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Little preview shot... here's the new Somelos Oxfords, going live on Thurs
 @StanleyVanBuren haha, just noticed that! Shoes are online now.. this color combination is freaking killer. I'll use this winsome photo to sell them... NICK KROLL X EPAULET TENNIS TRAINER LOW NAVY STEERHIDE: $235
Got something fun dropping later today....            
 @Duke Silver absolutely not, definitely have those slated for you. I actually just sent your order about 15 min ago  I submitted those shirts last week too, I'll drop you an email with the bill today
 @CanadaCal yup, I'll let everyone know. I think that we have about 4-6 more units of khaki that can be cut, but I'll offer that first to anyone who got a cancellation on grey
Hey guys!   Thanks so much for all of the orders! We're submitting everything today.    Quick heads-up: I spoke with the factory and we may be oversold on the Steel Grey Corduroy Tweeds. Apparently they had a bit less inventory than they originally quoted me last week. Khaki should be fine. I took both offline as a precaution.    I'm going to submit the Steel Grey MTO's in the order that they were received. If we're unable to make your trouser, we'll give you the...
 @budapest12 I'd definitely call it a 3-season fabric. Weight is in-between a dress trouser and a flannel. I'd have no problem wearing them late Sept thru May in NYC  @tkliebert oh man, my apologies, that was a mistake on our end.  I just made a second code, it does not have a limitation for use. Punch this in and it should work:  TROUSER-FALL16-PROMO-TEN The original one works too if you haven't already used it.   @loanshark we're selling the Cord Tweed like gangbusters,...
 @Michigan Planner hey guys, sorry about that - was a mistake on our end. We can definitely take orders against khaki corduroy tweed, it's back in the dropdown
Hey guys!   Here's the code, sending out our newsletter now. A few guys placed orders without the codes, we'll refund 10% against your purchase, no worries.    TROUSER-FALL16-PROMO-10%OFF
The guys were shooting the new product today... but I'm just gonna toss this out there. This shirt freaking blew me away!        Made in Portugal, New Bond Collar. Gonna be $110, we made 18 units. I'll have it online in a few days
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