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  Camo Field Jacket sample is in the works. I should have the whole thing to show you on Friday.    We're not paying games with this thing. 
Hey guys,    Sorry that I've been absent from the thread for a bit. Here's what's going down!   Individualized Ends For Friends Round Two I'm working to get this online in the next few hours. We've got pretty good stock across most fabrics, and these are all re-runs from what we presented back in May. The key differences are (1) I have full made-up photos of nearly every fabric and (2) these will be put through with the normal lead time of 4-6 weeks. All of the madras...
 @tricky yes sir! The basic colors are in stock pretty much all of the time. Some of the seasonal ones like French Blue and Rust will probably sell out though. We sold about a dozen of each color, which isn't a lot, but the fabric stock was pretty limited to start out with. But stuff like khaki, wheat, mocha, olive isn't going anywhere.  @Klemins no, it has an adjustable button cuff at the finish. Our initial sample was an XL in Grey Moleskin, and the new sample with a...
 Oh yeah, it's amazing. Same as on this site:  https://medium.com/@michaelkuhle/epaulet-by-northern-watters-sweater-pre-order-efe7b687cc41 I've been shooting the sweaters that we didn't sample up - so any crewnecks that aren't mint, and any hoodies that aren't indigo
 @bkotsko I love this watch! You know, I only started looking at the Royal Oak after seeing this on your wrist last year. Inspired me to pick up the white dial chrono. 
Here's some recent pics from Instagram...   Ecru Nep Hooded Heirloom     Forest Green Crewneck Heirloom     Epaulet Southwick sportcoat (modeled by @SpooPoker)   Worsted Wool Walt trousers (three W's!)     Innsbruck Indy's     Loden Couro Cromo Sport Trainers  
 @rydenfan that's an excellent idea. We're going to release the garment-dyed Wilshire as a fall product, but I love doing a cord for the Spring.  I actually have access to a really nice prepare-for-dye lightweight cord. We could punch it into the Wilshire, dye it a range of colors, enzyme the hell out of it, and end up with the softest, most comfortable pair of Spring cord jeans that the world has ever known. 
 @rydenfan Oh man, they are both so good.  I tell you though, I've had about four pairs of corduroy trousers in the past few years and it's incredible how much I wear them. I have a closet full of pants and I'll tend to wear the cords for three or four days in a row once the weather hits. If you don't have a good pair in your closet right now then I think you'll really find a lot of opportunities to wear them. 
 @p0rkbelly yup, that would be separate. I have about 8 brown horse cafe racers on order - the exact same item that we ran in Spring. Should come in black too. October is still the last update, but most of Southern Europe is on vacation in August, so I won't realistically know of any changes to that for another week. But that's the last that I heard.  The pre-order would be a separate thing that we would present in November for a March delivery in 2016. That jacket's going...
 @rydenfan definitely! It's a fantastic color.   @Beatlegeuse I love the Ercu one for Florida. It's going to be such a boss color with khaki or pearl grey trousers.   @Nik Telford you got such a killer lineup! Northern Watters should send out their units any day now. 
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