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 @Patrick R you can let the sleeves out by about a half inch, so I'd say if they're not right on, then it will be very close. I'll have full measurements online, so you can compare it against the measurement of a jacket that you own already. I think that it will work
@nickpapagiorgio no, neither of them offered these exact REDA goods. The closest goods are the medium grey fresco from Southwick   @Don L thank you sir! Getting down to the wire over here  @SherifEnt yeah, this was a surprise, but the Hertling guys were jazzed about all of the incoming orders. This big cutting means a lot to them as it's usually slow this time of year - and even moreso this year with the nutzo retail environment out there
Hey guys,    Got some last-minute additions to the Hertling EFF sale! We extended the deadline until tomorrow. There's four great new wools to choose from:    The pricing on that REDA stuff is bonkers. It's absolutely gorgeous fabric.        Shot a quick video about it too...  
Suit Pics   Hey guys,    Long story short, this is my last week in NYC and there's a million things flying around. I'm hoping to get the suits launched this week (at least the Single Breasted) but it may take until next week. But in the meantime, let me show you some pics.   Here's the Navy Single Breasted Suit. This is the Vittorio jacket on top, Walt trouser on bottom. Jacket is 495, pant is 165. Buy them together for 595. Offered in Navy and Grey. They are sold as...
 @Don L great color match right thurr @fairlynerdy the cotton-linen fabric is decently strong for what it is, but it won't stand up to a bunch of abuse. Not sure if you like it, but that Indigo Sea Canvas is pretty much unbreakable. Would make up into a very tough short. 
 @L.I.T. pretty similar overall - I think that these could definitely work for you. Maybe size up a half to get more width. 
DERBY SHOE RUST SUEDE: $225 Hey guys!    Just got these in from Portugal. Kind of a fun style - it's our plain toe derby in this bonkers rust suede color. It's a deeper red tone than polo suede and really pops with chinos or jeans. We matched it to an antiqued sole and it's a pretty killer price. This is blake stitched item, so it's very light and comfortable - and it can be resoled down the road if you need to. 
 @el es dee yup, I think that Pewter Crosshatch would fill that really nicely.  @SteveL91 well, I have to agree with @cyclohexane - as he is the undisputed King of the Artisan collar. Those pics are killer! In terms of the overall Individualized collars, these four are our best-selling (in order) 1. Buttondown (you know the deal with this)2. Fashion Spread (great all-around, works with a tie, works with casual fabrics)3. Artisan (the big ass-kicking collar)4. PT (the...
 @ChetB not that I've seen, but it is a really light fabric and a light color. You can probably see the pocket bags a bit through the fabric, and you'd have to wear light-colored underwear. But that goes hand-in-hand with light, white cotton pants.  @Medoc we cut everything exactly to order on that Museum Calf run, so there's no overage for swapping. But I'd definitely say that Gunmetal and the gum sole match up really nicely. Nothing wrong with grey and tan, and I'm sure...
Happy Father's Day to all of the dads on here!
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