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Absolutely, that's no problem. And we've got more Chambray-ish things too.We'll also have some tweeds and flannels. I don't want to be too aggressive with delivery dates, as snow and things could be an issue, but we should be able to deliver nearly all of these in four weeks, as the factory is pretty open. So don't be shy about ordering some heavier stuff - you'll still have ample chance to wear it.
Yup, and for anybody who ordered already or wants to order, don't worry about waiting - we'll contact you for the outstanding details (inseam, fly, tape) to see what you wantEDIT - Inseam is up now, still waiting on shopify to populate the other choices. But don't feel like you have to wait to order, you'll still get to choose via email.
Actually, you know what - just spoke with the factory manager and we can offer some customizations on this. We can offer:1) Specific Inseam lengths2) Button or Zip Fly3) Herringbone Taping or No tapeI'll build that in right now
Yup, they will - all in the natural color.
Shouldn't be, we haven't sold any. I've got 3 units available.And sorry for the pricing - all cotton & cotton blends are going to be $140. Wools are $175
Here's the link. I'll post this again later:http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epaulet-ends-for-our-friends-rivet-chino-event-feb-2015Maybe up to one hundred. Hard to say, but I'll stress the really rare ones.We have a lot of absolutely killer doublefaced cottons - including one now. And the linen-cotton one is really sharpAbsolutely - any size from 28 through 44You bet! Bringing the pain this week!
Don't stress - we have a LOT to show. There's going to be plenty for everyone. Dylan is digging through the crates as we speak
Hey guys, Apologies for the delay - we're having some tech issues here. Working on getting this online shortly! I think that we'll be fully functional by 11:30 Stuff is amazing though - you're really going to like it!
Hey guys! Sorry for the late check-in! Here's what's happening from our side: 1) Rivet Chino Ends for Friends is tomorrow. We'll start around 10:30 and go through about 4PM. This is the first such event for the factory, so I'm hoping that there's going to be a lot ot show - although I can't actually say how much. Even if you can't follow the event tomorrow, I'm sure that they'll be a good amount of fabric to pick through after the day is over - just like our last round...
Haha, but wait - is that our snorkel parka?If so, that ain't no faux fur! It's realer than real deal Holyfield.
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