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You know it!
Hey guys! Sorry for the delay on this, had some technical issues on my side. Mainly my home Verizon service pooped out for a few hours. I've got the speckled bomber online tonight. Going up tomorrow will be the same item in Black, Olive, and Navy Fleece. Those colors are more or less identical to the Track Hoodie colorways. The fleece bombers are $95, this speckled cloth is a bit more expensive so it's $110. Came out cool as hell! EPAULET LOS ANGELES KNIT BOMBER...
Nope, just order your usual EPNY size, that should fit on point.Our EPLA knits and wovens are made at entirely different factories. The shirts were a size small, but the jackets were TTS. And most our knits have been TTS with the exception of the crewneck sweatshirts.Whenever you wash and dye things, consistent sizing is a moving target, but we'll always fit test everything before presenting it.
Very cool!The shirts should have the new sizing, where EPLA and EPNY are more equivalent. We essentially retagged the old EPLA Large's as new Medium's and so on.The chambray is awesome - it's a 7oz Japanese cotton that should wash really nicely. Lower price as well. And the Engineer shirt has been simplified with symmetrical flap pockets.
I've got some bad Doyle news everyone.As you know, we've had a lot of delays with our LA woven production (although LA knit production is currently off the chain)I've got Doyles on order, but it's mostly restocks (olive, navy, chocolate, french blue) and a 40-unit run of natural undyed duck cavnas. That natural should deliver the linen vibe pretty well.The bad news: our projected delivery date is mid-May. And since things are usually late, that means late May or even early...
It just arrived. It's basically the best thing ever.
You and me both. Delivery was supposed to be at 9AM today, but I'm still waiting on the truck...
Oh no, I think all of them are pretty equal in presentation. If anything, the speckle might look a little more refined due to the lighter color.Thanks Gus!
You know it! You can do black body with brown sleeves or vice versa.Yup! As other guys will attest, Thedi is really making the best horsehide jackets on planet Earth for the money. This is our exclusive design with them. We'll have the order open for a few weeks, also around 4/18. Sample will be with us in SF.
Epaulet x Thedi MA-1 Preorder Preview You wanted the best, you got the best. The hottest MA-1 jacket in the world! To be revealed in full at the San Francisco Trunk show. We'll run this as an exclusive pre-order item at an absolutely killer price. You can buy it in black horse, brown horse, or a combo of the two colors.
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