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 @Todd V you know it! Yes, I'd say that it would give off a general vibe like that pic - a bit more olive than that one, but firmly a mix of olive and brown.  Everyone has opted for a welt chest pocket so far. For the heavy tweeds, the hip pockets are split between open patch or patch with flap. Personally I love the Harris jacket in the unlined, unconstructed fit and open patch hip pockets. Takes down the bulk and lets the fabric do all of the talking. 
 I think that most of the sales were done outside of SF, but we've sold eight Heavyweight Tweed jackets so far:  3 in Autumn Marl Scatter Tweed1 in Concrete Scatter Tweed3 in Foggy Bog Moss Harris Tweed2 in Salt-Pepper Country Weave Donegal The Scatter Tweed's are just bonkers, I've never seen anything like them. It's a nice modern twist on a classic piece - and a great option if you love tweed but you've already got the basics covered. It's rad that there's a proper...
 haha, Vegas is known to do that @lifeinabox SOUTHWICK MTO DISCOUNT CODE  The Southwick MTO discount code is  Southwick-Fall-2015 It's good until tomorrow (Wednesday) at midnight EST. Southwick only offers one promotion per year - right after they deliver the swatches, so this will be the only chance to get a discounted price.  We have a lot of great fabrics on offer, but as StanVan pointed out -the Navy Wool hopsack is the greatest of all time. If you need a Navy...
 @Todd V most proper tailors will reattach the original jean hem after shortening it. That way it's not obvious that they were altered. But you could certainly instruct them to do a blind hem like a pair of trousers. No reason why that couldn't be done. Matt rocked the high pant look better than anyone. It think that it works well for guys who (1) are skinny and (2) really commit to it. He'd always have the no socks thing and Italian tie twist with it.  @pistolero...
Hey guys!   Thanks for all of the orders today. I'm running around, but I'll get back to everyone later tonight. I can definitely answer all of your questions regarding the MTO suiting options. Lots of great stuff in there! 
 @konadog haha, I hear that. This sample closes at an 8" bottom, but I think that we'll trim it to 7.5." Thigh is going to be on par with the Walt, but will have more room in the front due to the pleat.
 @rydenfan I'm jazzed about it - I missed this the past two years. I'm going to sell some pants to those pickle people! (that sounds dirty in some way even if it isn't)   @bry2000 @dalevy thanks guys, I appreciate the feedback. I think that we're going to stick with the overall shape (longer extended tab, no belt loops), but I'm considering making that top band a little bit thinner. Maybe knock a half inch off the height. I think that we'll keep the overall steez, but...
 Yes sir, I'll be here Saturday and Sunday. Sunday is the annual Lower East Side Pickle Day festival, which is bonkers.
  @NewYawker - figured that you'd like them - that's great! We're shipping out some awesome Individualized shirts to you today. You're the first guy to buy an "eyelet" collar, and it turns out that they include a metal bar with it. It looks so dope!  @metranger8694 8 eyes. Tuff stuff!
 Oh yes, they're coming in the next few weeks. I don't have the pic handy, but we ended up going with metal eyes for them. Going to be excellent!
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