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Yup, right here:http://epauletnewyork.com/products/individualized-by-epaulet-ends-for-friends-june-eventTwo more flannels going up, and then that's it for those.
Medium weight - kind of a normal weight for a flannel, but with a much softer hand than what you usually see. They're gorgeous. Great for an LA night.
No, not at this point. They do a short sleeve, but it's very long and really full. Totally out of proportion with our body fit. Hopefully we can tweak it and offer it in the Fall.
Thank you! Indigo Salmon is offically kopped-out
Yup! They'll be a form where you can enter details.
These flannels will knock you out - won't be a problem!Great item for SoCal nights too, they're very luxe and on the lighter side.
Four flannels coming in about 6 min. All super-luxe Italian goods. Unstoppable with the banded or the New Bond collar! And look out for "Crimson Wave" - just six units on than and it's bonkers
You guys will love these! Okay, flannels are rolling out next - they'll all be $150. After that we'll angle back with $130 basics
We've got four in all - they're all online. Really gorgeous!Yup, these are lightweight, gauzy Italian pure cottons. The vibe of a madras but radically deeper colors and a softer hand. More of a Spring/Summer thing, but the colors would work great as a Fall layering piece too.
I've got you covered - I made a internal fit for you a month ago, so you can pick up anything and we'll get the sizing right.OK, the next round is all $150, but they are an impossibly rad mixture of gauzy plaids.
New Posts  All Forums: