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What do you guys think of this?      I've been really into chronographs lately, and I'm thinking of doing a big trade-in to get a second-hand version of this. Got a bunch of things that I'm not wearing very much these days.    I'm a bit concerned that it's going to be too loud, but who am I kidding - I've worn a Hawaiian shirt for like three days in a row. I like loud things sometimes. 
 We've got a PTB in work for the Fall. Along with the Calgary blucher that we have now:     It's a great idea. I'm not set up do do a liner in the Rivet, so we'd have to find a double-faced fabric. I don't have any on my radar, but I personally think that flannel-lined pants and jeans are cool 
 Totally agree. As much as I liked the rangefinder, trying to photograph children is impossible. You miss everything squinting through that little viewfinder. I use the Sony RX1 or the Iphone pretty much.  The Fuji is killer - I really dig that camera. @oisin has taken some great pics with his. 
 That depends - I could see you wearing it most of the year in DC.  It's about the typical dress pant weight, maybe a bit lighter. You'll be cold in the dead of winter, but it's great in Spring, Fall, and Summer.  And even with that, I see plenty of dudes in NYC with overcoats and regular weight suiting pants. It's not going to feel as good as tweed or flannel, but it would be fine for commuting IMO
 Haha, glad that you dig them dude! A really nice factory does those - they also make all of the knit ties for Paul Stuart.    Lots of new ones, I believe a few repeats from the last round, most of which are glen plaids and checks.  What Leica stuff are you selling off? I know how that feels. I had an M250 and a 50mm Summilux that I sold back to a dealer, and even though I took a hit on the money, it was still like like this after I left the store... 
 Fantastic. White Trousers are the greatest!   Sorry for the confusion - you can disregard how that polo looks. It was just a photo to reference the fabric. That's not my sample or the shape that we're making. We'll have a normal spread collar on ours - like what you see from Fred Perry or Ralph Lauren. It will be a "self collar" - so done in the same fabric, and not a ribbed fabric.  Honestly, I wouldn't see a linen polo in our future. Mostly because we're not a huge...
 Yeah, it's rad. Mid-weight 100% wool flannel. Not sure where it's from, but it looks like Ormezzano. Deep green hue and that great texture. We've got 4 units left on it. 
 It's freaking TUFF.   It's a Donegal wool, so pretty warm. Definitely a F/W fabric.  For year round in a warm climate, stick with the Hopsacks, the Cross-Hatch, Space Ghost, and Silver Shadow Windowpane
 Totally different in color. Cream of Wheat is an off-white, and Champagne really looks like the name. Imagine seeing the pearl grey through a champagne glass, and that's exactly it. Really incredible and very wearable tone. I'd love it with a Navy jacket - it would coordinate completely but be a little bit unusual. Ordered myself a Rudy 34 already. 
 Just put Charred Forest donegal up. We've still got a few units in Cold Hard Cash and Fern Herringbone too.  Seriously... for everyone... REDA Champagne Hopsack is an awesome color for a dress pant. 
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