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   @gumercindo yup, I'd agree - go for a 33 in the trousers.  Building out the Cotton-Linens now. Get ready for these, the colors are psycho good. They'll make up great as shorts, and I can see someone literally being nominated "Pimp of the Year" for wearing Scarlet gables with sand suede shoes. 
 @dalevy No, you're seeing it right - it's a light grey with the smallest hint of tan in there. Really nice shade, but will make up as a light grey trouser essentially.   @gumercindo they're the same price as the pants. Only the Taylor and Gable have an upcharge for the additional pleat construction and sewing. 
 @OdusBK "Tropical" is the weight, but I'd call this a 4-season wool. It's a bit lighter, but more or less the typical weight of a dress pant for a suit. Our basic Super 120s pants that we carried as a year-round staple were officially "Tropical" wools.  These will be great for most of the year outside of the winter. But you'll want some tweeds and flannels from us for then anyway :-)
Okay guys, the first item is complete. I still need to do videos and such, but you can see all of the photos - and I'll be happy to answer any questions.    The other two items are cotton-linen and all cotton, so if you want to pick up a dress pant from this EFF round, then these 8 options are what we have. Some notes from me:    1) Air Force blue is really excellent and the most staple-ish of all of them. It's grey with a slight blue cast, and can be worn and matched...
 Still working on it, I'm having some programming issues with getting the variants to go online. Will keep everyone posted. 
 @CanadaCal haha, I think that everyone can do it with a shirt. The Taylor is more easily worn without a jacket IMO when it's wool. And I've worn my cotton Taylors with t-shirts and sneakers. 
 @tricky yup, most people take the same size (I do as well). I'm confident that you would.  The only thing about the Taylor & Gable is sensitivity at the waist closure. Since it comes up to your navel (or just a bit under), the fit depends a lot on your stomach. Many guys have to get it let out or taken in to have a precise fit there. We built in a lot of seam allowance for that very reason. 
 @tricky try a Taylor, you're going to freaking love it. Will fit you really well.  Suspender buttons are standard with the Taylor and the Gable, but we can't put them on any other shapes during this promo - altough you can do it on a standard MTO. 
Hey guys,    Yup, we're launching a huge EFF round for trousers today. Most of the fabrics have enough for 6 units or more, so don't stress too much. It's going to be divided into three categories:    Dress Wools: $185 Cotton-Linen Blends: $175 Pure Cottons $165   And from those, you can opt to make any of these shapes, with stock details and unfinished hems:    Walt Driggs Rudy  Taylor (+$15) Gable (+$15) Match Short (7" Inseam) Walt Short (9"...
 @el es dee it's nomenclature from the factory, and honestly, I'm not totally sure of the exact process. But in terms of outcome, we were offered three options:  Rinse Wash: Simple wash with minimal soap and cold water. Removes shrinkageSalt Wash: More intensive wash with warm salt water. Removes shrinkage and softens fabric without distressingEnzyme Wash: Most intensive, yields visible distressing on fabrics like oxford and chambray.  These shirts are intended as biz-caz...
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