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 Ah, I actually wish that I had more pics. It's an older style, so it's been totally deleted off of our site. That one pic is left on our mostly defunct Tumblr page.  Well, I can show you a bit of a comparison. This is what we have now, from Abraham Moon in the UK.   And this is the Italian Donegal:   The Moon goods are using yarns in noticeably different tones, so you have a heathered look to it. The Italian goods are more monotone and the color is darker...
 Well, it's just a different concept than the Smith jeans. I'd actually love to hear your feedback on it.  So, we'll never be a "jeans brand," and I can accept that. For a lot of customers, that will take us out of the running altogether when they're thinking about a jean.  Doing our usual concept (make a great fitting shape in a big range of fabrics) is really problematic with jeans. Different denims shrink at different rates, so it's very difficult to ensure a consistent...
Italian Donegal Tweeds added to Ends Promo   Hey guys, I just loaded in two more fabric options. These are definitely the last ones for this round:        These aren't actual ends - they're older fabrics that the factory is marking down. We stocked them a few years back. It's a great fabric. The main differences between this and the UK donegal that we've run for the past two Fall seasons are: (1) Italian donegal has a more solid and monochrome color and (2)...
 Not really, but there's a good freaking chance of straight-up olive overdyed cone mills denim in the Wilshire fit. Other colors too.   Haha, not really sure a the moment. I don't know how much of a market that there is for nutzo boat shoes.  I'm well aware of the market for nutzo sneakers though - and you can expect all sorts of surprises in that realm. 
 Haha, I know! The all-gold would be channeling my inner P.Diddy pretty strongly.  I actually prefer the two-tone look, and it's of course a lot less expensive. Pretty sure that I can negotiate an even exchange with a bunch of trade-in's, so that's why it's on the radar. 
 Fits are killer on you!   Moleskin Rivets are coming back in a big way - both OTR and MTO  Might be, although I'm pretty sure that we're cutting all of the REDA goods that they had on hand.   Awesome @justinkapur- really glad to hear that you're so pleased with them!  Really glad that you're pleased with it - you had a boss choice of fabric.   I think that this was your shirt, right?   We typically ship either next day or the one after that, but it depends on what you...
What do you guys think of this?      I've been really into chronographs lately, and I'm thinking of doing a big trade-in to get a second-hand version of this. Got a bunch of things that I'm not wearing very much these days.    I'm a bit concerned that it's going to be too loud, but who am I kidding - I've worn a Hawaiian shirt for like three days in a row. I like loud things sometimes. 
 We've got a PTB in work for the Fall. Along with the Calgary blucher that we have now:     It's a great idea. I'm not set up do do a liner in the Rivet, so we'd have to find a double-faced fabric. I don't have any on my radar, but I personally think that flannel-lined pants and jeans are cool 
 Totally agree. As much as I liked the rangefinder, trying to photograph children is impossible. You miss everything squinting through that little viewfinder. I use the Sony RX1 or the Iphone pretty much.  The Fuji is killer - I really dig that camera. @oisin has taken some great pics with his. 
 That depends - I could see you wearing it most of the year in DC.  It's about the typical dress pant weight, maybe a bit lighter. You'll be cold in the dead of winter, but it's great in Spring, Fall, and Summer.  And even with that, I see plenty of dudes in NYC with overcoats and regular weight suiting pants. It's not going to feel as good as tweed or flannel, but it would be fine for commuting IMO
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