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Presently we've got a bunch of knits in work. On the deck is:1) Union Jersey: Restock & New colors in short sleeve and long sleeve. New long sleeve henley debuts2) Fleece button front bomber. Slash pockets, inset varsity-style knit collar. Going to be $95 and comes in both garment dyed color and an absolutely bonkers cookies and cream speckled fleece3) The grand return of loopwheel tees - including a cotton pique loopwheelThat's everything for now. We're certainly planning...
Two New Driggs Trousers Here's the "Preppy Lightweight Twill" of our MTO section. It's a fantastic fabric. Lightweight and comfortable, with a bit of a sueded hand. It's a yarn-dyed twill, meaning that the warp threads are colored and the weft are natural. So it has the up-close two-tone effect of denim or an oxford shirt. They give off the vibe of an oxford trouser, but without the plain, canvas-like weave of oxford. Anyway, I'm probably talking too much - they're...
As a stock item we've just got "Naturale" linen coming - around April or so. I do have an entire card of pure linens to put up though.I absolutely love the Linen/Cotton blends. Linen has a very special elegance, but it wrinkles easily and it's pricey. These cotton/linens deliver a lot of the look and comfort, but it's a bit lower maintenance. Colors are killer too.Oh definitely tone on tone stitching throughout.Absolutely. Nearly everything in the current MTO assortment is...
Should be - I believe that Teck is coming back in April.
Oh, it's the same exact fabric. Our Indigo Hopsack trouser is that Super 130s Indigo Hopsack made up.Anything on that page (Hopsack or Fresco) is going to be great for Florida. Those fabrics all perform well in warm weather. Definitely look at the cotton-linens too.
New Military Twill Garands dropping next week!
Oh yes, we are restocking this in about 10 days. I don't believe that we're getting any more Small's, but a few Med's through XL's.
Ah yes, sorry about that - it's Saturday, March 7th
Hey guys, Alt Wien Preorder is live! http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/group-buy-footwear/products/alden-x-epaulet-innsbruck-and-ironside-alt-wien-deposit It took a few minutes for the size/width options to import. I think that the first two orders came through without those details, so just shoot me an email with the size and width you need if you were not able to choose it in the item.
Pretty fast these days - we've been cranking them out in 3-4 weeks.
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