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Thanks for your order - you're going to love them!And the phrase "Gold Pants" always reminds me of a good friend and noted female rapper - Leslie Hall:She sang this in a karaoke booth in a mall, which makes a great thing even better.
We unfortunately can't do fabric changes - just detail changes on the fabrics that you already purchased.
Thanks! You're going to love them.We have to quote 6-8 weeks, but I'm pretty confident that these will be ready in about a month. They're ready to start allocating the fabric this weekend and cutting on Monday.And just building on what I wrote yesterday - everyone at the factory is THRILLED with how much of a success this was. We've sold about 200 chinos, which will more than fill in their recent gaps in production and keep people working. They're extremely grateful - as...
I'd guess that they were around 10oz to start. They're pretty close to our duck canvas fabrics in weight - maybe a little lighter, but not much. Crazy soft with all that wash effect on it.
If I was to pick the top five fabrics to pick up, they would be: 1) Legendary Grey Donegal: You absolutely can't go wrong with this. Great look, great hand. a very nice and wearable weight. 2) Charcoal Barberis Flannel: This is a very basic fabric that you'll find yourself wearing day in and day out in the colder months. And as our Trouser Ends guys will attest, these Barberis premium flannels have a really exceptional feel to them. It's an absolutely killer deal at this...
Pretty similar - the hand on this feels better, so it was probably a more expensive yarn. Most of these more formal cottons are Italian. But if's very close.
It's lighter weight, but won't be see through. It's heavier than a shirt and designed to be used in a pant. We ran oxford chinos way back when.
Ah yes, I ran this by them - but it's unfortunately not something that we can swing for this project.That said... there will ABSOLUTELY be Epaulet Rivet shorts this Spring. I know that I missed the boat last year, but that shan't happen again.OK, all of the Ends are fully and truly up! I handled all of these fabrics personally yesterday, so please don't hesitate to ask any questions about them.
Just two units of that screamer!I'm loading up a bunch of "Crinkle Distressed" twills. These are interesting. The cotton twill is dyed and then folded in on itself, creating this kind of shaded crinkle effect. Should look rad when made up into a pant. The twill is Japanese and has a really nice beefy hand.
RIVET CHINO ENDS CHANGES Hey guys, It's absolutely no problem if you need to change something (inseam, taping, etc) on your Rivet Chino ends order. I've got a lot of emails to respond to, but I'll get back to everyone, and the order will only be submitted after everything is addressed. You probably won't hear from me until later today, but don't stress. One request though - please email us the changes at contact[at]epauletnewyork.com rather than PM'ing them to me....
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