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Thank you sir, glad that you like it! That mocha color is going to look awesome when it fades out.Excellent - glad to hear that everything worked out! Thanks for your order.So, as I understand it, the only real difference between regular saphir polish and cordovan polish is the amount of polishing compound in the mix.Regular Saphir has a lot of polish compound (more than usual). Saphir Cordovan has more than that. And Saphir Renovateur has the most. The more compound, the...
Couple of recent fit photos as well... Dylan in the EPLA Hand Distressed Western Shirt, Bottle Green Loopwheel tee, 14oz Kaihara Wilshire, Epaulet x Croots Khaki & Navy bag Me in the Broken Twill Camo Kamigata and a touch of IWC watch porn
We're hoping to finish all of the odd/extended sizes this week and have them ready to go end of next. I'll keep you guys posted on that. In the meantime we're going to dispatch all of the 36-38-40-42 units in the next day or two. Quite a few shipped out today.I'm scheduled to hit Gitman around the end of the month to get the final fabric lineup.Thanks and glad that you dig it! One of my favorites too
Hey guys!Thanks to everyone who participated in the Instagram sale yesterday. Man, things got pretty crazy during the height of it.I apologize that the logistics were all over the place. Ultimately, we wanted to make it exciting - with real time updates, very cheap prices, and some rare items.I saw a lot of first-time users come on to Instagram. I hope that you enjoyed it! It's my favorite social media vehicle, and the one that I post in the most often. We follow a lot of...
Found more cufflinks!
Thanks for all of the orders guys! We're fighting to keep up on our end. Still more to come, I'll be listing things until 7PM EST
in other news, the Innsbruck Indy is online: ALDEN FOR EPAULET INNSBRUCK INDY BOOT: $575 We've still got a pretty good array of sizes. This goes out in tomorrow's NL, so you guys heard it here first.
Thanks guys! This has been a crazy morning! So, the first part is done. I'm heading into the Manhattan store within the next hour or so. We've got a lot more there, so expect to hear from me soon.
Sorry, not sure why that's not working. I just reset the item - it's available:http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/august-instagram-sample-sale-items
Epaulet Site Changes Just a quick heads-up: we're pushing through a bunch of design changes on the site this week, so it may look a little wonky depending upon when you logon. We're working on it!
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