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g/sm is relevant but should not be taken as a sole measure of warmth/breathability. Google some blog posts for 'tropical' fabrics; as you've indicated, the best fabrics are generally high-twist open-weave wools or wool-mohair blends, or light linens. These are often relatively expensive compared to eg basic cotton twills etc. In terms of Luxire, look for fabrics like Cape Breeze, Mocklino, Fresco etc (if looking for wools, otherwise plently of linens available)
That bag is stunning.
This discussion feels to me a bit like people receiving a free dinner and then complaining that the tip isn't included. $10 international shipping is, most likely, already a case of Luxire absorbing a significant part of the shipping cost. The fact that they have lowered shipping but are now passing on the standard taxes the buyer's government imposes on overseas purchases is hardly a basis for complaint.
Now that the sale chatter has quietened down, here's something different I wanted to share: I recently asked Luxire to replicate a pair of my Voronoi trousers (by everyone's favourite dead-bird Canadian outerwear company) because the cut is wonderful but I can't come at the fabric they switched to last season. Luxire didn't bat an eyelid. I'm amazed at how perfectly they've turned out; complete with stitched rather than taped seams etc. This first pair is in the most...
I 100% agree that I would prefer minimal (eg just the poly bag) packaging for my orders.
As a person living in Australia, it's a bit shocking to hear people complaining about paying a normal shipping fee or expect Luxire to absorb it. Just about everything I buy online costs between $15 and $50 to ship to me (Cappelli, I'm looking at you), and those that can absorb a shipping cost (eg free shipping on orders over $250) are generally retailers who treat it as part of their retail margin.Certainly, if cheaper, slower options are available I would expect Luxire...
Just grabbed three VBC/Dugdale pants and two shirts. Will be back for more later in the day. Fantastic sale, thanks Luxire! I'd like to add that it's great to have a company like Luxire that does a real sale (even if it's a bit of work to figure out what's on and when), and what's more it's a sale on top of their already great everyday pricing, rather than the boring predictable non-sales most companies offer.
Choose from one of the pant fabrics
I recently picked up a pair of trousers in Fresco 0517 -- and discovered that at scale it is less 'midnight blue' and more of a slatey/grey-blue -- nice but not what I want for my next commission. Can someone help me with whether any of the other Fresco navy or midnight colours (eg 0505, 0516, 0520, 0579) more saturated/rich?
Hi experts -- I'm swallowing my pride and seeking some help. I'd be truly delighted if any of the regulars would comment on these shirt and trouser patterns: First issues I've picked up: 1. My pleats are opening more than they should. 2. The pants tend to pull against my knees a bit more than normal when I walk. Does this mean the back rise should be made slightly higher than the front rise to compensate for front-back pelvis tilt? 3. The shirt is a fair bit off...
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