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HeheheheI'd say Oxford Grey, that's the most versatile and most easily matched of all the grey tones.Glad that you like the fit! All of these are rinsed, but it's possible for a bit of excess dye to come out on the first wash. Nothing you'd have to worry about.As with any dark colors or dyed pieces, you'll want to wash them cold with other darksWe can do that, but I'll need to get a realistic time frame from my factory on production. As the guys here will attest, our first...
FF Sportcoats should be here in mid-Oct to mid-Nov, as quoted. We have to allow Southwick to deliver at their own pace, that's part of the agreement for that discounted production price. Last year they hit around Oct 20th, so it will probably be around there this time.L/S Henleys are going through right now. We'll get the L/S Tees first in early Oct, Henley's probably about 3-4 weeks after that.Haha, right alongside our Shell Cordovan Lederhosen!
The new Gitman shirts are cut in our EPNY pattern. They won't fit like Gitman Vintage, so go with XL if you wear that in EPNY.Working on that - we should have Driggs restocks and the new Garand WWII trouser within the next week or two.No worries, we've got that on order now, probably about 4 weeks out.Epaulet x Vanson jacket should be here at the end of the month. The brown horsehide Wyatt restock just landed today and it looks boss! I have to reshoot it as the leather has...
Yes, those pictures are accurate.It's crazy - both VASS and Carmina like to use "Cognac" as some sort of catch-all brown color. They really need to expand their vocabulary in regards to that.Looks like we ordered Charcoal, Navy, Pacific Blue, and Grape Heather. Looking forward to these! I've been wearing my Charcoal one since 2010.+1. Very sharp
Thank you sir! And don't take the EPLA sizing personally - those have a fairly small fit . I'd peg you at a Large for all of our EPNY shirts.We should have most of our sweaters in the next few weeks. We'll get a restock of our Scottish shetland pieces, and we'll see the return of the famed Canadian-made "Heirloom" cardigan.Love it! Is that the Skyfall Barbour jacket too?
Definitely do an XL in the EPLA shirts. I think that will fit you great.For the Doyle, you can go one of two ways. A 40 will most likely work over a shirt. It will probably fit you slim like a sportcoat. For you to layer anything else underneath (sweater, light sweatshirt), then you'd want to size up to a 42.That said, most customers - especially ones in store - do not size up. The Doyle works best over a shirt IMO, and under a heavier coat when the weather really turns.
^ good eye, guys! Here's the items with links: Epaulet Thorpe Shawl Collar Varsity Jacket This was one of our best-selling items last year, so we brought it back in two colorways. We've got the much-requested black on black combo, and a new navy & caramel variant. Each one is made in the states of melton wool and top-grain leather. These have a nice heft to them, and the leather is on the level of our other jackets, and therefore radically nicer than most varsity...
Oh yeah, sorry. No, we're not restocking Caramel for the Fall - just Chocolate Calf.And good call - we've done a lot of wedding shirts!
Yes and no. We're not getting any more L.B.M. 1911 product, but we've got a fresh delivery of the Luigi Bianchi Mantova Vittorio jackets coming in this Fall. They should be here in a few weeks.Agreed! A really sharp fit.Hopefully about 4-6 weeks. I'm really glad that you guys like the belt so much, and we're thrilled with how they came out. I placed a huge reorder, so we'll have plenty to go around shortly. We're going to expand into an entire CXL leather goods range to...
Each one is made individually. Right now we're much closer to 4 weeks. They're coming through fast.Here's a graphic of our Southwick vest shape. You can order the same size as your jackets.With this we can specify a vest (as shown) or a waistcoat (made with lapels, similar to Don L's fit pic)I'll see what our Harris Tweed stock is like. I might be able to run this in last year's Camel hair as well, which could be pretty boss.
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