 yup, the fit is basically the same, Gitman fits a touch bigger, but not enough to change sizes  @BenLeaman yup, that's our shared family "Q!"  @metranger8694 yeah, it needs it. The camo jackets were supposed to have an enzyme wash. It will be a lot softer and better fitting after a few washes
  Hey guys,    It's slim pickings in our sale section, so we're gonna blow out the remaining inventory. We're getting a huge delivery from Portugal and some new Aldens by the end of the week, so gotta make room   Here's the code to get an extra 50% off of sale merchandise:    50-Off-Sale   Click here to see the sale section   And if you're a size 36, then definitely consider picking up this Luigi Bianchi Navy Pique jacket The price is insane with the extra...
 @edubs01 they'll all be up on Thursday with the promo launch
      @applky haha, we love the Ladies Light Cool James jokes over here! And you've got a Natalie Imbruglia reference for us too!  My two cents on all this:  Palazzo mitred cuff is awesome, I get it on all of my shirts.  To @FrankCowperwood 's point, the collar selection, especially the uncommon ones, is the strongest point of Individualized's appeal We've sold a lot of Artisan collars in the past few months, and I've never had anyone regret that choice - either dress or...
  Hey guys!   Quick reminder... today is the deadline for 15% off of Individualized shirts. The code expires at midnight EST, so a little under 2 hours from now.    Click here to see our full assortment of Individualized MTO shirts   Here's the code: INDIVIDUALIZED-FALL16-PROMO
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