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I have really crazy things coming in soon. Look out for Indigo Squiggle!
Yes, but it's a while out. End of Summer at the earliest. Not sure if you take an 11.5, but I've got a guy exchanging lows for highs sometime this weekend.Sorry - we brought in over a hundred available pairs when I posted them here last week, but all of the Selectism and Four Pins write-ups zapped them out pretty quickly.Ah, thank you, fixed!
"Space Ghost" is up! It's an interesting fabric. Yarn is Super 130s from Comero, and it's psychotically luxurious. The color is unique - and very close to the color of a mac notebook or a "Space Gray" BMW. Be a really interesting underpinning for a navy coat that's not the typical medium or light grey shade.
Glad you dig it! IMO Stone is an awesome color.A lot of guys (me included) like bold and colorful sportcoats. Stone is a few shades off white and pairs great with a hard-to-match jacket. Fabric is very comfortable, but the slub texture and mixed fabric take it out of strictly Summer wear. This is an awesomely versatile pant.
Not happening this afternoon, but I can put them up tonight. We can make 24 units in each one, so no stress, they'll be plenty of spots.Bout 5 minutes
And the Medium.com site is updated! https://medium.com/@michaelkuhle/epaulet-ends-for-friends-trousers-ce76b447e794 You can see nice enlargements of the fabric images there
I was getting more fabric, and I found a partial bolt of REDA Sunset Hopsack! We've got another 5 units available to purchase - I put it back into the item.
It's a straight up grey ground. Really rad pant! I've got more pattern linens going up soon.Monday morning. I'm going to actually keep this open until Monday night so that we can run a little reminder newsletter on Monday AM.Exactly right! I've got a stone (very pale tan, reads as off-white) and an olive colorway in that going up
Ah, whoops. That's what I get for Multi-taskingIt's in the Manhattan store on Saturday. You going to be in town?
Farewell to Sunset Wheat! Thanks to everyone who ordered.Yes, the JP Cotton-Linen is a true khaki color. It will wrinkle, although less like pure linen. This is a common sportcoat fabric. I absolutely love this stuff, and the slub weave gives it a lot of nice surface interest.
New Posts  All Forums: