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 @lifeinabox thank you sir! You're going to love the Runner, it came out so fresh. I'm grabbing a pair this afternoon.   @eljlakers actually this is the first and the only style that we ordered. I'm open to suggestions of what you guys would like to see.  Once the Shell Cordo sneakers arrive, we'll tally up the remaining leather and do another round. So yeah, if anyone ever wanted a shell cordovan running shoe in their life. But that's only if you want to make the internet...
That Blackout Blackwatch is actually a remnant from a shirt we ran in like 2011.  Here's a fit pic from the legendary kgmessier. Wonder what he's up to now?   
 It's in there - number 51 @gumercindo 
 haha @lifeinabox  - they're all online now. This is officially everything for the promo. If you're cruising for Madras, I'd definitely recommend Blue Sky Mine too - it was from their highest price collection for Spring. Original retail on that was in the $215 range, and it's soft as hell. All of these are great for LA. 
 It's so good! Found a few Madras fabrics. All this new stuff is single unit.  Look out for the Blackout Blackwatch cord, it's nutzo
Hey guys, I'm loading in some last minute swatches to the New England Ends item as we speak. Newsletter will be out in about an hour.    EPAULET SHIRTING OCTOBER 2015 ENDS FOR FRIENDS
 @Beatlegeuse they should be with next week's shipment - that includes the restock of the Saddle Tennis Trainers @PartagasIV great lineup right there!   @lifeinabox hoping for it to finish up in Los Angeles in the next week or so. I changed the zipper mid-stream to get a better, more expensive model and that tacked on some more time to production.  Ah well... November is going to be a killer month for new stuff! 
 @clarksdb I think that Johnstons makes the best scarves for the money, hands-down. We've carried these lambswool solids in the store since 2009, and we sell hundreds of them for the holidays. They're soft, warm, and pretty rugged. Big difference between lambswool and cashmere, but it's nice to have a affordable wool scarf in (1) a vibrant color that you wouldn't normally buy or (2) for something that you don't have to stress about keeping track of. 
 @Michigan Planner it's coming - just a few weeks late. My last date was shipping on Friday for our receipt on Tuesday.  We ordered these ages ago, but there's only one person at the factory who can competently do the pockets. She's had some health problems and can only work part time. The shirt jackets got a ton of press, so they received a lot of orders, and it's a massive freaking bottleneck. Should be here any day now.  Also stock Walt/Driggs are set to arrive next...
Hey guys,    We're winding down over here, going to finish off with some ends.. coming up now..
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