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Saddle in the wild on this lovely 20-degree day
Factory Finds Sportcoats Hey guys, I know that we've got about a dozen jackets still to deliver. Rest assured, we're doing our absolute best to figure out what the hell is going on and to give you a realistic delivery time for them. As soon as we know, I'll not only post the update here, but we'll also email everyone who still needs their coat. No need to email or call us - we'll update you the very moment that we know something. Nobody wants to get these into your...
Last year yes, but not with this year's model. Definitely buy this one true to size.
Thanks dude, I appreciate it!
Tennis Trainer Fit Photos Also, just to give you some idea of how they look being worn... here's some shots from our good friend Jacob at American Trench. His brand makes fantastic jackets and socks, and we loaned him a bunch of merchandise to style his most recent photo shoot. The model is shown wearing the alabaster calf trainer.
Couro Cromo Trainers with Jeans As promised - here's some shots of the samples against our 14oz Kaihara indigo jeans. This is indoor light at night, so the colors are more yellow than they should be, but it should give you an idea of how everything matches up. It was nice for me to see the navy with jeans. It's such a dark tone - nearly a midnight blue - that it doesn't match too closely. I think that they all compliment the denim pretty well. Couro Cromo...
It has been my own personal liquid crack. I kept buying it at the actual Blue Bottle and then I discovered the pre-packaged stuff at Whole Foods.^^ and yes, this may be the single most bougie thing that I've ever said.I can't wait to get back there. We've got them here in NYC, but overall the food and the coffee scene in SF puts most other places to shame. It's just phenomenal.
My pleasure, everyone! Thanks to you guys again. In terms of the deadline, don't stress out if you're still thinking about it. If I could get everyone's answers by Thurs night, that would be great. And let me do this. I'm going to bring home one of our indigo jeans and I'll shoot each color of Couro Cromo against them. So that way you can see the shoes matched to something. I'll post up those pics later tonight.
It's pretty similar in tone - a really rich dark brown. The Couro Cromo has a waxy finish, like Chromexcel, and it's a thicker skin overall.It's not as reddish as the Alden Indy 403 boot. I'd say that it's similar in tone to this Rancourt shoe:Yes, and sorry about that. I meant to get out a bunch of emails today at work, but the store was surprisingly nutzo. I guess that a lot of people went shopping to escape the snow. I'm going to make it a late one tonight to get caught...
It's definitely a good looking leather, and there's nothing inherently wrong with it. I'm also not opposed to making shoes in it or selling it. It has a nice shine, it breaks in very well, and it's very comfortable. And kwanon's right - it's not technically corrected grain because it has a glazed top. Most sneaker leather is corrected because it's cheap and inconsistent. In this case, you've got a very nice piece of skin - and an expensive one at that - with a glazed top...
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