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 @badsha did you wash it already? It will definitely shrink up quite a bit  @Duke Silver We're getting the band back together! The Doyle is going through a brand new factory here in Los Angeles, and should be re-released for Fall. Right now I'm planning to do it in both Duck Canvas and Moleskin, which retails of $185 and $195 - $215 respectively. We've got some sportcoats and outerwear en-route from Luigi Bianchi We made an awesome limited-edition US-Made snorkel parka...
 I'm in love with this Blackwatch flannel, and its one of the best iterations that I've seen. The reason is: the plaid is really subtle. Back in the day when we started with Hertling, I was crazy excited about bold tartan trousers. Ordered myself like five pairs. The problem is.. they overpower your look when you wear them. You end up one of three things:  1) Trendy young brah in the Phineas Cole lookbook2) Fun dad getting a little wild during the holidays3) Throwback...
 @fairlynerdy thanks for being an awesome customer!   @nycxandy not anytime soon - the next step is probably a Fall MTO special with all of their in-line fabrics, something like the 10% off trouser discount.   @duff406 yup, that got pushed off due to all of the other stuff this week, but it's still on deck  @BenLeaman glad that it's working so well for you!   @Don L man, that is so boss with the orange pants  @budapest12    @cyclohexane thank you sir! It's part of our plan...
 @Valfunde we've got the Rudy's in stock in both Grey & Navy Hopsack - same exact fabric used in the stock Walt's and Taylors. Sorry, never had a chance to photograph them. If you're interested, just drop us an email and we can set up an order for you. 
 @badsha yes sir! And the weight of these shirts is excellent for SoCal. Bit lighter than the usual oxford cloth, but still stands up to a ton of wear and use. 
 Most guys who wear a size 38 would take a medium in these shirts. People used to size up one from their J.Crew size, but that was a few years ago... J.Crew may have slimmed things up since then.  All of the new shirts have Medium's left - although we're down to the last 2 units of that in University Stripe. Emerald and Red no longer have that size, but they're not going to be restocked. 
 Well, I'll never say never, but there's just a ton of other colors, so we'll bring in new ones every delivery. White, Blue, and University Stripe will be our year-round basics.  Don't sleep on Merlot everyone, that color is amazing! Right in-between purple and burgundy. Will look crazy good with dark indigo jeans. 
SALT WASHED OXFORDS PROMO   Hey guys,    The new Salt Washed Oxfords look amazing! We're really trying to build this product category out as a basic necessity - something that both new and existing customers can pick up, and items that we generally keep in stock year-round. I believe that they're the best product on the market at this price, and the feedback that we've received has been fantastic.    I want to get these into a bunch of people's hands, so we're going...
Little preview shot... here's the new Somelos Oxfords, going live on Thurs
 @StanleyVanBuren haha, just noticed that! Shoes are online now.. this color combination is freaking killer. I'll use this winsome photo to sell them... NICK KROLL X EPAULET TENNIS TRAINER LOW NAVY STEERHIDE: $235
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