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@el es dee ah man, they're both pretty close. Sunset Pique is a stock item now, so might be worth opting for that so you don't have the wait@dalevy I'd say to go for Steamed Milk if you've got the basic grey pant covered - it's really special@bry2000 yup, they're at the LES Store now
I just want to highlight this one fabric, as the still photos don't do it justice:      Steamed Milk Cotton-Linen is straight-up one of the best fabrics that I've ever seen. White pants always look rad, but they're hard to wear and even harder to keep clean. This has an egghell, ecru tone (like the late, great Wilshire jeans) that's really wearable, but still gives you that light pant "pop." Would be impossibly boss with that DB jacket that I tried on yesterday....
 @bkotsko oh man, this stuff is gonna fit you so well! They're sold as complete separates, so you can mix and match. The deal is:  SB Jacket: 495DB Jacket: 545Pant: 165 If you buy a SB Suit, then the price is discounted to 595. If you buy a DB suit, then the price is 645. And you'll see, the grey tone merchandises great with the navy. Some guys may opt to get a grey pant as well, or buy multiple blue pants and one jacket. 
 @gumercindo I shot one, but didn't edit it since it sold out so quickly. I'll see if I have time to do it after all of the other ones for live fabrics are complete. 
 @badsha yes, they're definitely distinct enough. When the Italians say "Vintage" wool, it usually just means that the dominant color is muted. But the blue one looks noticably blue and the olive one looks olive. You could definitely own both without duplication. I have the videos built out for both of those now too.      Wow, if these videos ever get really popular, a lot of people will know me as just a disembodied left hand.
 @AmericanThirst yup, they sure are. Definitely come see them on Saturday. You can leave with one all hemmed up on the bottom and sleeve adjusted if you need it.  And sure, we do measurements for Sportcoats and shirts all of the time. 
 @FLW thank you sir! Got a new camera to shoot them with too.  @Duke Silver - how do you like the new videos, do you notice a difference in quality from the Iphone? The lighting at Hertling is kind of rough, but we'll aim to have a full color-balanced studio in Los Angeles. 
 @NewYawker no, thank you! Thanks for taking the chance on that, it really came out banging. Popover looks rad too.  And I'll keep an eye out. As a Long Island native, I can say that it's generally an Gable-unfriendly area. As in one Gable order would represent an uptick from the current number of zero Gables. If I could somehow engineer a high-waisted, single pleat sweatpant, then I could see Epaulet Massapequa kicking some serious ass.    @budapest12 awesome, thanks for...
 Yup they sure are @applky Pretty sure an Individualized Shirt came in for you yesterday. We've got the linen promo swatches and all of those new Fall fabrics there too.  Adele and Dylan are both on today too. And you can check out the new suits!  
Got something else fun to show you guys. The stylish model before you is our dude @NewYawker         This was a bit of an experiment. NewYawker came in with a still pic from "The Talented Mr. Ripley." I believe that it was this...     Anyway, he wanted to make an short sleeve Individualized shirt that had this vibe. We didn't have this exact collar, but I looked through the catalog and found a women's collar called the "Amanda." It has a wide sweep and...
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