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Hi experts -- I'm swallowing my pride and seeking some help. I'd be truly delighted if any of the regulars would comment on these shirt and trouser patterns: First issues I've picked up: 1. My pleats are opening more than they should. 2. The pants tend to pull against my knees a bit more than normal when I walk. Does this mean the back rise should be made slightly higher than the front rise to compensate for front-back pelvis tilt? 3. The shirt is a fair bit off...
Off-topic: for your interest, the Vitsoe shelving system, which was the 'inspiration' for that Ikea system. Every day I look at mine and take a deep, fulfilling breath of clothes-storage-related contentment. And you still get to put it together yourself
What trouser lining options do people prefer? All mine have been lined to the knee but I find it annoying feeling the extra fabric and detail around the knee, and, as others have said, it traps heat in summer but doesn't insulate in winter. Any benefit to a quarter lining (other than for transparent linen), or should I just switch to unlined?
Suit programme sounds brilliant—I can imagine a few Fresco and Dugdale linen suits in my future. First vote for a fitting trip to Melbourne and/or Sydney!
What have I done wrong with my collar customisations? (The photo is with the stays in)
Dear gang—I'm on my second test shirt and loving the adventure. Would be extremely grateful for any fit suggestions on this shirt:Does anyone else experience the problem of the collar leaves 'pulling'? Ie, lines running across the leaf when not supported by collar stays? I sometimes notice it on photos of folded Luxire shirts but assumed it disappeared when wearing. You can see it a little on the collar I'm wearing (modified NOBD II) — is it because my changes have...
Agreed -- too many Jack Spade-alikes and not enough reputable makers.Price point isn't really my issue, I just want to find the right bag. Did you have something in mind at higher odds?
I'm looking for something in a similar style to that Plume but preferably in good-quality nylon or canvas for a slightly more rugged feel -- can anyone think of anything that fits that bill?I see that Le Tanneur offers some lovely looking options but the nylon ones aren't quite as attractive as their leather designs..I just want to avoid getting the default Filson
I would like to revive this to reiterate the question! Do any of the English shoemakers (or Vass etc) have a last similar to the Modified Last? I recently fell in love with its comfort for my banana foot. Herring look like they have a couple with a roughly similar shape, or at least similar to a Barrie..
Hoping for some shirting fabric identification/advice! I dug out an old (c2006) Zegna shirt in this beautiful fabric which looks end-on-end but is much heavier and more luxurious than the almost-poplin-ish end-on-ends I'm used to: Is it actually end-on-end? If so, how can I distinguish this from the lighter-weight stuff that's more commonly available? I'd love to find similar shirts or shirting. See second photo below for comparison against standard 60s end-on-end,...
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