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Some more pics from yesterday's visit to Hertling Trousers. Julie Hertling (middle) is going to be 91 this Summer. He is the definition of "OG." The gentleman on the left in Joe Colitti - he coordinates all of the production and personally details all of the MTO orders.     
Quick fit shots today: Tropical Farmer Check Vittorio from Luigi Bianchi, Individualized Finestra Chambray shirt, Taylor Trouser, American Trench Socks, Vass Museum Calf monks, Loud-ass-and-Long-Island gold watch.       
  @duff406 you bought that LBM jacket from us, right? If so, our Vittiorio shape jives nicely with the Doyle, so go for a Doyle 42. 
I absolutely love these boots. 
 @FrankCowperwood I know, I love it too! Was a tough sell though. I think that our LA shirts were not workwear enough, but not biz-caz enough in design, especially in that fabric.  And there's just a lot of guys competing in that space these days. If you want a chambray shirt for around $85 with the online pitch of US-made and direct-to-consumer, there's a ton of options. It's not something that we're known for, so we got kind of lost in the shuffle.  Our Portugal washed...
 @esoxm actually thanks for asking, I meant to update everyone on that.  Unfortunately no, there won't be any EPLA suiting. Trying to make that sportcoat has been like pulling teeth. It's just not something that they can do - at least to my standards. That said, we're about four weeks out from our Portugal-made suit separates. Grey & Navy Barberis 110s wool. Walt cut on the trouser (with a slightly stronger taper after the knee). Vittorio shape for the single breasted...
 @avsmusic1 @tricky for real, he continues to be the best fit model in the scene?  Tricky, can we get you to move to LA?  @rydenfan is correct, there won't ever be an EFF for something like the Doyle. I'll tell you why.  Most of our East Coast factories (Hertling, Gitman, Southwick, etc) are "full package." They make one thing, they make it well, and the carry inventory to produce it. At any given time, they have hundreds of fabrics on hand and ready to cut. When these get...
 @avsmusic1 yes, although a bit less caz and a bit more biz than the overdyes.  These oxfords are better quality and a bit more dressy than the competition. They have the nice big collar roll. The fabric is soft and lighter than the really beefy oxford that we run from Gitman and New England. I think that it will be a great basic staple without any direct comparisons to anything else. 
 @esoxm yup, ain't no shank on these! 
 @Callusing I do actually have a VERY aggressive zip boots sample. It needs some work (better sole, more taper in the shaft), but it's pretty freaking rad. I'll post up photos later today. It's way crazier than any of these other samples  @esoxm oh man, once these products and the GYW boots are in place, no one will ever mutter the M-word on Styleforum again   @MKELLY ah, unfortunately not. We have new colorways of the Stevie bag, but I think that the convertible bucket is...
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