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They're all undarted across the board. Individualized doesn't actually use darts. So we tapered the body to give a similar overall fit - like on our washed New England shirts.
Very good point. I'm going to photograph every single pattern fabric with a quarter so that you can easily see the scale.
quick note - we snuck a new shirt onto the site: EPAULET BY NEW ENGLAND SHIRT MINI GRAPE CHECK: $140 No bullcrap - just a great biz-caz piece in Italian year-round poplin. We sold through Large, but we've got all other sizes. This is my new studio photo setup too. I need a third light to soften the shadows a bit and even out the dropoff at the edges, but I'm pretty happy with it. I stuffed the body with some tissue paper as well to give it more of a 3D look. And less...
I'll check with them in a few months. I only offer Alden Shell Cordovan makeups when we get express permission on it, so that way we can be reasonably sure of a timely delivery. We're planning our next round of preorders to happen in March.
At the opening price point it is. Figure that the shirts will start around the $165 mark. But Individualized has a lot of extremely high-end fabrics as well, which would go for $250 to $300. There's a huge range to choose from.
Yes, you'd start with size XS through XXL. From there you can:1) Choose collar style and exact size2) Choose sleeve length (even two different sleeve lengths)3) Choose body length4) Choose placket type, pocket orientation, and type of pocket5) Four different button options6) Choose cuff shape6) Play with details like monogram, contrasting collar, etc.The system is much more robust than our Gitman MTO setup, and the selection of fabrics is huge. Most of the seasonal ones...
Recent Instagram Pics Instagram has a really great community of Epaulet customers and it's the place where I post the second most (after Styleforum of course). Here's some recent pics that have been posted on there: Walt trousers in Blue Marble Flannel White Wilshire Jeans Chambray Doyle Walts in Grey Donegal Tennis Trainers White Calfskin Vittorio Jacket Emerald Tweed Chambray Doyle Kamigata in Cross-Hatch Nissinbo Mills denim EPLA Denim Western Shirt
Although we're talking small differences here, our toebox is pretty distinct from other products out there. We went through quite a few fit trials before we finalized the shape - and it serves the overall fit and comfort just as much as it does the look. I think that it strikes a nice balance of being rounded but not bulbous at the front, and it goes a long way towards making these the most comfortable sneakers of this general style that are available. Since we've received...
MTO Items Offline for a Few Days Hey everyone, We're redoing our back-end programming, and all of our MTO items are going to be offline for a few days. This includes MTO Rivets, Trousers, Gitman Shirts, and Southwick Suiting. The new system is a lot more robust and will allow for things like tiered pricing and conditional logic. When you see the suiting fabrics, you'll be able to choose a 2-piece or 3-piece suit, with the pricing scaling up for the vest addition.
Quick note guys - I was just doing a count of our trousers and I found one unit of size 31 in Driggs cotton-cash corduroy: http://epauletnewyork.com/products/driggs-cotton-cashmere-corduroy-aluminum If this is your size, then the world's softest cord trouser can be yours on sale!
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