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Here is my 12-year-old son giving a speech last night. He went in white tie. I hope you enjoy the speech. Thanks for indulging a proud father.
Try the separates at JosABank. Not the highest quality, but not the highest price either. A decent suit to bridge the gap between your old weight, and whatever your new weight and shape will be. Also, you could buy sportcoats from ebay and odd trousers as well. Brooks Brothers Jackets can be had for $30. They tend to have the "sack" shape, which would allow you the most room in the waist for any given chest size. Buy a 44 chest. Not a permanent solution, but for...
Quote: Originally Posted by Will Good growing conditions for rayon would probably preclude cotton production. Rayon is a manufactured fiber composed of regenerated cellulose, made by 'converting purified cellulose to xanthate, dissolving the xanthate in dilute caustic soda and then regenerating the cellulose.' . . . and let's not even go into the problems with planting crops to grow wool.
Took the plunge. Bought the 1947 Levi 501xx. I blame the Streetwear and Denim forum!! I soaked them in hot water for about 45 minutes, drained the water, squeezed the excess out, then put them on. I wore them just briefly, then hung them to dry. I used a hairdryer to speed the drying process without losing indigo by dryind in a tumble dryer. I obviously got indigo EVERYWHERE during this process. Fortunately, because of this forum, I was prepared. Now -...
Thanks. Now I'll stop asking LVC 501xx questions.
OK guys - I'm taking the plunge. In a regular modern pre-shrunk Levi 501, I wear inseam 32. I just measured a pair, and the actual inseam was about 31 1/2", and it's just how I like it. Slight bunching, but not much. I'm buying the LVC 1947 501xx. Should I get the 36" or 34" inseam? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by HEWSINATOR Well, the seller has 100% feedback with 966 transactions.??? Yes - and I know of a suit seller with 3000 feedback who's selling cheap suits posing for expensive suits because his audience doesn't know better. I'm always wary of ebay feedback....... But it does seem legit to my untrained eye.
First, are these legit? Secon, anyone done business with this ebayer?
I can't find any stores that carry 501 shrink-to-fit jeans. I don't even mean vintage, just regular modern shrink-to-fit. The Levi's website suggest JCPenney, Macy's, Kohl's. Calls to all of these yield people who tell me they have 501, but not 501 shrink to fit. Where should I look?
Conspicuous in his absence: Aportnoy (who should be exept from answering this thread, lest his head explode) For me: probably a pair of New Balance cross-trainer style shoes. If I could only have one pair, I'd clearly be unemployed, and just need basic all-weather, all-terrain shoes. The only thing you can't do in tennis shoes is wear a suit (and some people break that rule too).
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