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New Chromexcel Belts (and Crucial Natural Restock) The belt gods have blessed us with some new arrivals! We've had requests for matching belts in some hard-to-find variants of Chromexcel. I'm really thrilled with how these came out. They work great as a standalone item too, and you certainly don't have to wear a matched leather shoe with them. CASUAL BELT BROWN SCOTCHGRAIN HORWEEN CHROMEXCEL: $95.00 I LOVE this belt. Gives you the look of Scotchgrain but the feel of...
There's only a few pairs left, but we've got some seriously boss sale pricing on Carmina right now....
No worries - you can modify or cancel your preorder tonight without a problem. Sorry, that was my fault, as this is a straight-up reorder of an existing style
Hey guys, My apologies, I was rushing to get this online before hitting the road tonight. I can fix this in a few hours but in the meantime: 1. Ironside Indy and Innsbruck Tanker are $585 retail 2. Ironside Indy is on the Tru-Balance last, not the Barrie last Sorry for the errors - I'll get them fixed this evening
Alden May Preorders Alden x Epaulet May 2015 Preorder Deposit The preorders are up! As before, we accept a $150 deposit for preorder into any size/width that you need. The balance is payable when the boots arrive. We've got three styles on offer for this round: Ironside Indy Innsbruck Tanker The "TO Tie Guy" Snuff Suede Wingtip Boot (plaza last, brass hooks & eyes, commando sole)
Yes sir! And thanks again for coordinating this.Apologies to everyone for my confusing mockup of TO's Boot. As a rule, I don't use images from other stores, but huge thanks to @mdubs for graciously letting me use his pics.Absolutely, we accept preorders across Alden's full range of sizes and widths for the given last
Shipping from Portugal by Monday or Tuesday - we should get them about 4 working days after that. They were scheduled to go this week, but the country shut down a few days ahead of May 1st (Labor Day over there).It's a rule. Whenever you're urgently waiting on anything from Europe, there's always a holiday that you forgot to account for.
Excellent - thanks for coming by and picking them up! Glad to hear that you're so pleased with them.Oh we still have to debut the new Sea Canvas and 12oz Speckle Chambray. Next week my friends...
Yup, I had a pant made in this and it washed up very nice. Two things:1) Stick to cold wash hang dry religiously2) Wash it once before hemming
Yeah, its interesting - it's somehow unlike any grey that we've offered before. It really is like a MacBook, maybe a bit darker. It's a cool tone with a seriously luxurious yarnOh man that one is so freaking cool
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