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Some more videos for you guys:    End 85 - Tuff Guy Khaki Twill  @Mr. Six           End 83 & End 64: Grey & Lavender Glen Plaid Flannel / Cocoa Lavender Glen Plaid Flannel           End 62 and End 67 - Perfect Worsted Super 120s. If you guys love the cut of the Rivet Chino, then definitely consider this. They're great basic dress fabrics, and it will make up into a straight-up fantastic, conservative trouser. Order it with no outseam taping.     
 @clarksdb My top choices would be REDA Silver hopsack (8400) for the Light Grey and Super 130s Tropical Oxford Grey (8283) for the medium one.     @cdecoy sadly no, the mill (Ormezzano) went out of business last year. I really loved that Java hopsack, but we don't have anything like that fro either Hertling or Southwick.  That said, the Soft Bark Super 130s (8281) is a beautiful fabric and on par with the Java Hopsack. The tone is a little bit lighter, but I'd say it...
 @rydenfan ace choices right there - that's what I'd pick for you.   @kwanon excellent! We're going to go forward with that, especially with Individualized swatches from now on. I'll probably do it with footwear too. I'll try to work out some kind of standard way of shooting, maybe with very low background music.   @novaeagle that'll be no problem at all, I think that we'll have every color of Khyber Cloth throughout the full season. It's really just the pure linens and...
  You're going to love them! @edubs01  @litos man, that fabric went fast - 24 units yesterday. It's fantastic and totally wearable as a casual pant. You could match it with sneakers and a t-shirt without a problem.  @Faster yeah, they really brought out the big guns for this round. We've still got a bit of that Luxe Charcoal Herringbone fabric. If you guys need a great staple flannel trouser, than that's the ticket.   @loxo sure is! Just drop me an email after you place...
 @FrankCowperwood haha, we're right there alongside you.  I hope that my Long Island accent didn't make you think our sale is narrated by Billy Joel.  The factory is closing down, so we've got to head out. We've got about 20 more videos to post tomorrow, I'll put in a link to everyone once it's live. Thanks again for the orders today everyone! 
We've been talking about doing videos forever, and now it's happening! If you see any fabrics that you want more info on, let me know...    
 @rydenfan a little bit, but that's less of a concern with flannels. You may want to size up if you're right on the edge of a size, but I'd advise most people to get the same size across these fabrics. 
 @Faster you bet. Linens and cottons of course, but we also have some really excellent lightweight corduroys. They're definitely the most SoCal-friendly cords that I've seen
Sam in the Cargo sample - live and direct from the factory floor!   
 @Thefenceposts you can do that for a regular MTO Rivet Chino, but it's not one of the modifications for these discounted EFF items
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