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Hey guys, quick reminder that these pre-orders are closing tonight. These are the last sneaker group buys what we'll have for delivery in 2016. The image upload is acting crazy, so please excuse the big-ass caps links below....   WHITE TENNIS TRAINER WITH YOUR CHOICE OF SOLE AND HEEL CAP   UNFINISHED HORSEHIDE TRAINERS IN FOUR SHAPES   STINGRAY SPORT TRAINER
Shell Cordovan Trainers   Hey guys,    We've got some leather on hand, so we can do a few preorders for delivery in November. The Shell stock is so limited that I'm only going to offer it here via a private link. We can make 2 units in Teak, 4 units in Black, 4 units in Navy, and about a dozen in Mogano (dark brown). We don't have any more shell stock on order, so this will be the last run for at least 8 months or so.    Here's the link below (I know that it says Nov...
 @mr.invincible all of them are going to have the white liner  @Poomba I believe that we're getting about half of it this week and then the balance around mid-August 
 @JVK1 no, unfortunately it's two separate factories and they don't share fabrics.  That said, I'll get my Fall swatches in about two weeks and we'll have a ton of new fabrics for Rudy trousers & all of the other shapes. We'll have a ton of options.    @Mghart @mdubs oh you bet. This I can promise: Fall 2016 will be the biggest and best MTO offerings that we've ever done. We'll also work to do the widest reach with trunk shows and local fittings.   @palma gonna be...
 @nickpapagiorgio oh yeah, the new colors are burgundy and vintage black
For anyone not on our newsletter list, we restocked the other two monochrome trainers as well:    TENNIS TRAINER LOW MONOCHROME GRAPHITE: $195   TENNIS TRAINER LOW MONOCHROME BLACK: $195
   @applky @El Argentino just the Cramertons and a few extra special edition ones. The stripe is still on all of our canvas and duck models, and still available via MTO
TENNIS TRAINER LOW MONOCHROME WHITE: $195   It's back guys. The world's best white sneaker and the item that I never seem to buy enough of. We've got 30 units available. Pick one up right now if you've been waiting for a pair, there's a good chance that we'll be sold through key sizes by the weekend. 
 @Darkside yes, I remember - at the time it didn't seem like anything that we could get. The minimums were huge, but another account ordered the color and we were able to tack on some more. Gunmetal canvas has been our best-selling fabric for years, it's really awesome, especially on these hotter days. The grey Cramerton probably won't hit us until mid-Sept or so. 
 @FLW    @Patrick R ah I'm with you, I freaking love Cramerton Cloth. I still have two pairs of Rudy trousers from our initial 2011 run of them. The gunmetal color is gonna be pretty tight when it comes in.   Really nice match with the shirt & chinos! @tricky 
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