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Both are really nice...I especially like the black ones.
I wouldn't pay 10 dollars for those. I doubt they are even AEs.
I purchased a pair of loafers from BB and the stitching on the sole is fairly close to coming out the side of the sole. Id exchange them but they show them as out of stock online and I am incredibly lazy. Do you all think that this will be a problem now or when I inevitably resole them? I doubt it will but I dont know...Thanks.
Marlow, I dont care for the Lobbs.
No idea what the name is. I think they were around $850...pretty steep.
I hadnt seen this member of the family before. Saw them today at NM in Houston. The picture is pretty flattering for the shoe...they are kind of ugly.
I don't care for the Barkers.
The patent leather ones I saw in the store a while back were linen lined IIRC...guess these arent
Churchs I believe...pretty sure the patent leather version are at least. I think they are linen lined if that matters to you...
The ptb is not nearly as pointed as the Ashdown. Definitely different lasts...
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