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It's 45-55. I can't remember which one is 45 and which is 55, but it's basically equal cotton and linen. Fully machine washable!
Yup, all gone. Still one unit left in the REDA Sunset Hopsack. Can't recommend these fabrics enough.
OK guys, everything is up! Check out the Big Bawse Linen and the Silver Shadow Merino Wool
Okay guys, the last three fabrics are going up for today. I'm going to then clean up the Medium.com page so that you can actually see all of the fabrics in numerical order. We've got a lot to choose from and orders will be open until Monday midnight, so I can answer any questions that you have.
SOLD!!! I'm going to order some wool shorts for myself too. Email me what waist size and inseam you want. We can do 9", 7" or the daring Angus Young length of 6"
So, they actually have some of that fabric left. Not enough for a full pant.I'd make you a short for $150. I'm serious. Wool shorts are so boss!
Indigo Squiggle is up. This one kind of speaks for itself. It's an awesome Japanese cotton Sashiko cloth that will make a seriously ill pair of pants. Chef Raekwon's houndstooth dress pant is a gorgeous 120s Australian merino wool I have some one-off's coming up. Keep an eye for the Cotton-Cashmere Aluminium corduroy. This is a legendary cloth for us, and there's enough end material to make 2 pairs.
I have really crazy things coming in soon. Look out for Indigo Squiggle!
Yes, but it's a while out. End of Summer at the earliest. Not sure if you take an 11.5, but I've got a guy exchanging lows for highs sometime this weekend.Sorry - we brought in over a hundred available pairs when I posted them here last week, but all of the Selectism and Four Pins write-ups zapped them out pretty quickly.Ah, thank you, fixed!
"Space Ghost" is up! It's an interesting fabric. Yarn is Super 130s from Comero, and it's psychotically luxurious. The color is unique - and very close to the color of a mac notebook or a "Space Gray" BMW. Be a really interesting underpinning for a navy coat that's not the typical medium or light grey shade.
New Posts  All Forums: