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Luigi Bianchi MTO's Got two MTO's in today. First off - this beautiful multi tattersall:        And we ran out out of light for photography but @toddv has an absolutely gorgeous Barberis navy flannel suit coming his way! It made up so killer. Really keen to hear your thoughts on the trouser fit. We ended up doing three custom suits with that promo run, and the Luigi trouser was a bit of a project for us. We measured out the Walt and then worked to translate that...
 @eljlakers glad to hear that you're enjoying them so much!   @FrankCowperwood haha, why didn't I think of that name! That's brilliant.   @FrankCowperwood ahhh, so you got one of the "raspberry pairs." We got to the bottom of that. Like Chromexcel, the exact color tones of FQH tends to vary from skin to skin. When the factory received the leather, some skins were darker than the others. The majority of the sneakers were finished in one batch, and the lighter ones were...
 ^ This photo is the very essence of "MACKTASTIC." Thanks so much for picking them up - they look awesome! 
Here's a few recent pics from customers on Instagram...   Plum Duck Rivet Chinos (available via MTO) and Natural Chromexcel Indy Boots     Alden Ironside Indy Boots     Oxford Grey Flannel Walt Trousers with a rad cuff  
   @MSchapiro I'm wearing mine today! We're going to move out of most of the Union Jersey tees, so that's why the sale is on. The henleys were way more popular, so we'll keep on trucking with them. Thermal henleys are a great piece for this weather too!   @lifeinabox that shirt made up beautifully - enjoy it!   @Don L those Vass boots look so great. You are the undisputed champ of the Alt Wien! 
 @SteveH35 Alden or a cap toe version of the combat boot?   @Todd V we received most of them and sent them out, but we've got a few stragglers arriving this week. Our promo lined up right against their Christmas holidays, so it was a bit of a crapshoot. If they had the fabric on hand then they got the jacket to us before the cutoff, but if they had to order it (as in many of the Ariston cloths), then it added a week to the lead time and meant that it's coming after the new...
 Oh I LOVE CXL. I love Couro Cromo too - thick chrome-tanned leather is phenomenal.  We're just a bit limited in colors on that, as I believe that all that Alden offers is Brown, Natural, Navy, and Black.  That said, anyone open for Black CXL Alt Wien? Could be pretty fresh if we keep the brass eyes. 
 @mdubs yeah, I haven't seen it before either. And it's hard to nail down the Color 8 CXL color, I feel like I've seen a huge variation from one batch to the next.  That said, we could certainly do some kind of oxblood calfskin version of the Alt Wien. I can also check with Alden to see if they have some other options for an oxblood/bordeaux tone. 
 @El Argentino good question, have you seen Alden run that color before? They only use certain colors of CXL in their program. If you've seen it from another vendor, then we should be able to. I definitely want to offer a run in that grained country calf - like the "Edmund" Indy. 
Couple quick fit photos from today:      Luigi Bianchi Camel Overcoat (still one unit left in size 38 for $717!) Fall 2013 Epaulet Cardigan from Scotland Individualized Shirt in Grape Rhino Oxford (New Bond collar on that) Wiggens hat that we carried in 2011 or so.      Alden for Epaulet Innsbruck Alt Wiens CHUP Socks Birdseye Flannel Rudy Trousers - I think from 2013 or so
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