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Quote: Originally Posted by farooqm What is the phone number for ordering? And I assume there is no website??? From the U.S., I dialed 011-44-20-7839-0202. Those are exactly the digits I dialed. "011" accesses international calls (from my phone, I'm not sure how universal that is). "44" is the code for the U.K. "20-7839-0202" is the number for Edward Green Shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik I just ordered the Dover in Edwardian and the Lichfield in Burnt Pine - Total was 1401 - 700 a piece (with trees). Sky Valet sells them for approx. 800-900 now, if I believe. Granted, I don't know if SV's come with trees.. though I assumed they did. Hopefully I can flip them for near what I paid if they don't fit.. I'm not familiar with sizing in the 82 last. Skyvalet currently charges $895. Shoe trees...
Quote: Originally Posted by jmatt, Thinking about pulling the trigger this morning. Does the GBP298 = GBP269 for shoes + GBP29 for shipping? 273 pounds for the shoes plus 25 pounds shipping. Ordered by phone. I'm not sure what shipping is per pair if one were to order more than a pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by kronik It looks like I might as well just pay 100 bucks more to try them on and whatnot in the states... Sale isn't doing us much good this year. O_o Say what? Price for shoes and shipping is 298 pounds (but no trees). That's $588.10 in U.S. dollars to your door. What price are you paying for them in the U.S.? By the way, here's the list of size 10 shoes: Size 10 Sale Shoes Size 10 C BELGRAVIA...
Well - I went with a Lichfield in Burnt Pine on the 82 last. (size 10F) They also had a Southwold on the 82 last, but it was in black and I have a hard time going with black for Edward Green. The patina in EG's colors is really the added value in my opinion, and you just lose that with a black shoe. But to each their own.
Can someone confirm that an 82 fits like a rounded 888, and the 202 fits like a half-width larger than an 82?
When is the Edward Green sale? December? After Christmas? Early January? Early December? When? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Charley Darned nice presentation. Congrats to the young man. And to the father who contributed to his abilities. Thanks again to everyone for their kind words. Today my son received a personnal letter from the CEO of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (the man he mentions in his speech). I've got to tell you, that's a very special treat for a young man to be made to feel so appreciated at all levels.
Thanks again guys. Attendance was over 600 people. It's normally a black tie event, but this year they had a 20's theme. Well - to me that still means a tuxedo for the men, and that's still how almost all the men went. The biggest difference was some women in flapper dresses. My son went white tie, which looked more 20's I suppose. He wouldn't let me match him, so I wore my own tux - just black tie. Anyway, thanks all for the kind words.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T jmatt - he's looking very handsome there. Presumably got his mother's looks Yes - and her hairline.
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