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 @Darkside I'd love to, but I'm limited to what the factory stocks as custom colors of Cramerton have such enormous minimums. Honestly those three colors are the only ones that we'll be able to offer, at least in the foreseeable future.  That said, the Gunmetal 8oz canvas is still our best-selling chino by a mile and you certainly MTO it without the herringbone stripe.   @coiol ah, my apologies for that. I post all of the updates here because it's our Official Affiliate...
 @cyclohexane yeah... they have that color, but it's not orange. It's like a combo of peach and fleshtone. It would be hard AF for most guys to wear, so I just edited it out. If I wore that color, it would give me the pallor the dead in comparison.  Bright orange is all good in my book tho!    @metranger8694 haha, yeah it's our goal to only make shirts which are the tits
Killer lineup of Individualized shirts for @badsha   My dude got the trifecta of Canclini speckle fabrics! 
 @eljlakers 2014 production is still going strong!   @rydenfan Epaulet Los Angeles upside your head!   @Thefenceposts yup, absolutely. We're waiting on more fabric to arrive, but figure about six weeks  @Don L man, you wear our Alden Makeups so well!   @nickpapagiorgio nope, not too late. I had a bunch of NYC guys coming by for fittings, so Southwick extended the deadline until tomorrow. We'll mention the new deadline in tomorrow's newsletter  @bry2000 oh my god, this has...
 @applky Oh no, I mean including Summer. It's definitely intended as a warm-weather fabric. Unfortunately that swatch was lost in the mix, so it's the one fabric that we don't have. 
 @JR Magat second week of June my man! 
Quick pic from the store on Saturday. Here's me and @NewYawker - the "King of the Gable Trouser"   On me: Secret new sportcoat, Individuaized Chambray Oxford, Taylor Military Twill Trouser, Shell Cordovan Sport Trainer On him: Formosa jacket, Individualized shirt, Gable trouser, and an ass-kicking tie and pair of shoes where I'm not sure of the brand.   
 @ReversoLover planning those guys in about a month or so  @acw816 they're already in the States now, just waiting for them to clear customs. We'll do a big newsletter once they come in.   @heldentenor great meeting you too and enjoy the shoes!   @cyclohexane really nice styling on that - thanks for posting the pics  @KPDarb we changed belt vendors in Portugal and are now making them at the same place as the Saffiano bags. We should get them in about a month - along with...
Took a pretty photo of the Saffiano Derby being worn. I'm in love with this last. I need to find a good name for it.      @cyclohexane - Sony A7RII with the new 85 1.4. I think that this is shot at 1.6 or so. 
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