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 @Don L excellent - glad that you like it!!  @Handcuffed the New England One? That's getting delivered in the next few weeks. Stated time frame was before Christmas.   @budapest12 that made up beautifully!   @nickpapagiorgio it technically ended a few days ago, but the factory is closed today and tomorrow, so nothing is getting cut until Monday anyway. If you want to order in the next few days then we'll add it in.   @Badandy so, the Moleskin jackets were washed, but the...
Okay guys, the Walt item is all fleshed out with pics.    Those REDA pants are an awesome deal if we have it in your size. And the Ammo pocket twills are a cool thing that we sampled but never put into work. Great deal on that Sandstorm linen too. 
 Ah sorry - Ocean Houndstooth was actually REDA Cross-Hatch Flannel
 @malwear everything in the dropdown is what's available, the pics are just extremely slow to upload
Hey guys!    Most of the Heirlooms arrived yesterday - any stragglers should come right after the Holiday. We'll put that balance item up later today and work on filling everything possible on Monday.    I was going to launch the Sample Sale pants for Black Friday, but you guys might see something that you like while I'm building it out. Internet is pretty slow here, so my apologies for the molasses-like tempo for putting up photos.    Here's the link. Putting some...
 @scrolls we can actually do this at any time with the Southwick MTO program. You can get any size - short, regular, or long. Choose from a vest with lapels or without. Price is around $250 - $350, depending on the fabric.   @rob129 Sure, send me an email on that - and it would have to be an individual MTO, not the Ends For Friends promo. But please note that the only thing that will change is the waistband, you'll still have the overall seat fit of the 35.   @Don L I'll...
 @aikiman44 most of them - it's driving me freaking crazy. UPS got them all on the same day, but still owe us four boxes. 
 @edubs01 it's the same yarn as our Donegals, so most guys don't find it to be a problem, but across the board: a flannel is going to be a lot softer than a tweed. 
 yes, we're almost done putting things up. Few more flannels and tweeds to go. There's a lot of stock, so no need to rush. If anyone out there wants those REDA hopsacks though, you'll want to jump on that. We don't have any other basic dress fabrics and we're down to 2 pearl greys and 6 champagne's
Just a quick bump everyone - the preorder window for Chelsea boots closes up tonight. 
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