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 @notwithit Armored division is the lightest of the flannel group, it's really freaking soft too. Gorgeous fabric.  Loden & Pumpkin is pretty much the typical weight, and Big Poppa is pretty heavy. 
Flannels video is up!!  
  Brushed Twill Video is up! Click here to see the item online
 @rydenfan it's mid-weight, kind of the typical flannel. A bit heavier than the stuff we've offered from Individualized. Killer pattern and really soft hand. I feel like that one would be your style.  I really can't the Angel's Kiss solid blue flannel though. Comes from Canclini (I didn't officially say that) and the hand is gorgeous. So many flannels have big patterns that's it's nice to have a solid one in your closet. 
 @ino68 no worries, it's not really Mondrian at all in person. This is a traditional MacMillian Scottish tartan. I just thought it was more fun to name it after the Trainspotting guys. It's extremely trad.. Paul Stuart makes up stuff like this as sport shirts all of the time. It's really dope as a slim fit shirt, and would pop like crazy under a navy jacket.     @Michigan Planner no, it's lighter. Most Liberty fabrics are poplins, so on par with the typical dress...
 @ino68 check it out now, we've got three online. 
 @budapest12 haha, I was laughing at my own joke on that one  @Don L I think this is the only one that makes sense. For the New England EFF, we had a ton of light fabrics and a late Summer delivery, and only a very small percentage of guys opted for short sleeves. I don't believe that there's enough interest and we have to give him a fairly large and coherent cutting  Fabrics are all complete - thanks for bearing with me and thanks to everyone who ordered! Gonna do the...
Last category is up guys!!   http://epauletnewyork.com/products/epaulet-shirting-fall-16-ends-for-friends-oxfords-novelties   Great opportunity to grab those Somelos Oxfords at $85 - even cheaper than they were with the 15% code. And Bleach Blue is a freaking awesome color that's no longer available without a huge minimum.    The Aloha Haole shirt will be made with Short Sleeves. Not really season-appropriate, but pretty freaking baller. Wear it on your New Year's...
 Yup, you got a medium - I'd definitely recommend that size for you in these @badsha 
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