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I believe so - there should definitely be things to choose over the weekend.
Could definitely happen. We're going to use all of this Oxblood for the Sport Trainer, but I can see a Tennis Trainer down the road. I'm getting a bunch of new leathers in Portugal next week too.Ultimately, my goal is to have a nice mix of (1) stock shoes (2) small special editions like the Oxblood Horse and (3) huge-ass special order projects like unfinished horse.Slightly different. IS shirts are not darted, so they fit overall the same in the body, but it doesn't have...
Thanks for all of the Oxblood orders guys! This one's a hot potato!!
Unfortunately not for this - we haven't hashed that out completely yet. Has to be either an Epaulet fit or something special that was calculated at an in-store event or Trunk Show.I'm open to it. Margom soles come in a ton of colors. The GAT Sole is only a few though.That said, most of our focus will be on sourcing really excellent leather, so the shoe designs and soles will be more on the minimal side.
Oh man, it's so good! Turnaround is going to be about 8-9 weeks. It's longer (1) because of the promo price and (2) because they have a 10-day summer vacation right in the middle of the time frameAnd if anyone out there has never ordered an Individualized shirt before, then you can also just buy your normal Epaulet size too. You don't need an MTO profile or special sizing.
No, not for this round - just the Sport Trainer. But give me two days for the majesty of the Navy/Saddle FC High.
And in more trainer news: I marked down the styles that we received in November. Pretty boss prices if we have your size. Check the sale section
Yes, Albini is the mill and they own the Thomas Mason brand - so all Thomas Mason goods come from them.Oh yes, sorry - we don't have a size confirmation on this because it was intended for the preorder guys, so we'd already have a size for them. But feel free to email me your size and I'll log it in.Once the preorder guys have all responded, I'll build out a proper item with a size and style choice. Anyone can respond to the form currently online, but just a heads-up: the...
Individualized Shirts Hey guys, in non-trainer news: 1. We just received some UNREAL new Albini swatches. The press release for these was so over the top that I basically cut and pasted it into the online item. It's wonderfully insane. I'll warn you - it's hard to read and not want the "Piumino Feeling" for yourself.... EPAULET BY INDIVIDUALIZED MADE TO ORDER SHIRTING ALBINI PIUMINO SUPER-LUXE EGYPTIAN COTTON: $235.00 2. You'll see the announcement in tonight's...
You know it. I think that this is going to be a big deal, so we're doing it via preorder to offer a lower price and a big range of styles. We can only get a set amount of natural leather for the season.Ah, sorry - no, it's no problem, you can order up to size 13.5 in the Shell Trainers too. And down to size 6.And that's actually a correct - if somewhat awkward bit of wording. There's an option to cancel as well, so those people opting for a refund of their way-back...
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